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for Song of A Northern Sorcerer

3/31 c42 4DarkFusion
Now this is a Revenge of the Sith I'm really looking forward to XD...sorry couldn't resist. Great job in building up the war and what each faction is planning to do. Looking forward to seeing what plans succeed, fail or go in a different direction entirely.
3/31 c42 Guest
huh it's been a long time since i've heard about Aegon Blackfyre? whoever he is. Interesting to see that you made him capable of using the Force albeit on the weak and slightly untrained side, those fire wielding magic user don't really qualify as a tutor or Force user.
A potential five-way war: Aegon vs Joffery vs Stannis vs Renly vs the Starks should be very interesting.
Hope the next chapter comes out soon!
3/31 c42 1J4C00B0
I'll try to imagine that the stupidities from previous chapters didn't happen and I'll just think about what's next, this chapter doesn't bother me anymore at least.
I know, I know, a story needs a conflict that is not just solved in a week, I still don't like this situation at all.
I wish you good health and luck so you can continue writing.
3/31 c42 Guest
Stannis is an amazing battle commander but not a peace time ruler he doesn't understand most are not as dutiful as he is or as honorable as Eddard Stark
3/31 c42 Guest
3/31 c42 5Monkey D. Conan
Things are shaping up fast, and there are a number of people that need to face some serious justice, but it’s shaping up quite nicely all things considered. Excellent work as always! Can’t wait for more!
3/31 c42 7TheAttemptedWriter
Pffft Aegon ain't gonna get anywhere lmfao
3/31 c42 Seran58
Okay, I get that the author is very progressive in women's rights in this fic, which is a good thing, but Talissa is pregnant and wants to march to war anyway. Have you even lived with a pregnant woman? Because if you had then you know how absurd and dangerous to both her and the child is. On top of that, she wants to leave winterfell to a ten year old boy when she is far better suited to manage it in Robb's stead. This whole argument for traveling by horse or carriage while pregnant is absurd. In a couple months she will barely be able to walk across a room without difficulty, let alone bounce around on a horse or in a carriage for hundreds of miles alongside an army.
3/31 c42 Kalstorm99
nice chapter.
3/31 c42 gamaleddin
Wow wow wow, insane. I really have no odes whats coming next please update soon
3/31 c42 DarthWrath2255
Hot dang! Love how this story has been so far and loved the little Patriot reference.
Looking forward to how the rest of story in the coming future.
Good luck mate!
3/31 c42 Rebell 01
Nice Introduction of the new player.
3/31 c42 3Nyxst4r
Wow, seems like Fake Aegon unlike Dany has no qualms about sending his supposed future subjects to be slaves. Bad sign of leadership.
Hoster not alerting Robb about the Exalted March is going to bit him in his old ass. His House words literally says that he had to warn his grandchildren of their impeding danger, and yet he did nothing. Neither did Edmure.
Jaime's scene was a perfect reenacment of the Patriot, I felt goosegumps reading it.
Please, give Ramsay a fate like you gave to Roose and the rest of his conspirators. Pretty please. He is the Umbridge of Game of Thrones. The fans hate them more than the actual principal villain.
3/31 c42 r
esplendido como siempre
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