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4/1/2020 c1 Guest
Can't stop laughing and crying at same time XD
4/1/2020 c3 3deathnoteno1fan-codegeasslover
Yay for steam rolling! Love the porn scene! Omg love the log verse! Kakashi can try a slury of whats in a human body he is a genius, knows at least 2 mednin' and while its a bit fullmetal alchemist he is trying not to kill humans so he will try anything. It's awesome how he will totally switch sides if ccg are the bad guys.
4/1/2020 c3 4VVGirl
Hmm... I don't think Kakashi can be easily seduced (maybe not at all). He reads porn for the plot, plus he probably killed beautiful women before on missions. Also he has been around them too, for instance Tsunade. I can't imagine him go lala over some pretty woman. I haven't really watched the anime or read the manga, but I don't think he even reacted to Naruto's special justsu. Wink wink.
Either way, still loving this and can't wait for Kakashi to make some friends in Tokyo Ghoul.
4/1/2020 c3 2Yungsun
Great story so far _
4/1/2020 c3 Dasgun
3/31/2020 c3 1Someguy the anon
that is sorta of meant up, will be funny when it fails
3/31/2020 c3 3bluefish1945
Yeah. Finally Arima will move. Great chapter. This is good chapter but I think you too focused on CCG side. I think this is good time for Ghoul side (Anteiqu or Aougiri) to move. I am sure Kakashi is very interesting spicement for them.

Thanks so much for nice chapter.
3/31/2020 c1 Guest
Praise, the log!
3/31/2020 c2 Guest
3/31/2020 c3 Guest
looooool,thanks for update!
3/31/2020 c3 4Arya13579
Amazing third chapter!
3/31/2020 c3 MHHHHHHHHHHHH
Yes OP Kakashi is best Kakashi
3/31/2020 c3 M2R
damn... mado... you would use your own daughter huh...

arima won't engage Kakashi aggressively though. after all, as long as the ghoul isn't hostile or anything, arima won't attack
3/31/2020 c3 1DeOPOrange
I would like to join the cult of the holy log, teach me your ways and let me bathe in holy woodchips!
3/31/2020 c3 1KarmaAladdin
oh god this chapter is beautiful
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