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for CCG Public Enemy No 1

11/26 c1 Guest
10/23 c9 1hmak27230
Master piece though Kakashi fumbled Eto.
10/14 c10 1LilKittyCatty
Thanks for the GREATEST Kakashi fic i have read yet, it brought me some huge smiles and multiple laughter fits that made me lightheaded. I shall look at your other works as well.
10/10 c11 ditah
I dont even watch tokyo ghoul but that was HILARIOUS!
9/14 c11 Silksong2
this story was amazing and you’re really good at writing comedy
8/25 c11 oj
funny as hell
8/19 c11 IsaacTheGoat
I haven't reviewed a lot of fics but this was just too good you made a great fanfic and I'm proud to say that this was n amazing fic and it made me laugh a lot
8/13 c9 maalik
kakashi's really levelled up his trolling. He must have been saving it up during the war arc.

also you remind me of Noodlehammer. I love you both
8/13 c7 Maalil
You’ve had this fight scene incubating in your brain for a whole year?
I am truly enthused by your FLAMES OF YOUTH.
8/13 c3 Maalik
You said the investigators could fight low jounin,

But could they beat that one nameless dude who forced edo Madara to pause his onslaught through the Shinobi Alliance for a few seconds
8/13 c2 Maalik
The lazy sarcasm and nonchalance is displayed excellently but thats not all there is to kakashi

If anything, that is the icing on top of a Cake of unadulterated caution, ANBU paranoia and all else that constitutes the perfect ninja.

Kakashi would never be this careless and gung ho in a new world. I wouldn’t be surprised if he spent a year lying low, studying the world.

Though that wouldn’t be a fun story. lol.

This is too much tho. You make kakashi look really dumb and arrogant. For all he knows, there could be gods stronger than kaguya here
8/13 c1 Maalik
Well Kakashi doesn’t need the sharingan in tokyo ghoul anyway. That would be broken here, so good job removing that. Its interesting that the materials of the world, the soil for example still respond in the same way to Chakra
8/3 c10 Some random guy on the interne
This story is one of my all-time favorites its hilarious, has a great conclusion and everything kakashi does feels like something he would do. I would love an extra chapter where he and some of his friends return to visit and get worshipped as gods
6/26 c11 Diate

Thanks for this story, it's just fantastic, really funny too.

One of the best story I've ever read.
6/12 c1 Khrone12
This fanfiction is already giving me a great promising. I hope to read the remaining chapter
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