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for Song of A Northern Sorcerer

22h c33 Guest
Are you Joe Lawyer, the beta for noodlehammer?
10/3 c33 1tempetepapillon
Wow. Utter and absolute perfection. Beyond words
10/3 c33 2miguelgiuliano.co
Fue un genial capitulo, ya quiero leer el próximo capítulo.
Hubiera sido más interesante que Jon-Arryn viva hasta el gran torneo, pero bueno así es la vida de caprichosa xD.
Interesante esta idea de Ned pidiendo los servicios se Ross, algo nunca antes visto, quiero ver cómo se desarrolla está "amistad" xD.
Supongo que Ned y Nox tendrán un duro comienzo controlando a Robert así como ir eliminando a casi todo el consejo pequeño comenzando por Peter y Varys; luego sacar a Renly del tablero de una manera u otra; sobornar mucho a Stannis para que no diga nada y mantener al Reino estable; y por último la eliminación de Cersei con su bastardo.
9/27 c33 1Arekanderu
For some reason ff. bet didn’t notify me of the last two chapter and I missed them but I am so happy to read them. They were great and I am so curious about Danny’s story . I wonder if Draco is also touched by the Force in some way
9/27 c33 dan.lew.upg
cant wait for more
9/25 c15 OverlordMetatron
so I'm gonna have to correct you my friend the family name of the sith inquisitor is Kallig so his wife would be lady Nyra Kallig of the Grand House of Kallig and taking the sigil of the sith as his own personal sigil instead of using it as the sigil of the order of his students seams a bit arrogant after all he has a sigil of the house of kallig granted we don't know what it looks like in universe but I have a feeling you could come up with something you have done pretty well so far
9/24 c29 John
Great story, your ability to write different povs and make them interesting is unique!
9/23 c5 OverlordMetatron
now that he has valyrian steel he should totally make a sith sword out of the material it would be so awesome
9/23 c1 OverlordMetatron
I would just like to point out that because he got rebuilt and improved by Mother machine his eyes should be reformed and working as because he is human and humans have eyes mother machine would have remade them. so if this is the case and you didn't overlook this point does he wear the blinder out of some hermetic and intimidation purposes or is it just because he became used to wearing it.
9/18 c33 spartanzerg
Well that was quite the binge don't let the trolls get to you making a unique story is hard I'm loving your spin so far and have little to complain about.
9/14 c33 myafroatemydog
Damn good chapter
9/13 c33 MattKennedy
Canon start has arrived! :) After a fashion at least. I'm very curious to see how people react to the death of the Hand and how it differs from canon.
9/13 c33 Anthony
I liked this chapter, I liked the story so far, the changes have begun to be seen but it is normal since in the medieval age the information is transmitted more slowly than in our time, the civil war would happen since cersei By deceiving the king with his bastards it would only be a matter of time before it was discovered, we must remember that it was not discovered in the canon because varys still did not want the war to start. Although the history of the canon is quite the same, it is already known that it should follow a totally different path. I liked this story and as long as Jon doesn't end up with more women I won't have much to complain about.
9/13 c16 handwran
and such a good story so far. Of coures youd try and fail to emulate game of thrones. this whole story is ruined for me. I cant believe I was tricked into reading this trash
9/13 c16 handwran
yeah nope im out fuck. I cant believe you tricked me into reading this crap. future viewers dont read this everyone good dies and the whole story goes to shit. author youre a real piece of work you took a good story and forced a shitty end completely ruining it. oh yeah sure nox couldnt detect the poision. good lord how shitty and forced this whole thing was is ridiculous. youre a real crap author you know that
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