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for Song of A Northern Sorcerer

3/31 c42 7TheAttemptedWriter
Pffft Aegon ain't gonna get anywhere lmfao
3/31 c42 Seran58
Okay, I get that the author is very progressive in women's rights in this fic, which is a good thing, but Talissa is pregnant and wants to march to war anyway. Have you even lived with a pregnant woman? Because if you had then you know how absurd and dangerous to both her and the child is. On top of that, she wants to leave winterfell to a ten year old boy when she is far better suited to manage it in Robb's stead. This whole argument for traveling by horse or carriage while pregnant is absurd. In a couple months she will barely be able to walk across a room without difficulty, let alone bounce around on a horse or in a carriage for hundreds of miles alongside an army.
3/31 c42 Kalstorm99
nice chapter.
3/31 c42 gamaleddin
Wow wow wow, insane. I really have no odes whats coming next please update soon
3/31 c42 DarthWrath2255
Hot dang! Love how this story has been so far and loved the little Patriot reference.
Looking forward to how the rest of story in the coming future.
Good luck mate!
3/31 c42 Rebell 01
Nice Introduction of the new player.
3/31 c42 3Nyxst4r
Wow, seems like Fake Aegon unlike Dany has no qualms about sending his supposed future subjects to be slaves. Bad sign of leadership.
Hoster not alerting Robb about the Exalted March is going to bit him in his old ass. His House words literally says that he had to warn his grandchildren of their impeding danger, and yet he did nothing. Neither did Edmure.
Jaime's scene was a perfect reenacment of the Patriot, I felt goosegumps reading it.
Please, give Ramsay a fate like you gave to Roose and the rest of his conspirators. Pretty please. He is the Umbridge of Game of Thrones. The fans hate them more than the actual principal villain.
3/31 c42 r
esplendido como siempre
3/31 c42 hypixal
Great chapter!
3/31 c42 Ronin Katarn
Glad to see this is still going. I cant wait to see just how everything shakes out. Im expecting Nox to finally stop holding himself back and to show just how a Sith wages war but I guess we’ll see. Hope to read more soon.
3/31 c42 Ezylryb
Great chapter
3/31 c42 4Trado
Another fantastic update to a fantastic story.

The North knows about what's coming for them now and Nox is getting them ready. Of all the advantages they've got over the South, I'd say the glass candles are going to be among their greatest advantages. Communication is extremely important and, while it would take days or even weeks for ravens to fly in the south, Nox, his students, and his agents in the East can talk whenever the Sith Lord reaches out to them and his messages and orders won't be limited to whatever he can fit on a piece of paper. Not to mention that while their enemies can attempt to steal certain things from the North, unless they can somehow get their hands on both a force user and one of those glass candles, two things that are still extremely rare, there's no way they can attempt to communicate the same way. Not to mention all the other insane advantages the North possesses.

I loved watching Nox take command while talking to Robb. I mentioned before that, with Ned out of the picture, Nox is the one who controls the North now. And if Ned dies, that'll be the beginning of the end for anyone and everyone involved in his death. Nox mentored all of the Stark children so of course Robb's not going to question his orders, not to mention he has more experience when it comes to warfare than all of them put together.

Ramsay also doing his evil things with Jaime blindly following along like the idiot he is.

Dorne's also getting in on the action, no surprise there, but I'm still wondering about the Iron Islands. Asha has one of those glass candles so Nox has probably filled her in on what's happening, but the question is what's going to happen there next? Asha will want to aid the North for sure and Theon, complete idiot that he is, must be smart enough to know that going against Nox and the North is suicide. Of course, his dumb father likely won't care and will probably try to pull something anyway. But will Asha let him? I seriously doubt it.

We also finally get a look at what "Griff" and "young Griff" are up to and, now that I know, I can already guess their fates. Aegon's approval to sell the North's glassmakers into slavery likely won't stay secret for long. Nox has agents in Essos and when he finds out, Aegon will become his enemy if he isn't already. Aegon might be able to use the force but, even with whatever training he gets from whatever sorcerers he's found, he's nowhere near strong enough to ever challenge Nox, maybe not even his weakest students. Not that I think he'll need to. Nox will probably have his agents thwart any and all attempts Aegon makes to try and sail to Westeros. He might even sic Dany and her dragons on him. That would be fun to see.

Alright, that's all I've got for now. Thank you very much for the new chapter and, as always, I can't wait to see what happens next!
3/31 c42 Cleo9427
Every story I’ve read with Jon Connington in it I’ve NEVER like him. I’m glad this story hasn’t changed my opinion of him. Logically Aegon doesn’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to claiming the throne. It’s been 15 years since the war. Lords that fought against Rhaegar and Lords that lost and swore to a new king will not believe someone they’ve never met is the true King come back to claim his throne. When they heard Danaerys was trying to bring back Valyria they should’ve hopped on that wagon. The only reason Aegon probably even wants to take the throne back is because he’s been told it was rightfully his for his whole life. When you hear nothing but that same thing over and over again eventually you’ll start to believe it. Jon is on the revenge shit cus he’s in love with Rhaegar and was so blind that he didn’t see where he was severely flawed.

If it wasn’t clear before I do not like Jon Connington
3/31 c42 ttunikitashtobert
Modern humanitarian views can be nice, but to counter zealots crusade best way forward is Theon Stark receipt - total massacre with rows of impaled enemies to horizon. Zealots can be talked to (like Jaehareis Targarian), but for them to listen they must previously be massacred en mass in most gory way possible (like Maegar Targarian),
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