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for Rise of The Dragon God

11/16/2022 c2 Guest
This was a really good fanfic pls make more
9/20/2022 c2 dublonkart
9/14/2022 c2 Guest
When are you gonna update this story? Do you know how hard or rare it is to find a good Fairy Tail story with such a unique premise? Or are you just gonna keep working on Quintuplets?
Maybe your Discord people should be reminding you how great Fairy Tail is or how much you can do or fix in it, instead of just accepting anything you make after who knows how long.
8/20/2022 c2 Guest
I really do need the rest of this story
7/4/2022 c1 chaoseternatum
Technoblade would have loved this place.
5/22/2022 c1 5stardragon20101
This is really good
4/9/2022 c2 Look2022
Good Chapter.
3/21/2022 c1 Dragons963
Dang I was hoping for another update it's been a year already
12/18/2021 c2 yudhazebba
9/9/2021 c2 Guest
PLEASE UPDATE THIS! Its sooo good! The potential this fic has is astronomical! Please please please give us a chapter 3! I need to know what happens when Natsu and Happy reunite with Fairytail!
9/6/2021 c1 nashdragneelbautista77
I also hope that natsu and e.n.d will merge
8/31/2021 c1 nashdragneelbautista77
Make Chaos fall inlove with natsu plz
8/31/2021 c1 Shuu
8/9/2021 c2 9MasterRoku 1776
What an amazing story that you have made so far. I font usually read Fairytail fics, but this is defeated one of the best I have read. I do hope you update soon though, I really want to see what happens when Natsu and Happy return home. Please keep this one going
7/8/2021 c2 1bestwritereverlolz
Update pls kind sir
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