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for Song of A Northern Sorcerer

2/14 c41 kgarz01
Ned went down like a chump. No way is he the same one from previous chapters. He better be meditating on his anger in the bkack cells and unlesh a wave of force push like Starkiller or force lightning to escape or when they try to execute him and kill Baelish in the process.
2/14 c1 Titan
This story screams, I’ can’t the bothered to change canon because it is too much work for me, so let me force the canon so I can pad the chapters’. Don’t bother writing if your crossover elements cannot change shit. Better write ian OC instead of inserting someone who is powerful but useless.

What a waste of everyone’s time.
2/14 c41 ksiviseth08
Well this was expected of joffery, that man child stupid SOB is gonna get what's coming to him. I'm glad that the starks escape with the exceptions of Lord stark himself who got captured AGAIN! smh.
2/14 c41 akraveen9641
The first thing that popped into my head after reading this chapter was "You done fucked up now Aaron!" This is all such an interesting mix of intrigue and people not understanding what exactly they're dealing with, because Nox can likely do some real shit if we're going off beginning of KOTFE Sith Inquisitor. Especially since it seems he went more of the Sorcerer route. I sense some dark side decisions coming in the future.
2/14 c41 marnetresuena1973
Jory Cassel dies like a badass
2/14 c41 Guest
Ironic cersei right on ned even after he know his save his life and millions yet he stiil hate jaime
2/14 c41 Guest
Wtf jory vs jaime make no sense
2/13 c41 Guest
I would really like to see Nyra and Cersei face off in their own duel.
2/13 c41 LukasMorgenstern
I thought that I could let it go but here I am writing a review.
The whole „Nox suddenly must travel to the true north-shebang“ was a bloody plot device to facilitate this whole story of „we are kind of following the canon story, despite the fact that there are so many prior changes to the story, but never you mind that!“.

You let Ned go toe to toe with Nox in a training session where he and Nox fought so fast that no one could keep up with watching them and then get defeated by a dagger in the back without the slightest warning from the Force?

I think that you desperately wanted these scenes to happen and erased a good amount of purpose from the Harrenhal sequence.

I think that you looked at he story and went „Fuck! If Nox makes it to King‘s Landing the whole canon plot gets fucked sideways and so I sent him into a convenient ambush as far away as possible and have him cut of from the force so he doesn’t get warned!“

I hope you get the story back on track.

2/13 c41 38David Knight
Well now the game has begun and it will only end bloody. The real question to ask is how much will have to be shed in order to remove the pretender stag from the throne.

Am I annoyed Ned fell into the trap again, even with having a Force Vision years ago warning him of this exact situation and years of council from Nox? Yes. This version is a bit better than his canon self but I guess there were still other signs. And getting a force vision doesn’t necessarily mean it can be changed. Sometimes the very action of trying to change it is what sets it in motion.

Surprised that Nox ended up leagues away from the Children of the Forest. Was expecting him to make his way back to deal with those backstabbed before heading back. Feel like that’s a plot point that shouldn’t be ignored.

I get the feeling traveling through the riverlands won’t be as easy many might think. Forget about the Freys, I am actually more interested in seeing which way Hoster Tully goes, given how Ned knocked him around after he declared he would be taking Sansa and Arya from him to raise them himself as proper ladies. With Ned in chains, Joffrey declaring all who believe in the Old Gods heretics, sounds like the type of opportunity to try to push his hand on his granddaughters (key word in there is try as will be anything but easy)

Ramsey Bolton. You actually had me believing that bastard was dead and gone from the story even though we had never had a single line from him. Instead he’s pretending to serve the Seven and serving as High Inquisitor. I salute you for your cunning sir.

Joffrey is worse than Aerys. Even the Mad King wasn’t as stupid as to wage a genocidal war. Even the Order of the Guiding Hand knew it was bad to try to do that to the north and they hated magic with a passion. It only goes to highlight how much of a horrible influence Baelish has been on him. Littlefinger continues to show his megalomaniac ways, and I don’t know if he even has plans to rule or if he simply wants to watch Westeros burn as he said when he put his new plan together.

The Tyrells I think are going to go to a civil war of sorts or end up being divided. With Robert dead and Renly going for the crown, I can see Loras already pledging the Reach to his cause without even considering what the rest of his family would want. Mace I see either supporting the venture or wanting to throw Margaery to Joffrey to make her question (both of which are BAD options). Garlan would side with the North because of his son and Joffrey has declared war on them. Willias is likely to defend his betrothed and I can see Olenna weighing all of her options, with Margaery to look in much the same way.

I am looking forward to see what happens on Dragonstone , wondering if Melisandre is stupid enough either try to get of or try to convert Shireen, again both tasks I think will be futile. I am also looking to see what’s become of Asha as I guess the Iron Isles should be coming back in some way soon what with the war coming.

I look forward to your next update.
2/13 c41 Dragonfan91
Fantastic chapter. I was disappointed that Ned was taken so easily, but he was betrayed and stabbed in the back so, yeah. Shame Jaime didn’t lose a hand to Jory. Would have been most satisfying. Joffrey has well and truly messed up. Will there be a Lannister left by the time it’s all over? Can’t wait to see.
2/13 c41 Guest

This is so frustrating to read...
2/13 c41 Zerias
hmm... while escaping is vital... they should have head to the reach instead of the north, since the north is too far travelling by foot... riverlands isn't safe due to Freys probably would be seeking revenge, vale also with lysa, only reach or North, dorne is too far, westerlands definitely no... choosing reach might be better since they are betrothed to them and nearer than the north, meanwhile nox and his gang is probably in his way but would have been hindered by the others, so renly is going to book route... but since stannis have a grey jedi daughter... he had the advantages in war... personally i thought stannis wife would have been grovelling and proclaim nox a god once he heal her daughter... the war of the five kings are on route... and dany probably getting to find her unsuiled arny
2/13 c41 SvenTheDecoy
that's about as close to canon as you could have made it with all the changes. with nox still fucking about up north, just kill em all and unleash a true sith lord. at least Ned will be dead soon, so that's something to look forward to.
2/13 c41 evilstatistic19
Good chapter. I'm looking forward to the next one. If Tywin believes the wall will even delay Nox, he's delusional. In unrelated news, Westeros will experience a sudden population decline due to terminal stupidity.
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