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for A Turian's Duty

9/7 c8 1Starpottergeek
good job keep up the good work
8/19 c8 solmaelstrom
This was a nice chapter, I like this chapter I wish for moar chapters. In other wordz this is an interesting story and that you should continue it author so that I your reader can enjoy more of it.

I am interested in seeing how the A.I. plotline develops as well as the normandy two very interesting paths to go down.
8/2 c8 ImperatorVulcan
I wonder if the Council would consider Velius for a Spectre candidate if he keep on working with Nihlus, also it's sad that he split up with Destia though it's understandable with the pressure he is going through right now, i can't wait for more chapters.
8/1 c8 Necromancy94
I’m glad you continued the story
5/30 c7 alexgabriel1312
5/25 c7 Slaggedfire
The weapons Velius made are pretty damn amazing! I imagine by the time ME1 starts the MC will have vastly improved them, and he'll be equipping shepard with good gear.
5/25 c7 Sigmar
more turian stuff is always appreciated.

good chapter.
5/15 c6 ImperatorVulcan
Please don't abandon this story it's very interesting and i'm curious how the game event would turn out with Garrus having a brother.
4/27 c6 Slaggedfire
Resigning already? It's been 6 chapters!
3/29 c5 Slaggedfire
He shouldn't be able to drink coffee as turians can't eat human food.
3/7 c4 Ubermorph1000
It's hard to tell which character is talking due to the fact their dialogue is in the same paragraph. I'm going to keep an eye on this story for future updates since the premise is interesting.
3/1 c4 Slaggedfire
A nice chapter, and it shows the MC is not weak. Personally I was a little put off with his "HELL YES!" since it felt a little off.
2/23 c3 Slaggedfire
It's rough, but turian stories are pretty rare. I give it a pass just for the concept, and we'll see where it goes from there.
2/16 c3 Guest-Questioner
Here is my first question,

What about Iron sights' i know is not necessary,
but this "reincarnate" being a soldier of the 21st century should have enough skill,
that if the requirements are met, he would not entirely need the advanced tech for his shooting skill's,
yes, no, maybe so?

I had learned, that true shooter's with the best potential do not require much, in terms of,
technological assistance, when comes to REAL skill.

When you've trained with iron sights' most of "your life" you'd become good enough that,
getting head-shot's without technology, show's REAL sharpshooter skill.

Its something, i learned from another characters' background, they became so good realistically,
that they could get head-shot's with just the iron-sight(I forget the characters' gender, sorry)
2/10 c1 1AscendedHumanity
Nice, wish there were more self inserts/reincarnates as other races in ME, I only remember 1 other turian SI and i'm fairly certain that story is dead
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