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for Song of A Northern Sorcerer

11h c39 Guest
Cersei truly doesn't know what she's playing with here.

Seeing Ned Stark and Bobby B killed would be bad enough but a single hair on Nyra's head being removed would see Alim fucking obliterate everything south of the neck.
12/3 c39 Guest
please update soon, this is too good to stop. This is getting very interesting. Beyond the Wall Nox and his group attacked by Children of the Forest and in King's Landing Joffery and Jaime are spotted by Renly in the fight ring, cannot wait to see what happens next. Please don't go to haitus this is too good to stop.
11/26 c39 Helily
I appreciate the time and effort you put in to this fic. Thank you. Hope all is going well in your life and oh wow this latest chapter where Joffrey gets caught in the bloodpit in the end. Can’t wait to see how that turns out. Really hope he gets in serious trouble. Heh. One can hope.
11/25 c2 Guest
Pretty cool so far. I think the wolf shedding its pelt is Jon, aided by Starks and Targs and I don't know who else, nox maybe, taking on the Others

I thought in the past chapter maybe Nox would qupte Bane on how those begging for mercy are too weak to deserve it
11/25 c1 Guest
Interesting start

For a Sith he doesn't seem evil in the slightest
11/21 c17 honesh
This is the exact reason why Ned stark was the worst warden of North, he did not know any northern traditions and didn't stop his wife from disrespecting old ways.
He didn't do anything to fix the hatred that was growing in the north and at the same didn't try garners more friendship with his banner man.
11/21 c39 alexa99666
This is something incredible. I haven't read such a thoughtful work for a long time. Thanks _
11/19 c1 zenxq
Am I stupid? You said that Jon would be 16 in 299AC but it's 283 and he's six..? Am I tripping or is my math wrong or sum?
11/18 c39 EANID
Interesting development
11/18 c39 Liamtheharrypotterfan
Amazing! Keep it coming xx
11/17 c39 Guest
please send more chapters out. This is too good of a fanfic to stop. Too many fanficiton stories have either stopped for years or been deleted, please don't let this one fall into either category.
I cannot wait to see King Robert's reaction when he learns that Joffery has been involved an illegal fighting pits, something Cersei would be stupid enough to admire and support. That should probably be when Cersei tries to kill Robert to protect Joffery and make him king.
11/17 c39 Lkenneally
End of the chapter is amazing. Thank you author
11/17 c38 Lkenneally
Why tf would u bring a baby dragon to the night king. So beyond stupid. Has nox lost all brain cells first leaving nyra in kingslanding where cercie is obviously gonna do something and now hes bringing a baby dragon north of the wall. Its just so stupid
11/17 c39 Guest
Apesar de Robert começar a se tornar um rei mais competente, a sua morte e a de Ned são os catalisadores da história de Asoiaf. Se o rei não morrer então Stannis e Renly não irão se declararem como reis por causa da bastardia de Joffrey, Myrcella e Tommen. Se Ned não for executado, então Robb e o Norte não irão para a guerra.

Interessante. Robert e Eddard não nasceram para o que são hoje. O primeiro só se tornou rei por causa da Rebelião e o segundo virou o Protetor do Norte após às mortes de Rickard e Brandon. Apesar de tudo, dois amigos mudaram a história de Westeros.
11/16 c25 red567
The paradox of the master-apprentice dichotomy is that just as the student will always grow so too will the master. Most certainly Jon and Robb will reach Nox's level one day, but Nox will have already moved on from there. Wouldn't he?
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