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for CCG Public Enemy No 1

5/21 c11 nahson2
this is highkey one of my favorite fics lol thanks for the surprise update
5/20 c11 MadmanDSD
I would love to read more of Kakashi messing with the shinobi as a ghoul. That and the cult of Kakashi somehow making it to the Elemental Nations
5/20 c11 Hitmen101
Thanks for the chapter! :D :) It was nice to see this again. :)
5/20 c11 Guest
5/20 c11 2shadewatcher
Bwahahahahahahahahahaaa! LOVE it!
5/20 c11 3Kitsune No Hi 75
Love the expantions, hope to see more like this.
5/20 c11 Guest
As always, a lot of laughs. Thank you!
5/20 c11 6IAmGuavaFruit
All hail the FUCKING! Messiah!
5/20 c11 11Nublyss
Technically, you don’t need mangekyo Sharingans to use Susanoo. Just need them to unlock it.
5/20 c11 jinxcurse
... thanks for reminding me I love this fic &
5/20 c11 GreatT'Phon1of4
*incoherent happy noises*
I don't even know where to start. Kakashi trolling Naruto by chomping down on someone's arm all casual like was hilarious. Naruto was already exposed to Kakashi's trolling, but he comes back from his dimensional adventure with more amo, and poor Naruto was not ready for it (: (: (:

Eto was reading a yaoi manga... she might not be very disappointed in Kakashi being "only interested in Guys in green spandex" after all...muhaha. Eto is the karma Kakashi gets for being such a troll. It makes Kakashi's character more enjoyable to read when there's someone (or something) like Eto to unnerve them or weird them out sometimes.

"Thanks to GreatT'Phon for the idea!" I feel honored . Kakashi's idea of sensitivity training lmfao. It's really funny, but also shows some of the culture clash between Konoha and TG Japan (which Kakashi intentionally ignores for greater trolling potential throughout the story!).

"ALL HAIL LORD KAKASHI" (gotta say that 'cause I'm a cult member now .). To be fair to the poor Kakashi-fearing CCG members, Mangekyo abilities ARE god-tier, so they're not entirely wrong lmao. Thank you for writing! All the little snippets were amazing~! I laughed a lot.
5/20 c11 6Kalacakra108
bloody hilarious, especially the last one. quite a pleasant surprise.
5/20 c11 2saka157
ohhh. I'll waiting, this fic is one of my favourite, if you want to make second part I will absolutly read, like, and follow it
5/20 c11 19Curiosity44
thank whatever god inspired you to write this masterpiece. This is a kingdom of crack. I have searched for solid crack in all the holes of the fanfiction community for years, and this story takes a solid #1 spot on the throne of pure crackness.

Continue on my good sir. Spread more crack to the masses. We always need more.
5/20 c11 6Carvaiine
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