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for Song of A Northern Sorcerer

6/20/2020 c7 Rex TarMinyatur
Catelyn has to be the worst Lady Stark in history, always taking emotional decisions that come back to bite her family in the arse.
6/20/2020 c7 s.k.f.f.f
wonderful chapter, my favorites was the technology you introduced such as coils and the world building, very awe inspiring. cat and Petyr meets a gruesome death. cat definitely was influenced, but she has shown her outdated southern ways. ntl, gear big chapter, can't wait for more.
6/20/2020 c7 Guest
Cat is gonna be like what dumbledore was in iatb? Fucking up until she releases how wrong she was about everything like in asoiaf...

Sansa is going to be like percy Weasley from iatb...? hopefully she wont die

Love the foreshadowing of Baelish in Neds Vision... but please dont kill Ned, he is needed to provide moral wisdom to Nox and Jon... and he is pretty badass in this story
6/20/2020 c7 1TheWateringWizard
21k ? That’s a bloody fucking gigantic update !

Loved all the improvements the North is going through ! I also really love that Nox is training Asha ! Glad Nox also found some peace with Nyra.

But Cat is really the worst. Her and the Septa are really the absolute worst. I love her praying to the Seven to get rid of magic ! The fucking irony of it.

I’m sure Nox compulsed her to act and talk like that. But it’s a good thing because she’s a disgusting, spiteful little bitch who deserves to be treated like shit. But if she starts to involve Petyr...

I wonder, can Ned read Cat’s thoughts ?
6/20/2020 c3 oneironaught101
Nice work integrating the wolfsblood with the ongoing story. Badass fight between Ned and Nox. So they both have an Ashara as a part of their past. I can tell they are going to be the best of friends. I'm curious as to where you take Nox romantically. His struggle with both sides of the force is interesting but please don't make him a softy and a goody two shoes.

Now with the north producing glass and the upcoming war, news of the Sorcerer is sure to travel south if it already hasn't. Would be great to see a POV from the south and their thoughts about the winds of change bellowing from the North down to the south. Keep it up!
6/19/2020 c7 ClassHole
What was the point of having Ned go all Wolf Eyed if he was just going to be a big pussy and say nothing to his cunty ass wife? After she literally slapped a child, not even an apology to Jon? That's pathetic.

Maybe next chapter you can have Catelyn set Jon up to be permanently maimed, like he loses a leg. But it's perfectly justified you see, Jon walked through a door earlier that day before Robb did. Ned see's the whole thing and is so furious he tells Catelyn she can't have any dessert that night.

Then the day after Catelyn pushes ol' one leg Jon down some stairs, and now he's cracked his head and is in a coma. Again, she is caught red-handed by Ned, who is SO LIVID he transforms into a wolf himself, Animagus style! He demands she apologize this time to Jon's unconscious body, but Catelyn says no, then turns around in front of everyone in Winterfell and blasts a HUGE fart right in Wolf Ned's face, making him look like an even bigger pussy ass whipped bitch. Then from that day on everyone calls Ned Lady Stark, and Catelyn runs the show.

I just want you to know, that besides the Harry Potter animagus style wolf transformation, that the entire above scenario would fit in perfectly with how you are writing Ned's interactions with Catelyn.
6/19/2020 c7 Ghostcraft9
Great chapter and i still hate cat
6/19/2020 c7 cameron1812
Games within games, plots within plots, and incredible stories told. This is amazing. Thank you! Particularly like the Dornish arc, Cat plotting, and the time jump showing how much Nox has done.
6/19/2020 c7 17JosephLC
You know, it wouldn’t take much to use Cat’s own religion against her.

For her beliefs about what a lady should and shouldn’t do: if the Seven are truly One, as the Seven-Pointed Star proclaims, then doesn’t that mean the Maiden and the Mother are also the Warrior? So, it would only be natural for females to be fighters as well.

History also is an example: Princess Nymeria and the rest of the Rhoynar race had many female warriors, as do their Dornish descendants to this day. And who could forget Queen Visenya?

Hell, the people of the Bone Mountains are an entire race of female warriors, as, save for the Great Fathers, all the other men in their culture are eunuchs!

Also, if the Seven really is the one true god, then It made everything, including the Seven Hells, and magic. So, ergo, if everything made by the Seven-Who-are-One is holy, than magic is holy.

Also, as she seems to believe that the Old Gods are just as real as the Seven, Nox could point out that, sense her husband and children all have magic, that means that even if they were as pious as Baelor the Blessed, the Seven would still damn them to the Seven Hells when they die. Whereas the Old Gods would not punish them for something they had no control over.
6/19/2020 c7 6Black Magic99
it is amazing how far people can go in their own illusions. and cat... she is portrayed as a good mother, but a horrible person. she is/ was taught to be a trophy wife. how that makes her intelligent in anything astounds me. to quote nearly everyone "she isnt as smart as she thinks she is". that said people could try to break her of her delusions and not just stone wall her. explain why she is wrong rather than just saying that she is. that said again, the fact the she knows she is wrong but continues to ignores what others say/ she acts horrible is telling about her true personality.

are sansa and arya canon at this point, personality wise? or will they grow since they are being saturated in the force?

it would be a twist if nox didnt go to KL once that happens. while he would be a great help, he is basically godlike, itd be unfair to say the least. wouldnt it be far more interesting if he stayed north? or at least wasnt a get out of jail card?

in terms of power what are the S kids ranks? personally i thing id be
1jon-(two magic bloodlines)
2,3arya-(excellent at physical force applications: fighting, force cloak, peak body performance, etc)
2,3sansa-(excellent at subtle force uses:emotion control, persuasion, mind tricks, etc)
4rob-(jack of all master of none)
5bran-(pre fall: good instincts and reflexes) (post fall: google)
6rickon- (idk not good at hiding, no danger sense)
maybe cat gets her wish?... wait they can all bond with animals so she can suck it. Ha!

i think asha could rival rob. since she will go mando (with the force) and rob is gray i think they could be even. she will be more skilled but he has the force

will dany be a character in this story? if shes a user then id place her between jon and sansa. she is clearly powerful but isnt fully aware of her power and doesnt fully use the ones she has discovered. but she is still above the average person. she kind of just coast on by. until everyone turns her full dark side
(ranks and reasons are based on canon counter parts)

what you think about my assessment?
6/19/2020 c7 22edboy4926
Awesome chapter.
6/19/2020 c7 2Molten Thunder
And thus does Catelyn grab hold of the idiot ball and begin sprinting for the end zone... Damn it Cat, this is why Westeros can't have nice things!
6/19/2020 c7 Guest
If Theon has next to no Force sensitivity why is Nox training him alongside Jon and Robb...? something That ned wanted or did Theon want it?
6/19/2020 c7 1oldtimeydude
Hmm... While I like that introduction of tech to the North I feel glossing over its implementations and working around to experiment and see what works to make it useful was a bad idea. Too many authors do this, they make it a thing then leave it as a token instead of the absolute game changers they were.

Printing press? Game changer! Books and other things could be made so much faster and people who did them would more time for other things!

Blast furnace? Huge game changer! Iron and other metals would come out far more superior in quality compared to a bloomery which was all over the place and relied more on local area ores which were make or break depending on where they were sourced.

Glass? Depends. Access to glass was a HUGE luxury only the wealthy or nobles could afford. While they were used for windows the common folk only had holes with shutters, oil cloth or skin to cover them. In the North if glass became more widely available for the peasantry? Then it's a game changer!

A spring? Ehh... It would depend on what metal were used and how elastic it was. Regular iron or copper or bronze weren't all that elastic. You'd need to do something to it so it would bend and bounce back and not snap. Not to mention I find the idea they'd be able to make bed quality springs laughable when they'd have to do it ALL by hand just for a luxury item.

That's not to mention all the tools and mistakes that would go along with trying to make it all for the first time. To make something you'd need to make a tool so you could make the tool you need for that process!

And THEN theres the politics of it all. Various groups like the masters would want it as well the Septs.

Then the Myrish would have SHAT a BRICK when they found out the North is making glass that is comparable if not superior to their own. Taking away one of their big moneymaker would piss them off enough to try and make them 'cease' their production in various ways.

That's not to mention the various lords vying for a slice of the pie or wanting some of the contraptions being put out.

The standing army idea is a usual one found. They just couldn't afford it is right. But they also needed every hand they could get to help out and work a do things that would help them survive considering most everything is done by hand in these conditions.

Other than those I'm a little sketchy on Catelyn and her behaviors. She's coming off as odd especially without any buildup to where we are now in the story. The politics you did shown however were nicely done and believable. Good job on those.

Something that'll improve as time goes on I hope
6/19/2020 c7 Kalstorm99
great chapter.
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