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6/29 c10 Bashleyz
Noo Kakashi x Eto
6/29 c9 Bashleyz
6/29 c8 Bashleyz
Kakashi x Eto.
6/29 c7 Bashleyz
6/29 c6 Bashleyz
6/29 c5 Bashleyz
6/29 c4 Bashleyz
Kakashi x Eto
6/29 c3 Bashleyz
6/29 c2 Bashleyz
6/29 c1 Bashleyz
6/24 c11 1thatfanboi
That was an amazing chapter. I loved every story in it. And! I have not laughed like that since I last read your story. So thank you once again for such a beautiful writing!
6/21 c11 1KnellaLuna
I’m so happy you updated! I would love to see more ghoul Kakashi in the Naruto-verse!
6/12 c11 TakoEatemployee
I want a part two so badly, more hilarious romantic interaction with eto and kakashi, Mado growing to his seat of high priest and becoming the pope, Kakashi teasing touka and kaneki for being together together, and Yamori opening a cat cafe for some reason
6/11 c10 1Beyond Infinty
Absolutely loved it. Man this was an amazing story. I am at a loss of words to describe how much I really enjoyed it. And I am gald that it is finished. Thank You.
5/31 c11 2MoonKnight030
First of all, I gotta say I love this fic -It's simply hilarious.

Speaking of, the basic premise of this fic -from my understanding- is that Kakashi gets sent into Tokyo ghoul after the war and turns the world upside down using his Ninja training, Power, the sheer Trolling ability and a Pseudo-TNJ that he copied from Naruto using his Sharingan (Because he's the Copy-Ninja).

This gave me an idea that you can utilize for a Part Two: You can write an AU of this one where instead of Kakashi, it's Naruto who gets transported through dimensions. Naruto the proceeds to do the same thing Kakashi did by using his Ninja Training, Power, Sheer Kindness and the Original TNJ (TM).
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