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for Neverland of Black and White

9/18 c2 Guest
Please continiou this its awsome
7/12 c1 14Creative CutiePrincess D
I loved this I just got into Danganronpa recently and finished watching a play through of UDG a week ago I loved this story I hope you continue to expand it.
7/10 c1 Justsomeguy
Nevermind. She said kirigiri-naegi. I'm an idiot for reading this at 2am.
7/9 c1 Dang
Will you continue this?
7/9 c1 Justsomeguy
So Kyoko introduced herself as Kyoko Kirigiri. If she's married to makoto, shouldn't she be Kyoko Naegi?
7/9 c2 3EvilMagicman
Did this wonderful one-shot just transform into an even greater two-shot? A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one! And boy it must suck though to be Junko right now since her past, present, and future schemes won't ever work with the Future Squad knowing who she truly is. They'll always be 10 steps ahead of her and she can't do a damn thing about it. On another note, Badass Komaru is badass. Local Fanfic Creator, Serial Killer, and Biker Gang Leader approves.
7/9 c2 Crown
Will you be continuing this? Because this story has been very entertaining so far
7/9 c2 Second Fox
WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, WAIT! Are you saying you WON’T be updating this any further!?

*Cue Despair music

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (Sobbing) Just... Just when I finally had Hope... that another great Danganronpa Time-Travel Fic has been created...

(TT) Wh-Why? WHYYYYY!?

But in all seriousness, I really enjoyed reading this! From start to finish, my blood was racing and jolts of electricity ran through my veins! That’s how much I loved it! It’s a shame there won’t be future chapters, because the possibility of this story becoming huge is MASSIVE, but I appreciate what has been given, anyway.

Buuut... Just in case, I’ll follow it.
7/8 c2 ifiweregreeniwoulddie
what an absolutely delightful surprise! i wasn’t expecting this fic to be updated. gorgeous writing as always, you have a great knack for perfectly personifying the characters. the survivors have such a great dynamic too, it’s just so satisfying to see it play out. can’t wait to see what they’re gonna do about junko. AND the reserve course. phew, they have a lot of work to do huh. extremely pleased with this fic so far, keep up the amazing work :)
4/24 c1 ifiweregreeniwoulddie
man this is definitely one of the better time travel fics i’ve read. this was done incredibly well! the reactions were extremely humorous to read. past class 78 being ever so naïve in what’s to come. it’s incredibly saddening to imagine their fates are coming so close. awesome writing. this idea was executed finely!
3/12 c1 AbyssalDaemon
I am a bit surprised that they did not at least tell the class that their Junko had become a dangerous criminal. They do not have to explain Ultimate Despair, but letting people know she is dangerous and not to be trusted would go a long way to weakening her position.
2/27 c1 Guest
Something I would like to see with the dr2 cast
2/10 c1 18Matador Matty
This was a really fun read! I love how the future versions of the survivors all have such varied interactions with their past selves; one of my favorite moments was past!Toko freaking out when future!Toko and future!Komaru revealed they were in love. (Also, props to you, Toko/Komaru is a delightful pairing!) I'm excited to see more of this, and I hope you have loads of fun writing it!

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