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for CCG Public Enemy No 1

3/13/2020 c2 2winterwolf23543
I like this, I'm laughing at their miserable chase of CCG to Kakashi, I hope Kakashi trolls hard and ruin their plans and a lot all of them, especially Arima and Eto, they need some embarrassing moment in their lives~
Just hoping Kakashi just don't bend over like a bitch to other factions, and be chaotic neutral
3/13/2020 c2 kradyus
I was waiting for this to be updated and finally it's does. Thank you. This story is hilarious with Kakashi crying for not having any icha icha books to read. Same old Kakashi.
3/13/2020 c2 One Happy Birb
Wow... A month.. half complaining here, cause I've waited for a month and with the added Corona shit that China no doubt created to fuck with the other countries but back fired on them, I am bored as fuck and looking for a decent thing to read or watch, and this is one of the thing I've been waiting for, what's more this is the most decent fic I can find which got a change of pace from the Naruto being the one doing the crossover, unlike the others with good concept but shitty delivery, they may pump out chapy5after chapter but their grammar is more atrocious than an illiterate person. Anyway good fic. So when next chapter? Hopefully it won't take a month.
3/13/2020 c2 4VVGirl
So glad another chapter was added. This is a really amazing funny fic and I can't wait to read more!
3/13/2020 c2 3Ryuga ken
3/12/2020 c2 Peroroncino
God this Fanfiction is really good ...made me laugh alot while reading this ...keep up the good work and I can't wait for your next update
3/12/2020 c2 Aaaaaahhhhhhahahhahahhahhhhhhhahhahahahahahahhhahhahahaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahhhhhhhhhhhhahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahhhhhhhahahaaaahahahhahhhahajhahshahwyfa
YESSSSS IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS! Your so good at writing :0000 Your writing is soo goood! I love this :) (I keep saying it over an over, but really. Great work.)
3/12/2020 c2 3whataboringlife
I can't wait for Kakashi to meet Arima XD
3/12/2020 c2 5Orchamus
….*stares*Sweet mother of god, Kakashi is being SUCH a troll...and Eto is probably laughing her ass off.
3/9/2020 c1 SUKI

3/7/2020 c1 kashi159
Delightfullヾ(**)ノ. Really hoping this isn't a one-shot and that you continue writing :))

And loved the Attack on Titan reference (/).

Waiting for an update. Thank you for the read :))
3/7/2020 c1 jexcel
Love it cant wait for more
3/6/2020 c1 3whataboringlife
Please, tell me this isn't a one shot, I beg you
3/1/2020 c1 3deathnoteno1fan-codegeasslover
Yes...YESSS!I love Kakashi screwing with the Doves.
2/28/2020 c1 5Orchamus
True he has no Sharingan, but judging by the summary he has a Ghoul's eyes, but this is ignoring the best part of this...EtoxKakashi...yyyeeesss, doooo iiitttttt!
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