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for Song of A Northern Sorcerer

16h c42 wilddawgz567
great story i cant wait for more and the next part of your IATB series
23h c18 10IS6A6E
Really hope Jon names his Lightsaber one day. So far that hasn't happened.
4/19 c12 IS6A6E
Jon with a white lightsaber. Didn't see that coming, but honestly, it fits him. Being the White Wolf and all. I kinda hope in the future he ends up using Nox's Lightsaber as well. It is another way of him fulfilling the prophecy about a song of Ice and Fire. Since his own Lightsaber is compared to being white as snow and Nox's a blade of fire, it would make sense for him to maybe at one point wield both as he duels the Night King.
4/18 c2 IS6A6E
Can't wait for Jon to whip out a lightsaber.
4/18 c42 goatboy
finally got a chance to read the chapter and jt was amazing. I'm sp excited to read more
4/18 c42 goatboy
finally got a chance to read the chapter and jt was amazing. I'm sp excited to read more
4/16 c42 Chris
As a great man once said “Now it begins” anyway great update author detailed and interesting as always I look forward to the next one:)
4/16 c42 SlyMonster
Excellent chapter!
4/15 c42 E
Very good. Very good indeed. I'm glad at least some use was made of the World Between Worlds which was absolutely wasted on Rebels and Ahsoka. I'm also glad things aren't easy for our protagonists.

I await more, as always.
4/15 c16 oneironaught101
Given Tywin's attempts his cooperation can be assured in the coming war with the white walkers
4/14 c15 oneironaught101
Interesting take on Lyanna Stark though I doubt she would give her son a Targaryen name. Bamboozled me at the end there. What a twist!
4/14 c42 AncientOak
They’re going to lose it when his cousin marries Jon and declares for the throne.

And they’re badly underestimating how much most of Westeros dislikes slavery. Thanks for writing!
4/14 c18 E
Ah, yes. I have now reached the point in my reread that was my original issue with this story; the Diad plot. I loathed this gimmick in E9 and as a concept it's no less stupid here, if perhaps ever so marginally less wasted. It's completely unnecessary and there are any number of odd Force connections and plots that could have been pulled from the EU that have far more interesting ramifications than the slop JJ came up with.

That said, I remember continuing to enjoy the story itself and it really is the only thing that truly bothers me. I think this, combined with a couple over-done cliches and some occassional cringey dialog is the reason I can't put it in my all time favorites. Maybe that'd change by the time I'm caught up. But the story's still damn good. If all progresses as expected, I think my rating by the end will be 7.5/10, which is better than more than half of everything I've even bothered to read (anything less than a 6.5 is not worth the words, and most of the stories online are not even that). 7.5 is cleanly in the ranking of what I'd call "great" and if there's one thing this story excells at, it certainly has managed to stay better than most for a long period of time. Over 800k and being that good is most certainly noteworthy.

Now, to read more.
4/13 c13 oneironaught101
Yes! More acolytes!
4/12 c12 oneironaught101
Darkstar deserved it. Very well done.
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