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for Song of A Northern Sorcerer

5/20/2020 c5 Guest
In order to secure the Iron Islands, long term you need a puppet ruler you can control. In canon they used Theon as leverage, to maintain their control, and raised him to be loyal to the kingdom. Really though you could take a number of them, and get possibly even better results. I think Theon will be of interest to Nox if he has the spark considering that Euron is one of the most powerful canon sorcerers in game of thrones even though he started late in life and with no formal teaching. I mean didn't he get most of his knowledge from threats and torture, when he couldn't get it from coin.

One character who isn't inherently a threat will be obsessed with Nox and thats Pyat Pree though considering that Pree can create a number of physical energy based projections of himself (effectively clones) and can control nearly a dozen of them simultaneously, thats understandable. Even master jedi have a hard time making one ethereal copy, the fact that theres a guy thats figured out how to make physical copys easley is insane, not to mention a definite power house.

Though the fact that he looks more like a Vampiric Palpatine, in the books would suggest that hes heavily steeped in the dark side. The Undying Ones present themselves as beautiful, at the prime of their lives and power, but actually are ancient and withered, their flesh violet blue and even their nails and white of their eyes have turned blue for drinking the shade-of-the-evening.

The biggest interest I can see him looking at is shade-of-the-evening. Made from the inky blue leaves that grow on the black-barked trees, it not only forcibly unlocks your power if you have it (otherwise it just strait up kills you) it can also indefinitely sustain someone if they drink enough (pseudo immorality) though only members of the house of undying know how to make it, and they heavily gaurd the trees.

Big down side besides the immortality and crazy power, is that it seems to twist and deform the users like the darkside and if they use it for to long it becomes the only thing keeping them alive. Meaning all of the older members of the house of the undying need it to live, and their is no way to tell how old they are.

The show really doesn't do the wizards of Qarth justice considering its an order of immortal dark wizards that can't live without their drugs its understandable. If I wrote the show I would have wasted seasons there exploring their order and their relationship with the locals as they are a very important part of both the
5/20/2020 c5 Beholder
The Great Tree was an ancient Force-sensitive tree that once grew at the heart of the Jedi Order's temple on Ossus. It was later moved to the newer Jedi Temple of Coruscant, where it was placed in a courtyard used to train Jedi younglings.

When Darth Sidious, a malevolent Dark Lord of the Sith, took control of the Galactic Republic, he appointed himself Emperor and started exterminating the Jedi. Upon taking over the Jedi temple for himself, the Emperor turned it into the Imperial Palace, and he removed the Force-sensitive tree. Two living twigs, all that remained of the tree, were stored in a secret base installed on Vetine. These fragments were recovered by Commander Luke Skywalker, the last known Jedi Knight, and Lieutenant Shara Bey of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Skywalker kept one of the fragments and gifted the other to Bey and her husband, Kes Dameron, who planted it outside of their new home on Yavin 4 after concluding their service to the Rebellion.
5/19/2020 c5 9Gremlin Jack
*groans* The thing is, I can even understand why that bastard Euron is going to survive this. Nox is here to capture the leadership, not kill them. But I'd take it as a kindness if you'll put that roach out of his misery instead of contriving ways to keep him alive.

I mean, this is fanfic. You don't put someone as hated as Euron against an OP opponent unless you want him to meet a painful end.
5/18/2020 c5 Vonh
Great story
5/18/2020 c4 Eviline
Brilliant display. Tywin is salivating
5/17/2020 c5 E
Man, this story is fantastic so far. I'm always worried when I see SI in a description, as it usually mean self-insert, but I don't think it means that here. Or at least, that's not implied to me considering your main character seems to be very rooted in-universe. There's not any drastic deviation from the character of Darth Nox presented in SW:TOR, just expansion on the character's presented backstory. Either way, as overpowered as he is, I think it's fitting. Honestly, if he didn't clean shop with most people he met, he'd feel underwhelming and weak for the character he's supposed to be. I mean, he's no Warrior class, so he doesn't have that raw power in the force that the Wrath does, but he's got sorcery and arcane knowledge to balance that. So yeah, cool character and I'm eager for more.
I await more, as always.
5/16/2020 c5 haseosamaa
tx your for the chapt
5/16/2020 c3 haseosamaa
that an interesting story with the star wars universe , plzz continue and dont stop like a lot of author .

Great potantiel
5/14/2020 c5 lucavento
love it
5/14/2020 c5 16Mandalore the Survivor
Huh, very promising story thus far, I must say you have done a very interesting intake of the Sith Inquisitor class with what you done with Darth Nox's character, certainly a true example of the Sith Empire's cruelty with slavery and someone who has only done what he can to survive by any means necessarily, dealing with all those who had try kill him and betray him, sadden to hear of Ashara's death but with ideals she was looking to try make happen, it was sadly only gonna be matter of time before someone who would want to stop such ideals from spreading, both Jedi and Sith considering examples, though I'm curious of where his other companions are at and what he's standing relations with them all are like, Xalek I can imagine honestly gotten along well with someone like Nox's ideals, dark but not evil, certainly not one for chaos or death or obsession over morality and power like the Sith Emperor or the Dread Masters, all in all besides maybe there could be maybe details explored of what Nox's actually reading and noticing within the Westeros & Essos history like noticing how despite how many thousands of years have passed through, there has been truly very little technology or any kind of advance development made that it's truly baffing compared to our own history's development by centuries where Westeros and Essos have in stuck in Medieval period aspects for hundreds of thousands years and little accomplished.

For all the big claims and accomplishments the Targaryens and others like to remind of they did in the 300 years of rule they had, there was honestly nothing truly done with only some Targaryens being good to great Kings but heavily limited by their society's rules and etc we've seen comes with ruling King's Landing and the Relm, with the others pretty much being idiotic to downright evil madmen Kings like Aerys of course. All in all I can just see Darth Nox being completely disgusted by all this greed for the Iron Throne and the madness it has spread, probably would find it all too eerily familiar with the Sith's own history of backstabbing and greed for power, so certainly looking forward of what kind of changes he's gonna finally set into motion in the North and elsewhere his reforms would be accepted.

Like the concept you got going with the Wolfsblood though I imagine Nox will want to later on look for whatever possible origins this likely has since the way Ned describe it to him being something inherited within his family would likely get him wanting to do checking of his bloodline to see where the Force origin had came from, which as I can see was with Brandon the Builder which I imagine has something to do with the First Men's pact with the Children of the Forest, though considering the timeline that would've had taken place somewhere during the Force Wars on Tython or etc. Still overall looking forward into the development each of the Starks will get, I like Ned is developing along good and finally learning to let go of his fears and move on and I can imagine almost Ned would be very surprised to learn Nox's dead lover's name was Ashara considering a certain Dayne he was very close to XD

Still I hope Robb Stark will improve well, a good man but needed to see more of the world, his honor was certainly not without question and he was a tactical leader but still unexperienced and putted his trust with the wrong men, prideful but still wanting to do the right thing, with Nox's involvement in his training and education as I can imagine he would want to give Robb understanding of what things he'll face in the future that can do his character very good, much so if his strong bond with Jon Snow can be furtherly encouraged by what Force Connection the two will likely build for each other. Speaking of which, Jon Snow is also someone I really look forward into seeing how you're go with his character, truly disliked how Season 7 & 8 wasted his potential and went nowhere with his character but the meeting with Nox and what lessons he'll be learning from him I can imagine will do great things with his development, learning to be more confident in himself yet humble, finding balance within himself, learning who he is as he certainly struggled to find where he belonged, and I can only imagine what kind of Force potential he has, now this is a suggestion and it's up all to you but maybe depending what kind of education Robb and Jon are getting from Nox since it's only matter of time before someone will discover that there's wider galaxy out there waiting to be explored filled with so many wonders and horrors, maybe Revan can be a source of inspiration and fascination with Jon Snow? Up to you as I understand if Nox himself has things to say about Revan.

All in all, truly enjoying where you're taking things and certainly a big entrance he made in the Greyjoy Rebellion though I dread to think what Euron Greyjoy is gonna be doing now that he has been given small ideas of what the Force can do and of course fascinations I imagine he'll have for lightsabers, out of all the characters of Westeros, more so the Book version, Euron is probably one of the most evilest and insane yet dangerous beings out there, cruelty knowing no bonders or limits, knows how to truly mess with your mind and get inside your head, charismatic and charming, all in all if there was one person who would make a scary Sith, it would be Euron Greyjoy and I almost wager his trip to Valyria will wield other results of what he'll find there now that Darth Nox has probably encouraged new ideas with him after giving him that lightsaber scar. Still if you want, this video here honestly does a pretty great job in explaining the strong differences between Book Euron to TV Euron though let me know if something went wrong with the link.

*h tt p s* : / / ww w . you tube watch? vuAM6V -sHSQM

One interesting note now that you bring up beskar after Nox's interesting encounter with Valryian steel, one thing I think Nox will come to quickly note about the people of the North/Free Folk is that there is great deal of similarities with them and the Mandalorians, I'm sure Nox has interesting experiences with the Warrior Clans considering their Alliance with the Sith Empire at the time and if he had maybe encountered the Bounty Hunter class at somepoint? *Funny thing, the Mandalorian companion name Torian Cadera? He's honestly like the Mandalorian version of Jon Snow of every sense of the word*, But anyway yeah the North has lot of similarities with the Mandalorians such as the history of how the Starks have claimed themselves the Wolf Kings/Kings of Winter of the North and uniting all the Houses is not unlike of how the Mandalores of past have united the Mandalorian Clans before or how even the King of the North/King Beyond of the Wall bares similarities to how title of Mand'alor works and to what it requires to lead such a people as a hardy people who have known survival all their lives, it is only natural they would respect strength. The Northern Houses also function similarities with the Mandalorian Clans with examples like the Mormonts/Umbers to Clan Bralor/Clan Kelborn, the Starks being like Clan Awuad/Clan Shysa/Clan Ordo, and the Boltons fitting in well with likes of Clan Vizsla/Clan Priest/Clan Gedyc given their brutality and cunning, all in all there's lot more of similarities that be found with them, the Ironborn ironically might remind Nox of stuff he may remember of Clan Varad. All in all depending what kind of experiences Nox maybe had with the Mandalorians, there's maybe stuff he can use from their influences to give advantages of how spread growth within the Northmen but that's up to you, this has simply been something I've always noticed when looking up the North's deeper lore and history, if you like this video might explain better than I what I mean but again all up to you.

*h tt p s* : / / ww w . you tube watch? vSpuZk -g83xw&t

All in all, really liking the potential of where this is all going and what kind of major changes is Nox gonna start to influence or how long till someone else from the galaxy finds him as it's only matter of time before someone stumbles on this world, something tells me Nox isn't the first one to have crashed landed on Westeros or Essos depending if that's where the Force origin came from in the Starks. But anyway, I wish you all the luck on this story and your other ones, hope you and your family stay safe out there, and for one last finally note as a small suggestion, if there are any other potential students that Nox could take on, there is interestingly one character that might be a very ideal choice for Nox and there is interesting tie in with Barabey Dustin with this one but again up to you, only offering as I just picture this character would have made a interesting student to Nox and maybe someone that can help counter balance both Robb Stark and Jon Snow? Otherwise wish you luck on the rest of the story, till next time.

*h tt p s* :/ / awoiaf . westeros index . php / Domeric _Bolton
5/14/2020 c5 Guest
yeah ... in the ende where is the difference between this nox in in got/asoiaf and some random oc ? the force ? oh please ... in the ende they are doing the same thing ... running around with a sword and killing people to get what they want ... and in the future it is probably the same thing when he goes to kingslanding ... talking and scheming no different then a random oc would do with or without the force ...
5/14/2020 c5 8Rapidnoob
Hey man! That's really the best SW/ASoIaF xover on this site, that I ever read! I have one idea for the later part: How about the White walkers' swords and spears being immune to a lightsaber like the Valyrian steel?
5/14/2020 c5 5BlackDove WhiteDove
Woo Master Nox dealing out death like its candy! I love it!

Thank you so much for the wonderful update!
XD I was just thinking of this story too
5/14/2020 c4 2winterwolf23543
Here comes the Dorne the Gary Stu and Mary sue of the book~ lmao
5/14/2020 c5 idrinkstellaartois123
Letting Enron live sticks of ploT armour
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