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for An Equitable Arrangement

4/3 c9 LeersiaorizoidesLSw
Happy Birthday. My heart skipped a beat with “I want to parley.” Look forward to seeing where this goes. Post as you feel comfortable. I will read it. Enjoy your day.
4/1 c8 kuroiska
Just finished the show and am so glad I found your story. Binged through the existing chapters in a matter of hours and can't wait for more. Great story, great dialogue, great work!
3/29 c8 Guest
Thais is so good!
Manu thanks
3/29 c8 20Sephiria Arks
Oh dear, Crowley and Aziraphale are going to be torturing each other when they stay at the cottage for the weekend! The next chapter will be a fun one to read!

The part with the stairs, that had me grinning a huge smile! We all know Crowley secretly enjoyed that moment!
3/27 c4 Sephiria Arks
I am grinning from ear to ear with this story! This is a good one!
3/22 c7 Guest
I absolutley adore your story. ️ I can't wait for more. (I mean, I hope there is more)
3/16 c3 Grace
I'm really loving this fic. I've been in the Good Omens fandom for a while, but this is the first fic I've decided to read for it, and I think I've made a good choice. You've really got the tone perfect, and the banter is great. So thank you, and keep up the good work!
3/15 c6 LeersiaorizoidesLSw
What I like best about this story in general, and this chapter in particular is you present our favorite duo as damaged adult entities doing the best they can in an entire new mindscape neither imagined possible. Which is saying a lot because the only reason Crowley still exists is the raw power of his imagination.
2/16 c2 LeersiaorizoidesLSw
Good start. Will enjoy seeing where the story goes.
2/13 c1 Aqua6446
This js amazing! You should definitely consider continuing this.

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