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for Song of A Northern Sorcerer

11/8 c34 11Haku's Lover18
I am so glad you updated! I love this fanfic. I usually don’t reread fics, but this one is so good that I’ll reread it! I’ve even got my cousin and husband to read it and they both love it too. I do hope that Drogo doesn’t die this time to Mirri Maz Dur. Or that if he does get sick from the poison, that Dany can Force Heal him like Sansa can. Also, I do hope that someone finally tells Robert that his beloved golden children are not his before he dies. And that I’m the telling, Ned doesn’t die either and star the War of the 5 Kings. I hope you continue to update regularly and soon!
11/4 c34 ironspike68
As much as I loved the chapter, I hate when I catch up. Well played and set.
11/4 c33 ironspike68
Oh, wow! The game stars with a much different board, but the insanity and power-hungry will still do their best to remain in power. Even if they have to burn the country down to do so.

Reminds me of the current political climate in America….
11/2 c30 ironspike68
What an awesome chapter! Loving the interactions as Yigrett is learning the ways of “the south” and how Dany has really used her abilities to set a different tone with Drogo. Right from the start they have the report they develop later on.

Using the wildfire! Awesome method!

Very interesting on how you’ve opened Robert’s eyes, also. Just how open will they become? Time will tell.

Can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed this story, though. I hope it does get to continue to the conclusion.
11/1 c34 8Antony444
Interesting. I expect...momentous events to happen during this Tourney.
Continue writing!
11/1 c34 3doraemax
i loved Jon/Danny's scene. especially hid revelations... with hope that now Dany has anchors enough not to fall if the worst should happened. It would indeed be pretty Swell if The Dragon Queen can conquer the east fully before the Night King fully wake and arrived at the wall... I wonder if the canny lion will make his way to her side once more...

And Mellisandre...hopefully she died early this time. she's certainly a religious fanantics of the worst kind. the kind that is self deluded enough to bring tears destruction, yet see it as redemption and progress.

ps, there's certainly a right kind of religious fanatics... who above all, does the right things instead of the easy things.
10/30 c15 Erizar
Counting my losses here, the premise of the story was good. Nox's interactions with Westeros were well done, as was his trip to Volantis and Valyria. But the Darkness from the north was boring, it was unnecesarily powerful. If you reduced the reliance on Force Visions, you wouldn't have to use the great danger in the north as a Deus ex machina to explain inconsistencies in Nox's behavior. Instead of being a powerful threat he has to prepare for, it is a nebulous and tedious part of the story. The contents of Lyanna's letter... Anyway, giving up here.

Example, of possible alterations to the threat from beyond the wall. If the threat is the undead soliders, then Nox has to improve weapons technology (guns, cannons, flamethrowers) to fight against the horde. If the threat is that the White Walkers are force sensitives, then he has to become more proactive in creating an order of jedi/sith/mandalorians to combat them.
10/29 c34 Imperial warlord
Awesome chapter.
10/29 c34 Stephanus Mattheus
At this point the board is set it seems for the next round of the game, but with rather higher stakes than usual.

Thanks for continuing to write and share your work.
10/29 c25 ironspike68
THAT was an awesome chapter! I’ve really enjoyed your story telling and how well you mix action in with it.

I’m also sitting here trying to figure out just how many wives Jon is going to have as well as who gets to be his first!
10/29 c5 1mulliganbarton
I don’t know why, but now I’m rooting for Myrcella and him falling in love
10/28 c34 vinaib8
Thanks for the update! I've really enjoyed the story so far. I'm interested in seeing how you deal with the "War of Five Kings" given that the Starks are much more powerful in this version. How would "conventional" Westoros field armies fair against force users like Nox?
10/27 c34 4DarkFusion
Welcome back and it's great reading a new chapter of this fic where we're starting to treat familiar territory now. Was kind of hoping Viserys would die a little differently like Dany learning Force lightning or something like that but the follow up where she opens up to Jon was pretty well done. Very curious to see what happens on everyone's end as we head further into Book/Season 1 of the time period we all know like what's going on with Stannis (I'm starting to wonder if R'hllor is The Son just using a different form than we saw in Clone Wars), whether Drogo or his and Dany's child will survive whatever Varys has planned and how the inevitable conflict in King's Landing will go with so many differences. I look forward to the next chapter whenever it's ready (and please take your time for the sake of your mental and physical health).
10/27 c34 Ahtu
? Why couldn't he create firearms? Creating basic versions would be the simplest thing in the world... Advanced firearms would not happen so easily, I agree. But basic ones? Now that he has the powder? Even I could manage that on my lonesome. They'd be nothing overly impressive in terms of accuracy, but I could certainly do it. The hardest part would be creating rifling and shaping streamlined bullets for metal jackets. But again, that's more advanced territory. Not mention the difficulties of mass-production(that is completely out of their league).

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad things are not going that way. I enjoy the general medieval take on it all. But I don't think the argument entirely holds up.

Hinting at a possible future of Val and Robert? I wouldn't mind if you had Nox save him. I don't really hate this new Robert. He's miles off from being a saint, but he's showing signs of becoming a decent guy, and that's a lot in GOT/ASOIAF.

All in all though, it's good to see you back. I feared the worst when you dropped off the map.
10/27 c3 1nantono
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