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for Donkey Kong: Dino-Trouble

2/14 c7 Owyn Ross
Well, guess the dinosaurs blew up from the chain reaction of King Tyrannosaurus exploding. At least King Tyrannosaurus and his army are extinct now, and the Fire Spirit Stone is recovered. Now, guess "Kid Icarus: Wrath of the Titans" is next, and I hope Pyrrhon's ready and in good condition to help him. Oh, did Kyrin figure out that his brother was responsible for stealing the Fire Spirit Stone and gave it to King Tyrannosaurus 1000 years back then?
2/13 c6 Owyn Ross
Alright. If the X-Ray portal plan fails, then plan B will involve killing King Tyrannosaurus before getting the Fire Spirit Stone from his corpse.

Oh, almost forgot. Tomorrow's Valentine's Day.
2/12 c5 Owyn Ross
Now at least there is a way to get the Fire Spirit Stone back from King Tyrannosaurus. But bringing the Crystal Coconut will make the fight against King Tyrannosaurus worse for the Kongs.
2/11 c4 Owyn Ross
Guess Snide came in the nick of time. Hopefully some more of Kyrin's followers came afterward, and with news on the truth on how King Tyrannosaurus got the Fire Spirit Stone.
2/10 c3 Owyn Ross
That's one heck of a rude awakening for Donkey Kong.
2/9 c2 72MushroomWings
That was amazing! Im excited to see more of this! Please keep up the good work!
2/9 c2 Owyn Ross
So it was Tabuu who who stole the Fire Spirit Stone from the Spirit World and gave it to King Tyrannosaurus. Well, guess that means Snider and another one of Kyrin's followers have to help the Kongs.

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