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2/11 c1 dustoffthebooks
I was just rewatching the first season of Angel in recent weeks, I had only gone through it once and that was years ago. It's hard when you love a couple in a show so much and they split like that. It was very well played out but damn! Beautiful story that shares the vibe of what was going on at that time.
2/10 c1 sirensblasting
The heartbreak they both had with those first episodes...oh
2/10 c1 2Ffreader1000
Takes me back to season 1
2/10 c1 gothicanimequeen11
He was so pitiful at first wasnt he?
2/9 c1 sarahpowevans
Aww, there's def moments this would fit with. He was such a character in that season.
2/9 c1 trueblood8321
I love that episode of Angel

Spike, Oz... good times lol
2/9 c1 4Scribes1015
Oh the feels... love
2/9 c1 Danielle
Aww I’ve been rewatching Angel. Early episodes were truly heart breaking to watch with Angel keeping distance from Buffy. Looking back she sure moved on quicker than him

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