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for Song of A Northern Sorcerer

1/24 c34 darth Queidus
Cool. Thanks for saving the son, I see so many fanfics where so much changes but both Drogo and the kid die. Keep it up and be aware people are not getting email alerts.
1/24 c35 zerias
It's been a ...update?
1/22 c35 1TheWateringWizard
So good to get another chapter ! Don’t worry about the delay, life gets in the way and it’s totally normal. Your family and job is more important.

Great chapter, the end with the comet and the priest was so ominous. I loved Jon’s reaction at the dragon. I can’t wait to see how it goes to raise a dragon in the North, in Westeros…
1/19 c35 alekstoyn
Seriously? A commoner threw shit at a lord and nothing happened to him? Tywin would have ordered the guards to torture him in front of everyone, and if anyone climbed to protect the septon, kill them too.
1/17 c32 4Agent Xerxes
So far I have been binged your story for a week now... it got me so hype I started playing the old republic again. I am thoroughly hooked and I am scared to finish the remaining chapters because I know I will have to wait for more. I have only fallen in love with 3 stories on this platform, and they all invoked the same love I had when I read the books by Darren Shan.

You are amazing and if you ever see this comment I would love to play the old republic with you and poke your brain a bit.
1/17 c35 bin953721
This obviously a wank but I can't find anything else to read so.
1/17 c35 simonkonig33
Please update
1/16 c35 zerias
Well... I think The one that kill the crazy septon probably is the high sparrow, to blame it on Robb, his powers are probably fraud and just his servants spying or faking events. Nox probably won't like building a sith temple on the dragonpit due to its location in kings Landing and probably ask for it to be build in Kingswood. I hope that joy,Shireen, gendry gets to bond with stags or lion and wear beskar armour like Nox in the next chapter, as for the dragon, it can probably be hidden in the temple. Since tywin, ned are following the king hunting, the boar incident probably won't happen but I think the queen might got crazy ideas to use the high sparrow and try to kidnap nyra to force nox into submission, The king hinted a warrior death, so Robert probably would be ambushed by targaryen loyalist heavily wounded leave last will and die, and Dany would follow the canon but instead of being tricked by the merchant king and the warlocks she probably would face her trial in the house of undying and kill them all with force lighting with a new lightsaber in hand. The crazy priest of fire would shock herself when she see Shireen powers and have doubts. Meanwhile Peter probably would try to convince joffrey to take the throne and arrest nyra then chaos arise, only tywin and Ned won't be so easily fooled
1/13 c16 Dalriaden
Quite disappointing Nyra didn't die tbh. Quite aggravating that you insert Nix but then have him hook up with his secretary oc instead of any of the numerous members of GoT. It's like when people do a star wars or ho fic and have their oc/si fall in love with another oc/SI despite the size of the cast.
1/12 c35 dan.lew.upg
Can't wait for more
1/11 c16 vernacularthecynic
Stark killing someone without trail aint the same as trying to kill a pregnant woman and having her corpse be left as sex meat for your men.
1/11 c35 Calamityjon
Oh my god this was so good. Arya meeting No One, Talisa seeing through the BS that the septon was doing, Dany's intervention with Doreah meaning that the wound didn't fester as quickly so she gave birth at a proper time, and then DRAGONS! Two dragons is not a lot of dragons, but it's a start.

Jon, internally: well fuck now how do I not do the war thing? Fml. Maybe Arianne will have ideas (Arianne probably doesn't have ideas. Dragons are a game-changer).

And is that Illyrio and Varys I spot ordering Mirri Maaz Dur around? A merchant from the west... could be west as in Pentos. Young Griff? A Young Griff spotting?

Now who would be killing septons and using it to start a war... my first thought is Littlefinger ngl (can't remember if he's still around ittl, need to reread).

Little Rhaego too! Little baby future warlord (though I've always been of the opinion the dosh khaleen got it wrong and they were actually sensing Dany in the tent).
1/10 c35 zerias
12/31/2022 c23 Seran58
Is it just me or does anyone else REALLY want Jon and Arienne's relationship to fail hard. Because I do. I don’t know exactly what it is, but something about her rubs me the wrong way. Maybe it's the fact that if they were together Jon would have to serve beneath her and with how far he's come I feel like he deserves more. Until then, she just feels like a power hungry bitch trying to use him to further her pwn ends.
12/31/2022 c35 4Canute66
In all honesty I didn’t think that I would like a star wars x got story but you proved me wrong. This story is wonderful and intriguing to see what hidden secrets that you leave for us and try to put them together. I hope to see more in the future and happy New Years!
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