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2/12 c41 Cleo9427
Now looky ‘ere. Not a single Stark. Not a SINGLE. STARK. Catelyn and Rickon were already murdered during a wedding. I’m begging you, PLEASE don’t kill off any of the Starks or the Nox’s. I’m about not Joffrey and Cersei can both drink bleach
2/12 c41 goatboy
What an amazing chapter
2/12 c41 cameron1812
Fantastic! Quite a dark and delicious turn!
2/12 c41 1Arekanderu
Oh this is such a mess . I love it . I am especially impressed with how Tywin came with a brilliant plan based on the information he knows but what he doesn’t will come back to bite him in the ass so hard . I wonder what will happen now . I can’t ever see the Martel being neutral , the Tyrell’s again I can’t see them going against the Starks . Olena must realise thst it would be foolish it would be foolish to support Renly espcially after he let Ned be captured so I can see them siding with the Starks as well

Joffrey in the other hand did raise his crusade which might bring low quality but numerous troops . And then there is Dany…. I wonder if she will influence the events

I am on the edge of my seat .
2/12 c41 4Trado
At last, the War of Five Kings is about to begin. Although, whether or not it will actually be called that this time around remains to be seen.

I knew Robert would die but I wasn't sure if Ned would be taken prisoner this time around. I was almost expecting him to go down fighting in the throne room but I suppose, despite Nox's best efforts, Ned was still too trusting and underestimated Littlefinger. A good part of me still thinks that Ned is going to be executed but a small part of me is wondering if he'll find a way to escape or someone will help him escape, that someone being Varys. The Spider hasn't really been seen or heard from for a little while now but I'm sure he's still spinning his web. However, considering everything Joffrey's just done, it's possible that Varys might actually move to save Ned this time around. Not because he cares for Ned, but because if anyone in King's Landing knows how dangerous it is to go against Nox and the North then it would probably be him. He might hate all things magic but he also knows how powerful and dangerous its users can be and, considering Nox and the North are connected to each of the seven kingdoms in some way, he might think it's better to side with them. I have my doubts obviously, but we'll see.

The biggest surprise this chapter was finding out that Ramsay is still alive. I really believed he was dead when Domeric asked about him before he left the North, but it seems he was either lied to or someone else was executed in Ramsay's place. I always thought of Joffrey and Ramsay being two of the most twisted characters in ASOIAF and the two of them working together would be horrifying if I didn't know who they were up against. I'm also wondering just how long it will be until Littlefinger realizes he can't actually control either of them. Oh, he's done a fairly good job of manipulating Joffrey so far, but that's mainly because a lot of what he's suggested are things Joffrey himself wanted to do. I wonder how long until he suggests something that Joffrey will be against.

Speaking of, it seems Joffrey has gone beyond simply declaring war against the Starks since he declared war against the Old Gods as well. I didn't think it was possible for the North to be more united than it is right now but I'd say, when Joffrey's declaration reaches them, every single person in the North will be ready and eager to fight. Joffrey, in a single move, has made this both a war of succession and a war of faith, and I'll bet that it's going to be way more bloody as a result.

However, his decision to declare war against the Old Gods is probably going to be one of the biggest reasons why Mace Tyrell will likely support Renly over the Starks. Not because he's a strong follower of the faith, but because he'd likely face an uprising in his own lands if he didn't choose to support someone who is a follower of the faith. I'm sure other members of House Tyrell will want to support the Starks and the North anyway, but I don't see Mace changing his mind and certainly not Loras while Renly still lives.

Now, Tywin might look cool and collected on the outside, but I'm willing to bet the Old Lion is very unhappy with how things are going right now. He knows how powerful and dangerous Nox and the North are right now. He also knows that, even when the Andals were at the height of their power, they weren't able to take the North by force and, since Nox was going to be given Moat Cailin as his seat, the ancient fortress has probably been at least somewhat rebuilt. That rebuilding might have even been mentioned in a previous chapter but I can't remember. Not to mention that the North overall is perhaps even stronger now then it has ever been in its entire history. Ned Stark might be a prisoner at the moment but the ones Tywin really needs are the ladies, all of whom have escaped with the Hound having joined them. He might not know about the last part yet but he likely will very soon. All this is bad enough without even mentioning all the other problems that have come up, the reformation of the Faith Militant, the bloodthirsty Dornish who will almost certainly side with the Starks despite Tywin's promises, and the uncertain loyalties of many across the kingdoms. Oh yeah, Tywin's probably pissed with all the problems Cersei and Joffrey have caused.

I'm also very glad to see that Nox and the others have made their way out of the caves already since I was really worried that they'd just be wandering around down there for another chapter or two and what I'm really hoping to see is them getting back and joining the war. Although now, I really do want to see what happens when someone, likely Alliser Thorne and his group of idiots, tries to stop Nox and his party from getting past the Wall.

I'm very interested in seeing what's going to be happening in the near future as well as seeing some of the other big players reactions to it all.

This is still very easily one of my favorite stories ever and it just keeps going with more and more fantastic chapters. Keep up the awesome work, have a great day, and I'm really looking forward to whatever you come up with next!
2/12 c41 tone death
Oh dear. I hope Ned is ok. Loving the action hero death for Jory Cassel. And the escape from kings landing was brilliant.

Tywin's desperate plans are hilarious. Although I'm sure his Joffrey free back up plans are more realistic.
2/12 c41 3Nyxst4r
Ok, so Twynn is blind in this one and just as desperate as in canon to have his blood on the throne that he is going to die. At least Tyrion will have his revenge. And Baelish certainly is an idiot if he thinks that he can somehow control this version of Sansa Stark. Same for Ramsay. Even without their lightsabers they can easily kill them with the Force. Assuming they somehow manage to kill the Hound and capture them. I mean, untrained Sansa defeated a group of knights just with Force screams, and Arya killed one man and force tricked the other.
Also, the look on Twynn's face when Jon's true parenthood is revealed and he has to deal with everybody that hates the Lannister, especially him?
2/12 c41 3JediMasterDraco
Well I wasn't expecting a new chapter so song, especially in light of your real world troubles, but nonetheless I thank you for the entertainment.

1. Not the biggest fan of Ned being taken down as it does feel somewhat forced, but at least here there's a decent progression of events. Ned goes to get Robert back on his feet whether he likes it or not. He's intercepted and decides to play along since he's outnumbered and hopes to turn the situation to his advantage. Him being indecisive on Baelish is rather well-foreshadowed given how Baelish has some knowledge of fooling Force-users. We'll see how it plays out from here. And while some folks may take issue with it, it's also fairly clear that things happened even faster than they did in canon, with Robert still be alive when Ned is arrested.

2. Nyra and the other women slipping away means they only have Ned as a hostage, so he might still survive this mess. Unless Prince Joff the Phony King of Westeros does something stupid.

3. Well, at least the Northerners took down a good number of the bastards. Maybe Jaime too.

4. Well, at least Arya has learned some discipline since Harrenhal, that's good. And it's nice she got her saber back before everything went to shit. Also, I'm going to quite enjoy the Northerners speed-running right for Joff's head.

5. Barristan, you'd better do something damn impressive to make yourself useful for once in your life. And no, running away to Essos does not count.

6. I object to the notion that Baelish has a plan. Plans are for sane people, all he has are delusions of grandeur. Whatever happens to him is going to make what happened to Lyn Corbay seem merciful. Also, Ramsay Snow is here and best friends with Joffrey Waters, BECAUSE WHY THE FUCK NOT? Also Baelish thinking he's more dangerous than Joff kind of just proves my point that Baelish is an idiot. Ramsay's nothing more than a mad dog with little power. Joffrey unfortunately has quite a good deal of power (in theory) and I'd say he's far less predictable than Ramsay.

7. Whelp a wild escape with a beaten dog along for the ride. And hey, now we get another delightful cross-country trip filled with Arya and Sandor expressing the desire to kill each other, fun times.

8. Oh gosh darn it he's alive? And barely scratched? I call bull. And there's daddy's little boy. Ain't ya proud Jaime? ...

Oh. Oh wow. Joffrey just managed to removed all shadow of a doubt that he is the biggest lunatic to have ever sat on the Iron Throne, and THAT is a considerable contest. This will go over like a lead balloon. Outside the most devout towards the Seven (and the Brackens so they have an excuse to kill Blackwoods), no noble worth their salt is going to support this madness. It'd mean a massive shift in power unlike anything Westeros has ever seen. Not to mention most probably don't want war with the North because of all the trade goods they get from there (and leaving aside their likely chances against the North). Albeit this does make a notion of sense given the recent massacre (likely conducted on Baelish's orders) meant to stir up religious tensions. Meanwhile, attaining every House that holds to the Old Gods is a good way to ensure they fight to the death against you so even before they set foot in the North they're going to need to fight several bloody sieges in the Riverlands. And that will just kick up an entire ant's nest of old feuds that'll bog them down for who knows how long. And that's without reckoning Joff's "with-us-or-against-us" decree. I'd be amazed if that army even reaches Raventree Hall with the problems it'll experience. And IF they get to the Neck... They're going to wish they were fighting against an army that worships Nurgle.

9. Did you consider making sure he's still alive. In his boots I'd have probably had a stroke. Or just drinking heavily, this is a situation that certainly calls for it. And Castle Black will take one look at that letter and laugh; exactly what army would they use to keep Nox out of the North, assuming they even wanted to? Oh, so you think you can get stroll northwards through the Neck, get past an undoubtedly garrisoned and refortified Moat Cailin, and take Winterfell, all in the amount of time it takes Nox to realize with his magic what is happening and high-tail it south? I hope this "plan" of his is just a sign of how damn corned he feels and not something he actually expects to succeed. PATTON would take one look at this situation and tell Tywin he's screwed. He compliments Tyrion for the first time, but with a bar so low it might as well be an insult. OH, so he's basically planning on doing the bare minimum baring a miracle and running away with his tail between his legs the moment he can do so without losing too much face, I can't even fault that line of thinking. Unfortunately for Tywin, his youngest son will soon be paying his debt.

10. And just like that Nox has cut his travel time more or less in half. This promises to be very violent. Wonder how Joff is going to die.
2/12 c41 3marius1117
great chapter
2/12 c41 Random Reader
Well... this was disappointing. The idea that Baelish could even draw a knife on a force sensitive is absurd.

Don't expect this to be a popular chapter. You've made a pretty common mistake by shoehorning in canon events and explanations where they simply do not work.

I also don't understand why Tywin thinks he can stop Nox at the wall (physically or with a message). He is going to be utterly destroyed.

It's still interesting though. I like the holy crusade idea. I'm predicting that Hoster Tully will immediately betray the Starks and murder the Blackwoods. The Vale will also turn on House Royce at the earliest opportunity given Litterfinger's machinations.

Honestly, the Seven Kingdoms are probably fucked.
2/11 c41 EternalEmperorDmitri
I hope Nox is sensing something Star Wars related (maybe an old friend from the sith empire) and not the mess Joffrey has started but i doubt the boy realises that by declaring war on the old gods hes in effect declaring war on the riverlands and the vale as both of those kingdoms have old gods supporters so i do believe the whole Riverlands will side with the North as for the Vale its gonna have a few rebelling houses.
2/11 c41 M1stymix
wow there's no way tywin would alow this exalted march to happen fcking hell their armies will be butchered in the swamps with diseases and ambushes and that's without the Nox being a one man army. And wow that's a dangerous assumption on his part that Nox is an unproven battle commander fck I doubt Nox even needs to command the battle if he can use battle meditation it would be a massacre there's also the fact he doesn't have the full knowledge of what the force is capable of such a dangerous and risky move here by Tywin.
2/11 c41 Guest
Please update soon because I'm anxious to see Nox finally tear the South a new one
2/11 c41 kaleb-yamato
Nox, “I can’t leave you people alone for 5 minutes!”
2/11 c41 red demon161
Nice very nice. I'm glad you were able to find some inspiration. Ned still dropped the ball and greedy people were still greedy.

One thing pops out at me. When the Lannisters are talking about going to war with the North. No one brings up the Neck. It's a feature that helped protect the North from Andals even before the Trags showed up. I'm surprised no one mentioned it.
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