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for Song of A Northern Sorcerer

4/4 c42 1GTI-1
Got to be honest here, the men and manpower that north and dorn bad is limited but it could be used well, all they got to do is defend and do magic in the river lands. If anything Rob should just pull a thing from the sith handbook and have Hoster and Edmure disappear due to 'accidents' and have him rule both the river lands and the north. Due to the norths limited manpower your solution should be to crack at the faiths power and that of the throne. Ramsay's brutality might actually help, if you spread rumors and blame all the atrocities on their feet since they'll be the ones doing it. Also exploring the use of Talisas connections, she's the daughter of a Volantene triach or related to one. Where you can use to maybe get a few thousand unsullied as connections with the north for Volantis is worth it and sending a few thousand soldiers to back it up is worth it.

Next is probably controversial and brutal, so I'll be blunt. Just kill all the Lannisers, Nox here is thinking like a westerosi, which is backwards anyways. So he needs to be thinking like a sith, murder all the Lannisers, have Joy take the leadership of the house by virtue of killing everyone else. That should get them to back up, any rebelling lords can have the same fate. That should avoid the hassle of killing tens of thousands, so a solution with the least amount of blood. Same for the vale, Lysa Tully is insane so use it, use the force to make her even more insane to the point where the Vale appoints House Royce as it's interim warden where you can then tutor him and essentially get control of the Vale.

The solution is to make use of the force to the maximum effect. Cut the head of the snake, instead of having to go through all the hassle of conventional war. Basically use Canon Ramsay's Bolton's tactics against him, you didn't need an army to decapitate your foe. Look the Long Night is coming, all of these squabbles are pointless and will be counterproductive in nature. So end it with any means necessary, if it means having to massacre entire families so be it, the fate of humanity is on the line here, screw up and all of westeros shall fall to an eternal cold. Any measures taken to preserve humanity will require sacrifices.

As for Faegon, yes he's fake, just sneak through the golden company, kill Faegon in a duel or sneak attack. He's that weak, can barely lift 2 people whilst Jon can hold tons of metal and shrug it off like it was nothing. Proclaim that the contact they had will be useless or just straight up murder the entire chain of command. In essence you're an unstoppable fighter, use that fully, kill all the enemy opposition and leave them leaderless. You know once the conditions for Faegons deal with Myr is known, the north will probably resist with all their might. Heck with their upcoming technological advantage, grind Myr to dust and steal all their slaves by setting up a confederation with someone from the North taking command, probably Nox's ideas so they could tie up loose ends and the fact that he hates slavery.

If anything due to the necessary need for peace. Jon must take the iron throne, the realm is in chaos, it needs a stabilizing figure. Even if he is a bastard, he needs to do that otherwise things will end up to hell like in canon. What he really needs to do after this is curtail the maesters, they're one of the reasons magic is dead. So set up a new scholarly order one that has no restrictions and studies magic so they can counteract it like an imperial college. Then he needs to curtail the faith, complete and total separation. Lords and Ladies are prohibited from paying any holy tax to them and any donations must be restricted to a 1 dragoon a year, lastly it needs to be monitored by a royal force to ensure compliance. The justification for all of these harsh measures will present itself when the faith brutalizes the people, making them fear powerful figure of faith doing all sorts of atrocities like what Ramsay is doing. That Septon that was murdered won't be the last, these restrictions will present themselves as a rationale to curtail any possibility of incidents like this occuring.

Like most problems in westeros will solve itself if you apply just enough brutality at the right person who deserves it. In essence be more ruthless, time for Darth Nox to come back. Not the pathetic lord of westeros Nox. Compassion has it's moments, but this is not the time for it nor moment in it. Brutality and cruelty is necessary, and sometimes it's the most moral solution despite how distasteful it is.
4/3 c42 MetallicWolf-FN2004
Great chapter, awesome to see the different perspectives of the characters and the moves that are being made.

Nyra, Sansa, Osha, Arya, Jayne and Sandor are on their way to the North but after staying at a small Hamlet they decide to split up to cover more ground. Nyra, Sandor and Arya travel to the Vale to see Lysa Tully and get some aid against the ‘Exalted March’, but I believe that plan is doomed to fail due to Lysa being fully in Littlefinger’s pocket and also touched in the head, so they will probrably be forced to flee the Vale with a body count. Osha, Sansa and Jayne head for the Reach in hopes of either getting their aid against the March or to ensure their neutrality. Though that will probrably devolve into a schism in the Reach, plenty of Reach houses are devote to the Seven and will probrably support the March while others like possibly House Hightower will go for neutrality.

The biggest split will probrably come from House Tyrell itself, as Mance and Loras will most likely support Renly instead of the March, due to the former for some reason being antagonistic towards the North due to their recent rise in wealth and power, their new ‘Northern Steel’, and most likely (if he’s actually that cold blooded) conspire to wipe out House Norfolk in order to ensure the news about Garlen siring a bastard son with Karsi doesn’t become widely known. With the latter just being the lover of Renly thereby ensuring his house a high position if he becomes king. Willias and Garlen will most likely support Sansa and the North, with the former being engaged to Sansa and genuinly liking the girl and the latter wanting to protect his bastard son, Karsi and her daughters. The ones I’m still unsure about are Maergary and Olenna, the former is a good person who genuinly cares for her subjects and Olenna, while overbearing, has a good head on her shoulders and will probrably see the merits of helping the North. However much like the rest of House Tyrell, they crave the Iron Throne and will probrably be split between either Renly or Joffrey as Olenna will probrably see the North facing the entirety of the South a doomed cause with or without Nox and his Apprentices and will see the potential backlash siding with or becoming neutral towards the North within the Reach.

Robb becomes aware of the March from House Blackwood, since it came from them instead of House Tully its easy to guess that Hoster Tully is still childishly holding a grudge against Ned after the fallout after Catelyn and Rickon’s funeral, honestly why that man believes he entitled to decide the fate of both Sansa and Arya is honestly beyond me and the callousness he portrayed towards Ned was just incredibly foolish. The Riverlands are most likely going to be shattered by the time the Exalted March arrives, like Nyra said they were never fully united and i can see houses that were devout to the Seven join the March whereas others might aid the North like possibly Blackwood albeit it is doubtful. Most houses will probrably try and stay neutral but with Ramsay leading the faith during the March he is either going to force the riverlanders to join the March or push them far enough that they’ll join the North. So we learn that Talisa might be pregnant, thus making Robb all the more determined to fight against the March. Nox manages to contact Robb through the glass candles and warns Robb not to let his emotions cloud him much like it did his uncle which led to the death of a dozen Stark men, the head of house Stark and himself. Nox advises Robb to assemble the Northern lords and their armies to the rebuilt Moat Calilin, however due to being behind they’ll only be able to send their vanguard to the Moat. Hopefully the Fortress will be able to live up to its legacy as the stronghold that stopped the advance of the Andal faith.

Nox and his party become aware of the happenings of the North and plan to ‘hire’ some Free Folk as sellsword mercenary groups, though they would probrably do it with or without getting paid as Tormund said. They are bored and want to stick it to the southern kneelers and their Seven gods for their Old Gods. Nox will probrably use them as a hit and run guerilla force since he only has 5,000, then again he has Ygritte, Jon and himself, with the latter two practically being armies by themselves. They meet some resistance at the Wall yet its Nox so it was largely inconsequential.

Jaime is traveling with the High Inquisitor Ramsay and reaches the Hamlet they girls and Sandor, Ramsay shows some suprsingly good detective skills being able to find out Nyra and the others were at the Hamlet because of a single Silver Moon. Though that unfortunetly led to Ramsay dubbing the entire population as traitors and heretics. Jaime now realises he is not surrounded by lannister men loyal to his House, but religious zealots who happily commit atrocities for their ‘gods’. Jaime now commits the very atrocities he saw the Mad King commit and comes to the realisation that the gods do not exist because men like him exist. I know at this point in time Jaime still has some flaws but you still can’t help but feel some pity for the man, unlike his sister and son he doesn’t have a sadistic side and actually has some morals. This whole war will probrably end with him becoming a self loathing alchoholic, much like how Tyrion was after he killed Tywin and fled to Essos.

Predictably Dorne is planning to side with the North, though they must be subtle about it to ensure their armies are prepared to march. I like how Oberyon doubts Ned would try to usurp the throne, they might not be friends but even Oberyon knows Ned cares little for the politics of the South and would not want the Iron Throne at all. Tywin planned to have both Tommen and Clegor Clegane given to Dorne as payment to ensure their neutrality, but I guessed he underestimated Arianne’s genuine love for Jon or merely assumed giving Clegor to Dorne on a silver platter would cool their bloodlust for at least a time. Doran plans to send both Arianne and Oberyon to the North with around 2,000 soldiers by making it look like his daugthter is off to see her mother is Essos. Doran easily and correctly predicts that the North are going to assemble at Moat Cailin and plans for the Dornish contingent to meet up with him with Arianne in order to try and convince Jon to make claim for the Iron Throne.

Meanwhile in Essos in Myr we finally get back Jon Connington and the ‘heir’ to the iron throne Aegon Targaryen. Though at this point we know his claim for the throne is worth less than dog shit as he isn’t the true son of either Rhaegar or Elia. Despite that however he was able to push back both Tyrosh and Lys, gaining the appreciation and respect of Myr’s populace. He seems to have a good charisma as he was able to gain more respect from the populace. He gets a meeting with Myr’s ruling class and we finally learn how much the Northern glass trade has damaged Myr’s economy. Them losing 60 percent of their coin income is definetly a fatal blow for their economy, Aegon is right, he may have been able to push back Lys and Tyrosh but Myr needs to change in order to stay alive. He then demonstrates his abilities in the force/magic which honestly surprised me, he comments that magic is returning and the overall state of Essos with the Dothraki being leaderless and Dany wishing to rebuild Valyria. He offers to take full military command of Myr’s forces in order to defeat Lys and Tyrosh in exchange for their support in him reclaiming his ‘birthright’.

While the ruling class ask them to depart in order to discuss their decision, Aegon shows how much using the force exhausted him as he almost collapses as soon as he gets back to their room. Jon Connington shows some concern over Aegon learning magic/force but Aegon says that he needs to learn it if he wishes to fight the Northern Sorceror and the ‘Usurpers Attack dogs’. That part honestly made me laugh out loud, he may be force sensitive but Aegon nearly passed out lifting two people slightly off the ground so their feet won’t touch the ground, meanwhile Jon Stark in the same chapter managed to lift a large steel gate for a long period of time so that 5,000 free folk can pass through the wall. Honestly Aegon believing he can defeat Nox and his apprentinces is nothing but a pipe dream, he is around nine and ten years old meaning the ripe age to learn force powers is long since past and worst of all he is being taught by Red priests and priestesses alongside a Warlock from Qarth who don’t know shit about actual force powers.

Jon Connington also seems to represent the trope ‘love is blind’ as he believes that Rhaegar was a perfect man and that Lyanna was a manipulative whore who tricked Rhaegar which led to the start of the rebellion, when in actuallity Rhaegar more or less kidnapped Lyanna and raped her until she became pregnant in a mad obsession filled bid to fufill the ‘pact of ice and fire’ and birth the ‘prince who was promised’. Showing that his love for the bastard blinded him to his faults which even Arthur Dayne noticed, one of Rhaegar’s closest friends, leading him to want to kill Rhaegar for raping Lyanna so forcefully and frequently.

A slave arrives and notifies them of the ruling classes decision, while Jon acts more respectful towards the slave, Aegon practically ignores her existance and marches towards the meeting hall, which unsettles Connington to a degree. I think this is one of the poorer qualities of Aegon as a potential King on the Iron throne as much like Visery’s he doesn’t seem to care for those ‘lower’ than him and has practiaccly adopted the Essoi mindset towards slaves, doubly so when he agrees to shut down the Northern glass trade and ‘gift’ Myr the Northern glass makers for their glass gardens in exchange for their aid in his quest to reclaim the Iron Throne, all but guaranteeing they’ll become slaves. I think this is setting Aegon up to become ‘a more successful Viserys’ as while he is undoubtably more charasmatic, smarter and battle hardened than Viserys his downfall will come from not being repectful to those he deems ‘lower’ than him, as we see small showings of the traditional Targeryan anger that doomed Viserys, the Mad King and Rhaegar. Much like how Visery’s believed the Dothraki were lower than him, which led to him waning out their patience and getting killed with boiling gold to the face.

So with this I believe that, if Aegon makes it in time for the war in Westeros, instead of it being the canonical ‘War of the Five Kings’ with Joffrey, Robb, Renly, Stannis and Balon. It will instead be the ‘War of the Seven Kings’. Joffrey, Renly, Stannis and Balon will be the only canonical kings taking part in this war, the other kings will most likely be Aegon himself, The ‘High SparrowThe FaithLets be honest with the faith militant being refounded two years earlier than canon its likely he will be making his power moves now), and finally Jon Stark himself. It will definetly make for a very interesting story to read.

I also like some of the parallels that are being made between both Aegon and Jon Stark at this time. They are both the sons of Rhaegar Targaryen, albeit only one it genuine. Aegon will definetly act as a good foil for Jon, while the former is ambitious and prone to small but genuine fits of anger, the latter is calm and does not seek any political power. Aegon is arrogant as he now believes that with him learning the force he will be able to beat Nox and his apprentices in time despite him being incredibly weak compared to other force users and being taught by magic users who are completely inept at teaching him, whereas Jon is humble with his powers and knows there are people out their who are stronger than him (etc Nox) and instead strives to make himself stronger to one day match him. It will definetly be interesting when the two eventually meet face to face, if he manages to survive in Essos in time to make it to Westeros.

Anyway great chapter you’ve made and I cannot wait for the next one.
4/3 c42 Stephanus Mattheus
Aegon is going to be corrupted and Fall fully to the Dark isn’t he? No proper mentor to guide him. Already ambitious and seeking power. Yet he is likely to maintain a facade of control, civilization, manners, and reason… so a Palpatine like Darkness, at least at first glance, but as he is young and inexperienced he will be less able to keep up appearances.
4/3 c1 Hockey6798
Heyo, so nothing to do with this current story. but when are we gonna see anything with the story arc "All Things In the Balance" The Star WarsxHarry Potter story. People have been waiting on that my guy. love your work but i gotta ask if yoy gave up on that
4/2 c42 2Triclopes
I know in an earlier chapter that Sansa and Arya were revealed the truth of Jon's Targaryan lineage by Ned earlier in the story, so why didn't you have Nyra float the idea of Jon becoming king to the girls?

Also, the story is going to get REALLY interesting now with Nox now south of the wall with more wildlings to bolster Robb's counter. Can't say I'm looking forward to Nyra, Arya, and Sandor's encounter with Caitlin's sister. She's definitely unhinged and easily exploited by Petyr Baelish.

As always, great chapter. Looking forward to the next one.

Take care.
4/2 c42 7raw666
Why do I feel Awfon will die at Dany's hands. He does not seem long for this world and his confidence is just as dumb.
4/2 c2 12summer164
4/1 c42 1HorusRa
Ohhhh For all the Heavens and that Curve with Aegon Being Force Sensitive, and having control and partial access to the Force.
The disturbing question would be, how wise was the separation of Sansa and the others, although an even smaller group is easier to move than a larger group.
It would be a lot to ask that Ned have a different destiny than in the books and the TV series. It would be very interesting if Ned, in a moment of deep meditation on the force and the Wolfblood, found an unknown side of the Sith that helped him escape, and why not take some kind of retaliation against Joffrey, Cersei and especially Balish. .
4/1 c42 AyeJimmy123
4/1 c42 Guest
Aegon será la Dany loca del programa? Todo parece indicar que sí.

No es tan sorprendente su actitud, ya que al igual que Dany se crió en Essos. Como hombre, Aegon habrá interiorizado aún más la falta de valor de los esclavos, y ahora con la Fuerza y sacerdotes rojos inculcándole su particular idiosincrasia, no veo a Aegon convirtiéndose en el gran rey que soñó Varys.

Me sorprendió que también tuviera la Fuerza, eso lo hace más interesante y aterrador. El Norte ya tiene al sur en contra y ahora se sumará Aegon y sus mercenarios.

También está la incógnita de si Aegon es hijo de Rhaegar o no. Jon no cuenta como fuente fiable de autenticación.

Me encanta toda la tensión, gracias por el capítulo.
4/1 c42 5mad thought
Time for things to kick off, though why haven't any of the girls received a vision about Vale? Jamie is starting to unravel, time for his own crusade. Aegon won't keep his promise, Northern glass is too good.
4/1 c42 kgarz01
I hate Faegon, hopefully he is just swatted down like roach when he encounters dragons and actually trained force users.
4/1 c42 the only one original username
Thanks for another chapter!

...Wonder if Nyra's decision to split up would end in similar disaster to her decision to stay in the village.
4/1 c42 rmw5763
Happy to see a new chapter. I think Aegon made a bad deal, eh it's your story though.
4/1 c42 Corvus34
aegon: death to democracy, long live monarchy!
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