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for Song of A Northern Sorcerer

3/13/2020 c3 Guest
I like it but what's this cat bashing for
3/12/2020 c3 ThatOneGuyUpstairs
So based on what you said the Jedi Knight story is canon to this version of the Inquisitor, but what about the Consular, or the Sith Warrior, I just want to ask because it might be neat to see the Empire’s Wrath or the Barsen'thor show up, especially the Barsen'thor because they’re basically the Sith Inquisitors Jedi counter point and kinda like how Nox can learn to use the light side, the Barsen'thor can learn to embrace aspects of the force closer to the dark side, if I remember the quest where you create a holocron, you can tell the people who learn from it in the future that they should try to embrace the force in its entirety rather the focus on the dark or light. And it would be interesting to possibly see Westeros’s understanding of the Force be shaped by two moderates who look at the force from opposing sides.
3/12/2020 c3 1Arkisenn
Need more, too drunk to give a proper review. But need and want more.
3/11/2020 c3 12gdog1
I have to say this is the best story I have read in a long time. Cant wait for more updates.
3/11/2020 c3 5VA23
Oooooh dang. Very enjoyable so far and I can't wait for Nox and Thoros to meet and compare burning swords.
3/11/2020 c3 1TheWateringWizard
Oh man I need more ! That story is awesome ! Please update soon
3/11/2020 c2 TheWateringWizard
Ohhh I’m loving it !
3/11/2020 c1 TheWateringWizard
Oh man I’m gonna love this story too ! Tellemicus recommended it and il not disappointed ! Seeing a Dark Lord of the Sith in GoT is gonna be awesome
3/10/2020 c3 Guest
Please dont make Daenerys chosen one or some sith force wielding prodigy
there way to many where she either is a strong force user
or a jedi or sith
shes already fireproof, and has dragons isnt that enough
plus you have to admitt if Daenerys was sith or jedi
she would try to get rid of Nox
3/10/2020 c3 Guest
whould it be ironic
if Catelyn had an affair and had a bastard
but didnt tell Ned
but still treats Jon like shit
3/10/2020 c3 lighthawkmaster54
Ok, first I am loving this story so far! And now Nox has the opportunity to show Ned what he is offering to teach his children. But, how will this affect the relations with the other kingdoms? And don't think I did not see how that sentence with Nox talking to Ned was worded... Anyway, keep writing please! And don't let haters keep you down!
3/9/2020 c3 s.k.f.f.f
oh man, i love it. i hope nox stays, bu the time edd comes back the north will be extensively grown in leaps and bounds of technology. it be too early fox nox to zhow himself to the south and his plans.
3/9/2020 c3 Guest
Story is lit af
3/9/2020 c2 s.k.f.f.f
amazing, i find this story intrigujng, i will defintely watch for it and would love to see jon rise as a wolve dragon with box on his side.
3/9/2020 c3 Ashborn2271
I understand he landed in Westeros but he should’ve been more smarter after learning about their history, he should’ve gotten the first boat to one essos city and made himself king and conquer and it would’ve been easy who would be able to defy him the red priest? The house of undying? Please just a bunch of magicians tricks infront of a legitimate Sith Lord but in Westeros he has to face the raven, the children and the winter soldiers, still don’t know why he is here I fact he even indirectly told everything to the raven who was spying threw the tree. Hope this isn’t one of those stories where he will be ruining after the stark children or trying to make Jon king, seriously with the force you become one yourself in months. Why share power with others no sith would ever do that, not even Jedi’s do it.
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