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for CCG Public Enemy No 1

6/12/2022 c11 TakoEatemployee
I want a part two so badly, more hilarious romantic interaction with eto and kakashi, Mado growing to his seat of high priest and becoming the pope, Kakashi teasing touka and kaneki for being together together, and Yamori opening a cat cafe for some reason
6/11/2022 c10 1The One Beyond Infinity
Absolutely loved it. Man this was an amazing story. I am at a loss of words to describe how much I really enjoyed it. And I am gald that it is finished. Thank You.
5/31/2022 c11 2MoonKnight030
First of all, I gotta say I love this fic -It's simply hilarious.

Speaking of, the basic premise of this fic -from my understanding- is that Kakashi gets sent into Tokyo ghoul after the war and turns the world upside down using his Ninja training, Power, the sheer Trolling ability and a Pseudo-TNJ that he copied from Naruto using his Sharingan (Because he's the Copy-Ninja).

This gave me an idea that you can utilize for a Part Two: You can write an AU of this one where instead of Kakashi, it's Naruto who gets transported through dimensions. Naruto the proceeds to do the same thing Kakashi did by using his Ninja Training, Power, Sheer Kindness and the Original TNJ (TM).
5/30/2022 c11 1NewtonianLaw134
Yeah... I would say this story is quite accurate if kakashi appeared in tokyo ghoul
5/25/2022 c11 Pawn22
Please write a part 2, I enjoyed so much from start to finsh.
5/23/2022 c11 Lyfus
What does Yamato mean by "again"?! If you write another chapter it would be hilarious to see more reactions to Kakashi being a ghoul. Will it finally make him scary enough to get a 'flee at sight' order?
5/22/2022 c11 PSYCongroo
I came to finish this fic that for some reason was not in my "Favorites" or "Follows", it was very funny, it made me laugh out loud.
Thanks for the chapter.
5/22/2022 c11 Halo 69
Kakashi is just jesus but better
5/22/2022 c11 Lord Mortensen
Awesome! Great story! I love it!
5/21/2022 c2 Masterx01
"Kakashi strolled up the side of a hotel. A minor genjutsu made it so that any onlooker would only see a slight shimmer, like a heat haze."

Genjutsus, due the mechanics of how they work (aka sending chakra into the chakra flow of the target so it can reach the brain and mess with their perception), it is completely useless against people without an ounce of chakra in their bodies.
5/21/2022 c3 giovvaniauditore
I remember in part one when kakashi had a lil romance with that hidden leaf infiltrator
5/21/2022 c2 giovvaniauditore
I want to see Kakashi do some nonsense
5/21/2022 c1 giovvaniauditore
I did not know this was a story I wanted. But now I know
5/21/2022 c11 1Dancing Like a Ninja
More, please! If you want to! :D I was so happy seeing this updated, this fic always manages to send me into hysterical laughing fits.
5/21/2022 c11 1Episoidal
Excellent chapter! Wasn't expecting this lol

By the way, if you're still interested in writing fics about an OP Kakashi, why not write a new crossover fic between One Piece and Kakashi, or Star Wars and Kakashi, or Marvel Universe and Kakashi?

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