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6/13/2021 c2 21FenreldStormblade
hope you update soon
6/6/2021 c2 rimurusolos
5/5/2021 c2 Guest
Please update this soon and have natsu learn to become a demon slayer to become the Dragon Demon God slayer please and also have his connection to the book of End cut so he won’t die if it is destroyed and have Chaos have feelings for natsu
4/27/2021 c1 darthkratos24
Not read a lot got to the bandit part. One when he jumped in front of the couple you said humping not jumping you may want to fix that. And two those dudes are dead I'm pretty sure natsu kills people only bad but he does, we know he kills monsters and most of them are semi sentient or full so it'd not a stretch to think he kills people I mean he was raised by a dragon I'm positive said dragon would tell him it's okay to kill hell if you're such a bitch around death just say the guild made him not kill or some bollocks
4/9/2021 c1 Nathan Ramos
I love for part 3. But when you do chapter 31 in deku golden saiyan hero of hope?!
4/6/2021 c2 Guest
Please do part 3
4/4/2021 c2 deoxeyses
3/21/2021 c2 1dfsyah06
Next Thor
3/21/2021 c1 Tte
3/16/2021 c2 etits
3/8/2021 c2 Dragonking871
pls Greek saiyan god part 4
3/3/2021 c2 1JemeryT
Good work
2/26/2021 c2 2ahmeddmotazz
It's been almost 2-3 months since an update for Destiny... are you, perhaps, dropping it?
2/22/2021 c2 1calebturner2016
Nice chapter 2 of Rise of The Dragon God.
It’s good to see your stories again after a long Hiatus.
The good thing is we finally read the first beginning of Episode 1 in Fairy Tail.
Hope to see more of your stories again soon.
2/22/2021 c1 Glitner
i like the story ! , but i really hope you dont make his different personality have time... its annoying to watch Natsu then e.n.d start to have a relationship with etc the chaos goddess ... it just feel like the dude is Ntr himself
anyways the story looks awesome keep at it
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