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2/14 c9 louisa.alby
Valentine’s day in this part of the world today, and i just had an urge to read a feel-good reylo story (i have a case of selective denial on anything to do with TROS. And take a look what i found, what a gem! Thank you so much dear writer for sharing this wonderful story.. ️
1/29 c9 Guest
Such a satisfying read! Thank you!
11/1/2020 c9 Alyssa Mason
If this is the end of your Reylo writing then I’m honored to have read it! That epilogue was absolutely wonderful. I loved spending my day reading this story. :) thank you for sharing with us
11/1/2020 c8 Alyssa Mason
I absolutely loved this version of their story. Thank you for writing it. A few years ago I read a similar story (premise-wise) about Padmé and Anakin, but I like this one better I think lol.
11/1/2020 c7 Alyssa Mason
I absolutely adored this chapter! So beautiful.

A few minor spelling errors - a couple of “their” where there should be “they’re,” also using “flea” (as in a bug) instead of “flee” (to get away). Nothing crazy I just wanted to point it out to you like you mentioned a few chapters ago:)
11/1/2020 c6 Alyssa Mason
What a beautiful chapter.
11/1/2020 c5 Alyssa Mason
Bah I was so sure it would happen in this caught up chapter! Hahah! The annnnnggssst!
11/1/2020 c4 Alyssa Mason
What a powerful chapter. Though, the “little sister” thing is a bit weird (nothing against you personally, I know it’s weird for Ben, too, I guess that’s more what I mean).
11/1/2020 c3 Alyssa Mason
Their childhood bond is just adorable! I never considered how Snoke would affect Rey growing up at the temple.
11/1/2020 c2 Alyssa Mason
I already know this fic will make me cry at some point. Mostly because I’m a crybaby, but also because the way you convey emotion in your writing is brilliant.
11/1/2020 c1 Alyssa Mason
I love the premise of this story so far. Can’t wait to read more.
11/1/2020 c5 Guest
A tip for anyone in Rey's situation: It will hurt the person FAR more if you don't step up and nix the possibility of anything but friendship in the bud as soon as possible. Don't let someone linger in hope where there is none. It's just cruel to lead someone on.
10/15/2020 c9 RedPandaJoy
OMG , I saw this update and I thought that I was dreaming! I love it so much!
Thank you so much for this treasured epilogue
10/14/2020 c9 FranQuel
Eu estive pensando muito na sua história nos últimos dias. Estive muito ocupada e não entrei com frequência para ver atualizações e me surpreendi quando vi que está história estava finalizada. Quase sempre eu me chateou com histórias curtas, Mas desta vez fiquei feliz e me emocionei por ver que Ben se tornou um homem tão maravilhoso para Rey e apesar de não ser o pai perfeito, é tão zeloso com seus filhos. Eu me apaixonei por sua visão, esse retorno ao passado, a chance de reescrever a história em apenas 9 capítulos.

Parabéns, amo sua escrita de Reylo!
10/13/2020 c9 Duellist
The family should just move back to the same planet as the Academy. I mean, both Rey and Ben are fully qualified to work there. Then the family isn’t separated.
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