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for CCG Public Enemy No 1

12/22/2022 c1 Imboredlmao11
11/1/2022 c11 Nwcleear
so good. ive barely had any TG content and this made me love Eto so much. thanks for writing this
10/25/2022 c1 Il'ya
Wow, I lost hope to find any decent fanfiction and thus quit reading it. Now, you've rejuvenated that hope. Great work, highly amusing! LOVE IT.
10/18/2022 c11 YourSwissOtaku
This now holds a special place in my heart.

Not even joking-
10/18/2022 c10 YourSwissOtaku
Alternative title: Kakashi accidentally creating a cult saves the world in surprising ways
10/18/2022 c10 YourSwissOtaku
“Why did your client kill an orphan”
“Your honer, he was hungy”
10/18/2022 c9 YourSwissOtaku
Whoever wrote this. I love you.
Even if you’re killing me at least I’ll die a happy death
10/18/2022 c8 YourSwissOtaku
I can’t-
This fic is physically killing me-
Man something is serious wrong with me hahahahaha
10/18/2022 c8 YourSwissOtaku
WHAT- Welp “if you can’t beat them join them” our savior Kakashi :,)
10/18/2022 c7 YourSwissOtaku
I literally can’t breathe- Like fr. I’m dying- had to get my weird spray-
I can’t-
I’m laughing way too hard
10/18/2022 c5 YourSwissOtaku
“AND tax fraud”
I love this fic SO much
10/18/2022 c2 YourSwissOtaku
This is so entertaining. I love fics where Kakashi lands in a foreign universe and just messes with everyone because he can with his overpowered abilities. Like HELL YEAH
10/12/2022 c10 2Ashurahhhhh
10/12/2022 c10 Ashurahhhhh
Bitch please! I'm Hatake Fucking Kakashi
10/12/2022 c7 Ashurahhhhh
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