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9/30 c11 6rosymalik
All I can think about is an alternative ending where, naruto and Sasuke coming to save Kakashi with the nine tailed beast mode and Sasuke holding a dimension portal open. And eto following kakashi demanding him to take her with him because how dare he leave her after their passionate nights together while she is in her One eye owl form.

Passionate nights as in them brainstorming smutty books together or doing other ‘things’. And Sasuke/Naruto being HORRIFIED because omg kakashi sensei WTF. You did what with THAT?! And kakashi being completely flustered trying to explain that she is an actual person/woman and not a MONSTER.
9/30 c11 rosymalik
All I can think about is eto running after kakashi in her one eye ghoul form and angrily demanding for him to take her with him, because ‘how dare he leave her after all their passionate nights together.’ While naruto in a giant nine tailed beast mode looming over them and Sasuke is holding the dimension portal open and they’re HORRIFIED at the sight while kakashi is a stammering blushing mess trying to explain that it’s not what it looks like and that there’s an actual human/ghoul woman under there.

Because why not and when I tell you I am laughing so hard at the image of this happening. And the passionate nights can be either them doing the do or them brainstorming books smutty togethers. But either way the emotional and mental damage that would do to is PEAK
9/28 c11 nanashihaisha
This was a blast!
9/15 c11 Berserker134
A perfect story. Would've been nice to know if Kakashi impregnated Eto, but eh, I'll settle for headcanon. Heheh. Their child would be terrifying.
9/15 c9 Berserker134
It's a shame Kakashi is acting like a shy virgin when it comes to Eto wanting him to fuck her. Like what the hell man! WHY DIDN'T HE TAP THAT!? ; n;
9/15 c8 Berserker134
YEAAAAAAH! Good chapter!
I see Eto is thirsty~! Hehehehehhe.
9/15 c3 Berserker134
Akira Mado is pretty frickin' hot, ngl.
I love how Kakashi is completely owning them! XD
Honestly hoping Kakashi manages to bang Akira though before things go to shit.
Unlikely though...I can still dream.
9/12 c8 Guest
K nahh I prefer Eto and Kakashi
9/12 c7 Guest
I actually like Kakashi and Akira
9/11 c10 beanzhead
this was such a fun light hearted read, thank you for making my night better!
8/10 c11 1Mike699
This was really fun to read. I spent more time reading it than I should because I have to work at 4:00 am tomorrow, but it really made me smile, and giggle sometimes too. I have only watched 1 season of the Tokyo ghoul anime, so I know this had at least a couple mildly big spoilers, but I enjoyed it all the same.
8/9 c11 robert108
One of the greatest kakashi troll fics I've ever read. Would love to see an epilogue where people from the elemental nations go on a vacation to the ghoul world.
8/7 c11 1realfan16
lmao. Kakashi4lifeHadn't had such a good read in while and it's completed to boot
8/7 c9 realfan16
Can't complain on this ending
8/7 c7 realfan16
Loved it. TT_TT getting lost in the road of life on GPS monitoring suddenly makes it seem more real *SOLID 60 seconds of laughing on this one *
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