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for Song of A Northern Sorcerer

10/26 c34 JeBaTheHutt
Letsgoooooooo, dude take your time, I'm fine even if the updates were between 2-3 months, still hyped!
10/26 c34 Guest
10/26 c34 Drake Harlock
Another excellent chapter.
I can't wait for more.
10/26 c34 changeisneeded
Excellent chapter
10/26 c34 FuryJoe
great story as always
10/26 c34 cameron1812
I am..., absolutely agog over this chapter. The start of the GOT proper, with all the changes you have wrought and the influence they must inevitably have on the OG storyline! And in true GRRM flattery you have many, many irons in the fire! Love the different angles on Deanerys (Varys and Illyrio, Robert, and Jon...). Brilliant part played there! Tywin and his machinations. Cersei. Robert and his game, and his acknowledgement of Hendry, too! Melisandre and Stannis, and now Griff! Awesome!
10/26 c34 101VFSNAKE
Awesome! Events are coming together. War is coming on all sides. Darkness is coming and there is no escaping it. Only fighting it. Only killing it.
10/26 c34 mind liger
Please kill the fake ageon soon the starks and nox have bigger fish to fry
10/26 c34 JacobB42
Fuck yes, Another BANger chapter. Thanks for writing
10/26 c34 3loki98065
welcome back. great chapter as always. things are warming up. looking forward to seeing who else is lining up besides the others. some one from the greater galxey perhaps?
10/26 c34 Kalstorm99
Great chapter!
10/26 c34 1Williams1996
The fire doesnt kill kill a dragon line always confused me Viserys isnt burned alive they pore molten metal on him there's a difference lol
10/26 c34 Sage1988
Great to see you updating again, I loved the new chapter with all its twists and turns, and you certainly know how to write an interesting story.

I see you are bringing Griff into the story, not sure how this is going to play out but am interested all the same. Can't help but wonder whether you're planning for Ned/Val but either way I love the story so far.
10/26 c34 4Trado
It's back! I was getting worried and was considering sending a message to make ask if you were doing alright but I'm not surprised why it took so long. Life takes priority and life can be troublesome at times. Still, I'm very glad to see this story updated again and with more than a few moments of interest as well.

Cersei's as mad as ever and I really don't have anything else to say about her right now.

Nox has invented black powder. I was expecting that to happen at some point but I didn't know when. I'm actually glad there won't be any firearms yet. I almost feel like that would be too much, but that's just my personal thoughts. He'll also be going to King's Landing with all his acolytes and getting a temple to train them in? Nox will have total control of the city in no time, even if Robb and Jon stay behind in Winterfell.

Speaking of the two, moving on to Tywin. I think there was some important information in his part, but it wasn't clear until I read it a second time. First, while I can understand Tywin dismissing Robb's abilities originally, I don't feel like he would be so quick to do the same this time for the simple reason that he knows Nox has been training the Stark children. Tywin knows how dangerous Nox is and, considering he's been teaching the Stark children for years now, dismissing them so quickly this time around seems foolish for the old lion. Second important bit is when the Mountain was called in for killing a serving girl who Tywin told him not to. I did some thinking and some checking to be sure, but I think I know who the Mountain killed and, if I'm right, it could be far more serious than Tywin considers it to be. I think the Mountain killed Briony, Joy's mother and Gerion's lover. I can't think of any other person or reason that Tywin would care about the Mountain killing a simple serving girl unless it was her. All it says about Briony is that she's a common woman and Joy's mother so it would make sense for her to be at the Rock, I can't imagine Gerion would have forced his daughter to grow up without her mother and he probably gave her a simple position in the Rock so she and Joy could stay together. It would also explain why Tywin considers this a problem but not a major one. He's never cared about the feelings of others so won't care that the girl lost her mother, but he's smart enough to know Joy and Gerion won't take her death well. However, I think Gerion's smart enough to see through any lies his brother comes up with and will find out the truth anyway. I just know Gerion's going to end up fully on Nox's side at some point, I'm just not sure how or when.

Of course, none of what I put down will matter if I'm wrong about who Gregor killed, but I'm pretty sure I'm right.

Viserys got his crown this chapter, good for the idiot, better for everyone else now that he's gone. Dany also got some help from Jon afterwards as well as learned his secret from him. I'm very interested in her thoughts after what she's learned and when Jon gives her the rest of the details about just how he came to be.

Robert and Ned meet again. I wasn't expecting Robert to mistake Nyra for Lyanna but wow, that must have really pissed off Nox when he sensed Robert's thoughts at that moment. Also, the thought of Joffrey marrying Arya made me laugh. She would destroy him.

Griff has also made his appearance in this story for the first time. I wonder how differently things will go for him and young Griff this time around.

Again, I'm very glad to see my favorite story updated again and, as always, I look forward to seeing what happens next. Have a great day and see you next time!
10/26 c34 3grovepjp
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