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for CCG Public Enemy No 1

11/17/2020 c5 aquaterrapin
Surprised that kakashi still hasnt gone crazy with his hunger yet gl to the ccg, and maybe the ghouls as well, on keeping their sanity while kakashi goes with his plan
11/11/2020 c5 Guest
Hey, this is really good, please update if you can.
11/4/2020 c5 ShadowTitan284
This is amazing in so many ways. Even just Kakashi fucking around would be great, but then this socially inept nutjob decides to friend the CCG Naruto-style? I'm in love
11/4/2020 c5 Guest
This is gold
10/30/2020 c5 The ChocoGoat
10/25/2020 c5 Gguma030
Can't wait to read more

It's just so hilarious
10/25/2020 c5 Guest
Please update
10/10/2020 c5 Starlockies
I forgot how great this fic is. I just reread the whole five chapters and I was like yep that’s fucking hilarious. Just like I remembered. I love how the tomfoolery doesn’t just apply to Kakashi’s sense of self but the whole fic in general. Example one, “Why is Kakashi a ghoul?”. Answer, “ Because Kakashi is too powerful to just be human.” It also makes for a better story. The story would be to dark if he wasn’t and Kakashi wouldn’t understand the moral grey of “good” ghouls either if he wasn’t a ghoul himself. Overall, I’m loving the fic and the writing is great. I hope you continue but if not no pressure. What you’ve written made me laugh today and that’s more than enough for me!
10/10/2020 c5 3natsuzamaki
You are an amazing writer, and this is an amazing story. Eagerly waiting for updates!
10/9/2020 c5 PunkMuggle
this is the best, most insane thing that i have read all year! i love kakashi so freaking. much!
thank you for writing and sharing!
10/8/2020 c1 1gibthegrey
god this is the best thing I've seen in so long, I have never laughed this hard.
10/6/2020 c5 opalfeather
10/5/2020 c1 Guest
pls continue dis
9/30/2020 c4 This-Mickey-Seems-Iffy
Stupidest comparison. Ghouls eat humans! They should be eradicated. They are not jinuriki of this world.
9/27/2020 c1 1Zirxces

You've stopped. Why? it's a highly entertaining fic, and I thank you for writing it. if you could continue, it would be appreciated and welcomed. Thanks
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