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for Song of A Northern Sorcerer

5/12/2020 c5 Guest
5/12/2020 c5 5Darth Ralan
that knocking part was priceless! the cliffhanger sucks but it still gave me a satisfaction reading this. can't wait to see the next chapter. bdw, will nox be paired with anyone?
5/12/2020 c5 2te.nellis
Lol melting down the sword is a good idea. That way he can give Jon his own customized sword. Loved the chapter! Keep it up!
5/12/2020 c5 Mark1
One hell of a fight scene! Good Job! Please update again soon.
5/12/2020 c5 2Genesis
I have enjoyed reading this chapter, do continue with your tale. I am enjoying it immensely.
5/12/2020 c5 shugokage
Nice job on this chapter!
5/12/2020 c1 Mister LaGuardia
Love this chapter; take however long you need, I'm looking forward.I'm not certain how I feel about a wisecracking Sith; it may work to throw opponents off, but it may degradation his mystique which is useful. Right now Nox needs to avoid becoming the subject of a missing contest between lords and maintain relative neutrality; one of the best ways is to accept different force sensitive from all areas and assure that their loyalty is first to him before making them indispensable to the lords. In order to avoid traps of marriage or land he should probably claim he can only. marry a force sensetive, and conquer his own territoryEssos, the Iron Islands, the Stepenstones, North of the Wall, etc.). I feel that regarding the Faith he can probably claim belief in at least the father as there's a parallel in Star Wars and the theme would be appropriate given his crusade against rape.
5/12/2020 c5 TheSoundOfThunderingEngines
I really liked the Lightning seen. It was Epic.
5/12/2020 c5 DullReign82
Nox Is a total Badass! If this is the kind of chapters I can look forward to then I say take your time I can wait.
5/12/2020 c5 goddragonking
great chapter , love the way this story is going, keep up the excellent work! Keep the good writing and hope for more update soon can't wait to read more:
5/12/2020 c5 FuryJoe
great stories
5/12/2020 c5 41Kelorus
Oh my...wonderful
5/12/2020 c5 Kragh
Thanks for the chapter
5/12/2020 c5 Aroe007
great chapter!
5/12/2020 c5 TianYi
Thanks for writing man, it mus be hard to write at a time like this.
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