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for Song of A Northern Sorcerer

4/7/2020 c4 shadow patronus
That, was fantastic! I like Nox and his induction in the North and I enjoy the dramatic parts..
Thanks for a good read in this forced quarantine.
Excellent length of the chapters.
Good luck!
4/6/2020 c4 Rake1810
Fantastic chapter the whole way through
4/6/2020 c4 E
Pretty good chapter.
4/5/2020 c4 cameron1812
Oh hells yes. Thank youthis was so satisfying to read!
4/5/2020 c4 The Gandhara
This story is very interesting, and you're doing a good job so far in keeping Nox from curbstomping the setting by forcing him to rely mostly on politics and diplomacy rather than his Force powers. Thoros, or maybe even all the followers of Rh'llor, having some power of their own also suggests that, hopefully, the world of ASOIAF won't be a simple cakewalk for Nox.

I look forward to read about the fallout after the events of the war. The knowledge of the Starks having a real sorcerer in their service will surely affect the plans of several other key players. Even more when it spreads that the Stark children themselves are learning such powerful 'magic'. Will other Houses throw their children at them, hoping to gain such power for their lineages? Or will they be denounced as a danger and rejected? It's gonna be a mess, that's for sure, and I intend to enjoy it.

Equally interesting is gonna be the Martell's reaction. Will Amory's death lead to a change in dynamics between both Houses? Will they try and poach Nox from the Starks? I hope you don't skip on that part.

A little nitpick. Ned told Robb in the War Room that Ser Rodrick Cassel would stay in Winterfell to help him with his duties as acting Lord of the North, but when Ned arrives on Pyke, Ser Rodrick has accompanied him to war.

If it doesn't interfere with the story you want to tell, I propose that rather than differences in power level for the Stark children, they instead had different areas of force powers in which they stood out.
4/4/2020 c4 MattKennedy
Fun times with the War against the Iron Islands. :) Also, yay for Lorch dying.
4/4/2020 c4 1Papa Smaug
Really bang up job. One of my fears with stories like these is that the main character is portrayed as ridiculously overpowered but you've managed to get around that detail quite nicely and made it feel believable. I'm usually wary of introducing abstract concepts like the Force into another fandom but you've pulled it off nicely and tied everything up in a neat bow.
Great writing, not lacking in detail but not crowding the reader either.
Definitely looking forward to more.
4/4/2020 c4 myafroatemydog
Pretty fantastic chapter
4/4/2020 c4 s.k.f.f.f
damn, that was awesome. I loved seeing his prowess and sticking up to his beliefs. I wonder if the the magical v swords will stand up to lightsabers.
4/3/2020 c4 T-MikeyD
Damnit, man. That was strangely beautiful. Oberyn is gonna be pissed all to hell and back. Meh, there's still the Mountain. Also, after that Ned is gonna be even more reticent to allow Nox to train the kids, as I would be if I were in his shoes. Great chapter, though
4/3/2020 c4 Mark1
Nice fight scenes... Please continue
4/3/2020 c4 13gdog1
Fuck this was a good chapter. What more can be said lol
4/3/2020 c4 1Arkisenn
Only four chapters and I love this story. I almost want to favorite it, but I usually wait until there is more content so anyone browsing my favorites have something that will keep them occupied a while. But rest assured, I eagerly await the chance to add this story to my list.
4/3/2020 c4 CDMellow
This was a very enjoyable read thank you, well done and keep up the good work
4/3/2020 c4 2Naruto Loves FemKyuubi
"Waves Cheerfully At You"H-hey My Dear ffdrake!:3And"Blushes And Smiles Shyly And I Hugs You Happily And Warmly And Sweetly And Softly And Kindly And Lovingly"W-welcome!:3Back!:3 (A-also Your Perfect And Sweet And Lovely Darth Nox Already Has Everything And Anything To Make Whatever He Wants And Needs Damn Starks Baratheons Martells Lanisters Targaryens And Other Fools Should All Be WIPED OUT Bunch Of Idiots Fucking Up Always Anyway Thanks For Another Chapter)My Dear ffdrake!:3

A-and Cheers!:3My Dear!;)
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