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10/10/2021 c10 time king zi-o
this is maybe one of the best and funniest Tokyo Ghoul x Naruto crossover ever
10/10/2021 c10 1SkyWorthy
Wonderful ending! Thank you for the journey, author!
10/10/2021 c10 1KnellaLuna
You have a talent with words! This was an amazing ride from start to finish! Love the ending, but sad to see it end!
10/10/2021 c10 Stormlight131
I'm so glad you finished the story! It was great. Kudos!
10/10/2021 c10 2Creadora-sempai
is incredible, really
do you are a writer really...i don't know, i not have words
10/10/2021 c10 Ashalim
Good lord, this has been quite a ride. Thank you for writing this.

I love how this chapter basically say that everything can be solved with good ol' Fuuinjutsu. And allso that Fate Abridge reference is going to follow me to my grave
10/10/2021 c10 Lustrydoesntknow
Author literally exposed every single one of us
10/10/2021 c10 Lustrydoesntknow
omfg. Why does the mod in this chapter literally describe me
10/10/2021 c10 2Rubia97
well, this was quite the adventure. thank you!
10/10/2021 c10 Respect
Thanks for your hardwork author-san, and thank you so muchhh for finish this magnificent fanfic.

Next update please also update A Shinobi Among Monster author-san because that fanfic has been not updated for straight 6 month
10/10/2021 c10 Flaminfiend
Thank you for the story it alway made me happy.
10/10/2021 c1 1Iamnotafraid
one of the best crossover fanfics i've read
10/9/2021 c10 edwardlumpkin3
While I am sad to see it end, this was a perfect fucking story and deserves to be considered one of if not the greatest Naruto x Tokyo Ghoul fanfiction, ever. Every chapter was phenomenal, a laugh and just an example of Kakashi being Kakashi and being on some shit. I’m so happy to see that it is done and can’t wait to see other chapters updated, Naruto x The Olympians, and other stories that you might create, thank you again!
10/9/2021 c10 22edboy4926
Awesome ending, specially the omake one

As for other stories involving Kakashi, would you use your Kakashi, that he simply gets lost using his seal, or he uses it to escape paperwork; landing him in a new series to mess with.
Or would you use canon Kakashi?
10/9/2021 c10 Lyfus
I have smiled and laughed so much reading this story! The ending (and the alternative one) was absolutely perfect. Definitely going to read if you write something else. Thank you so much!
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