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6/20 c1 May Lee in KOFXV
ten cherry lips out of ten
3/4 c1 36RobertCop3
All the best ideas happen when we're drunk!

Seriously, though, it is awesome when someone can get inspired like this from something simple like one of King's intros from the AoF series. And it helped me learn something new about the SNK-verse, something I now wish I didn't know! ( ;

Plus, it was an awesome excuse to let me read Illyrilex's hetero lady bro-mance between King and Blue Mary, which is always a joy to read. And here they're still getting to know each other, as evidenced by the "shocking" lesson King learns. I really feel Mary's stun gun needs a name, too. ( :

Another wonderful little slice of life moment.
2/9 c1 iwewia
You might need to name Mary's stun gun just like she has Matilda because this bad baby is making shocking appearances!

So cool to see how long they have been friends! As easy as it is to jump to conclusions and think "oh, Miss King is using alcohol to cope lately", she has been around drinks even before the incident so this is a cool way to show that, yes she has been drinking to cope but she knows her stuff.

Mary and King share the trait of being on their toes for weird people that need an ass whooping. Even great friends make mistakes and "jump the gun". I wonder how they reminisce this specific halloween when they talk.
2/9 c1 131jojoDO
Jesus, Mary is DANGEROUS with that thing lately. Does she need a permit for it? xD

Soooo... yeah. Not your smoothest move there, King. Lol. Though i'm sure it at least makes a memorable story that they surely laugh about from time to time. Like... "heeeeey... remember the time you tased me in my new place?" xD

Tasing someone forms a true bond of friendship that can never be broken.
2/9 c1 Brochan
Hahahaha that's was super cool!

As I said, I always wanted to read something related to the costume and now it's done! I think one of the things I liked the most about AOF King was that she was a little troll haha and this ff was the best for portraying that (Even if doesn't work with Mary haha).

Thanks for writting this lovely drabble! Really love it.

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