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for Song of A Northern Sorcerer

10/27 c2 1nantono
holy shit
10/27 c1 nantono
10/27 c34 MattKennedy
Looking forward to the Tournament. :) It's really interesting to see the similarities in how events play out with there also being differences.
10/27 c34 myafroatemydog
Pretty great chapter
10/27 c6 Monstrr
While I love this story, the MC is more of a grey Jedi than a sith. I would love to see you do a story with a true sith, and instead of joining the Starks, he could join the Lannisters and use their greed and ambition to his own benefits. There’s barely any good Star Wars fanfic with Darth Vader or Revan so maybe you could use them.
10/27 c34 1TheWateringWizard
Yesss ! I’m so happy you’re back with another update ! I knew you were swamped with real life.

Such an exciting chapter, I love and at the same time hate knowing when other important and dangerous characters plan something nefarious against the North. I hope Tywin’s plan fails spectacularly, Joy doesn’t deserve to be used like that
10/27 c34 finkarhu
Thanks for The chapter
10/27 c1 ZhaWarudo
Again, don't worry about the update speed. You are the most apologetic author I know XD
I did notice it took a bit longer, but not like I don't have 30 other fics I read.
The readers here act like this is the only fic out there. Sure it is one of the greats, keyword being one.
So readers, either find other fics and fandoms or get a life, don't pest for updates.

Now where's that SOB that flamed how crap this is, I'm guessing on the wedding chapter.
Deleted comment? I wanted to PM to tell something about a waste of air.
10/26 c34 1Arekanderu
Another amazing chapter! I am really worried about Dany. I hope she doesn't have to lose Drago and her child but I feel she might yet again and I can't imagine where this would bring her. The Dark Side is very tempting
10/26 c34 red demon161
Nice very nice. I'm glad to see an update. It's really nice to see the fic moving along. I do like Jon and Daenerys' talks. I wonder how much Ygritte knows about his dreams. She does know he mumbles a women's name in his sleep.

I like that Jon is the Stark in Winterfell right now. I do hope we see some moments with him and Ygritte like husband and wife.

I'm hoping Robert decides to tie his family and the Starks together by betrothing Marcella and Bran together. Won't Cersei lose her shit over that.
10/26 c34 Rebell 01
I really hope Ned is not dying. King Jofrey is going to be a Nightmare.
10/26 c34 8Jebest4781
This was great. Boy things are getting real interesting now. Can't wait for more when possible.
10/26 c34 silverrain-shiningsun
I’m so excited every time I see that there is a new update on this. I was skeptical of the premise when I first saw this recommended on the citadel subreddit, but you never fail to deliver!
10/26 c34 1DaoistDarkNorth
ate you going back to posting once a month?
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