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for Song of A Northern Sorcerer

9/6 c31 11Haku's Lover18
Since this is the first time the seasons were brought up all together, I’ll remind you that Westeros only has two seasons, Summer and Winter. No more, no less. Summer ends, Winter begins and so forth. No Fall or Spring, only Summer or Winter.
9/6 c31 Haku's Lover18
Ok, this rant is slightly different and still on only your authors note at the start of this chapter. You mention the fic by joen1801 and use the short form ASOIAF yet in the next paragraph you switch the words again to Fire and Ice. That is extremely rude to the author who created Game of Thrones for you to wantonly and continually ignore the proper name of the series.

I really do like this fic and your writing, I just cannot condone the snub to Martin. I understand that your home life is extremely hectic. Yet, you still find time to write. Is it so difficult to do the proper research and give credit accurately where it is due and needed per the rules of the website? Is it really so hard to switch two words around so that they are accurate? That is all I ask to be done; to switch the words on the previous chapters and to keep the error fixed. Is that so difficult to do? Please?
9/6 c33 LunaLuna99999
this story is absolutely amazing. Keep up the great work!
9/6 c28 Haku's Lover18
Again with Fire and Ice and I haven’t even started the chapter. Please give credit accurately where credit is due, otherwise it seems that you give affront to the author, whether meant to or not. Please fix the words, I know you don’t mean to insult Game of Thrones, but have the words out of order, whether on purpose or not is an insult and should be fixed.
9/6 c33 Guest
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9/6 c27 Haku's Lover18
I’m still reading this fic from start to finish, but with every authors note I am getting a bit annoyed. The title of the book series is A Song of Ice and Fire not Fire and Ice. It may be a small thing, but it’s a constant annoyance. I’d appreciate it if you’d fix that, and I’ll still read even if you don’t fix. But credit does need to be accurately given.
9/6 c33 2obliviandragon
I think I only have one question and its are you going to keep with the prophecy of the song of ice and fire? I do think Nox said Jon was the key chaps ago.
9/6 c33 Sauron's Wrath
Uh oh. Here we go again...
9/5 c33 4DarkFusion
This was a a chapter well worth the wait where the stage finally gets set for the Westeros time perod we're all familiar with. While it's good to see the Tyrells are mostly on board with things I can't help but wonder if Mace is going to be a potential chink in the armor Nox has set up later as either a weakness one of the opposing sides could exploit. Still, things are going pretty solidly for the North, especially with Rob's wedding looking to go solidly and no significant malcontents present. Also it does look like things could go better for Dany than canon; it would be interesting to see what her and Drogo's child could have been like. Sadly stupidity is incurable for Viserys even after getting Force choked in a way Vader would approve of and he suffers the consequences, which has me wondering how long until his idiocy turns fatal. Still, speaking of not very smart decisions Jorah decides to inform on Dany like in canon; very bad idea given she has force powers and concealing the deed will be way harder thanks to that. Anyway, surprisingly it looks like Ned's been having some well deserved fun; very curious to see if that's going to lead to anything later. Finally we bid farewell to Jon Arryn, and now only one Jon remains. Very curious to see how his slightly earlier than planned murder goes down with both mastermind and everyone else come next chapter. I look forward to it whenever it's ready.
9/5 c33 MalSer
Great stuff! Well worth the wait, as always. Thanks!
9/5 c33 Mephistophelian Frog
congratulations on life getting busier. take your time with chapters. love the story. keep up the good work.
9/5 c33 Mephistophelian Frog
congratulations on life getting busier. take your time with chapters. love the story. keep up the good work.
9/5 c33 8Antony444
So it begins. Sith or no Sith, it's always Jon Arryn's death which ushers the era of chaos...
9/5 c33 fresh prince1
Nice chapter
9/5 c33 2Azazel72
It's an awesome chapter. I liked every part of it. There is just one things that bothers me.

Why , o why , did you have the honorable Ned Stark have sex with a prostitute?!

Couldn't you just had gotten him a proper lover? It's just utterly abnormal behavior for the most honorable man in Westeros.

I get his affair with Ashara dayne. He wasn't married or betrothed to Catelyn yet. And it was out of young love.

But seriously, why a prostitute of all people?! There are so many good options for him to choose from.
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