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Shuma-Gorath, for instance, has relied on numerous gods and demons to do its bidding and has a massive power difference to back it up. Mephisto and Sataanish, demons who in their own realms are nigh-omnipotent, are said to be like "mice in a great temple" compared to even one of Shuma-Gorath's weaker forms. It is the ruler of literally hundreds of universes and worshipped in thousands more, so the fact that it is a God of Evil makes its power particularly worrying.

It got worse when it's revealed in The Thanos Imperative that Shuma-Gorath is merely one member of an entire pantheon of these things called the Many-Angled Ones

Mephisto, Satannish and a few others are "brothers" in the sense that they were born from the same "mass of evil energy", possibly the one left after the destruction of the Elder Gods. Also, Satan has NEVER officially appeared in Marvel Comics; it's always been some other demon impersonating him. This is a retcon, probably for politically correct reasons, as Satan was a regular character in the "Son of Satan" (now known as Hellstorm) series in the 1970s. That "Satan" was later revealed to be Marduk Kurios, possibly a corrupted version of the Babylonian god (but there's someone else claiming to be that deity, too.) He showed up again when Wolverine went to hell. The "Satan" who created Ghost Rider was revealed to have been Mephisto.

Mephisto has claimed to be the source of all evil on several occasions. Of course, Mephisto lies. The true nature, if any, is kept intentionally vague.

Well, what with his appearance, being one of the few demons to actually offer humans deals with the Devil and trying to corrupt pure souls, he's probably the closest thing the MU will ever have to Satan.

Marvel did have a "Satan", but that later retconned because of the CCA at the time. Marvel introduced the fallen angel Lucifer into the Marvel universe, but insists he is a different entity than Satan(which isn't invalid

Fallen angels seem to be a different beast than the Mephisto type demon lords altogether.

The first appearance of the "Son of Satan" was in an issue of Ghost Rider. Daimon and Satana Hellstrom's and GR's Satan were the same entity, originally.

It was revealed in a Fear Itself Tie-in, that the Demon Lords have meetings around Satan's empty throne. Mephisto even mentions, that while Demon Lords like to falsely claim to be "Satan", none of them dare do it near Satan's throne, or even sit on it. If they did, they'd be torn apart by all the other claimant hell-lords.

It was noted though by Mephisto that Marduk Kurios really does believe and persistently insist that he is in fact THE real Satan, so for all we know "Satan" may originally have been the official title for the ruler of Hell and not a specific entity, with Marduk the first holder of the title until he was eventually deposed and failed to regain his throne ever since.

It should be remembered after all that during the Chaos War storyline, the Devil Powered by All of Hell's Fire who personally battled Marvel's biggest Big Bad to date, the Chaos King itself (who is the yin to the yang of Eternity himself), in the last stand of the Marvel nether realms, was Marduk Kurios.
There are also many demon lords who don't go after the title of Satan but have no less nefarious goals, such as Lilith, Blackheart, Asteroth, The Beast Of The Hand and Plokta. All but the latter are confirmed to have different origins than the main group though.

Mephisto goes on a date with New Mutants member Magma; apparently confiding in her, he explains that, while he is the embodiment of one of the great forces of the universe, the force that created him also gave him desires and emotions, and occasionally wants to do human things. Magma later confided to Blink that she has subsequently seen Mephisto again, but wishes to keep it secret. After speaking with the Gods at the Infinite Embassy, Mephisto headed to the Devil's Advocacy to speak with the other demons about the Serpent's threat on Earth.
Mephisto briefly appears to assist Deadpool in destroying one of his demon lieutenants, before taking a major part in the Hell On Earth War, where he is defeated and replaced by X-Factor member Strong Guy as ruler of Hell.

Mephisto does more good than UNICEF because if people die young quick and horrible they go straight to heaven because they never had a chance to do bad things

it's not like he's trying to hide or justify the fact that he's dedicated to tricking people out of their souls so he can torture them for eternity. He doesn't particularly come off WORSE after the whole Disir thing

Mephisto may be cute and funny and charming when he wants to be, but he's also basically the worst person in the universe. Unless Amara's more myopic than Harley Quinn, it's hard to see how she could put that out of her mind enough to enjoy the date
When they swear by the Styx even the gods must keep their word

Like humans the Olympians were capable of good and bad deeds

But it could be argued their immortality and massive power (and the same could be said of superheroes) disconnects them from humanity

if a man was caught peeping on a bathing goddess she might blind him reflexively on instinct but if it was an accident she may then give him the gift of prophesy

To those who worshiped them remember they are from a far more brutal time where thinking the next village over as subhuman was par for the course

In actual mythology

The Olympians were like humans in that they ran the gamut from bad to good to indifferent to somewhere in between it could be said their immortality and massive power disconnects them from humanity

The Olympians were very much do as we say not as we do types, Zeus was a freaking rapist but he was also god of law, justice, and civilization in general and he DOES punish the truly vile, even if he has hypocrisy issues (liars, oath breaker, incest), one could argue that gods should ONLY interfere with the most horrible taboo breakers and/or extreme circumstances

Athena as a goddess of intelligence, she will help people as long as they are following the rules and/or striving to right injustice. But breaking them means she will allow no mercy, she punished her own high priestess Medusa for losing her virginity to Poseidon. Regardless of whether it was rape or consensual, Medusa's vow had been broken, and there had to be a punishment.

Ares in his Roman incarnation he is pictured as the god of farming as well as war. The connection being that war was in the mind of early Romans(and early Greeks) turf fighting between farmers. Thus in the Roman interpretation Mars was a god of citizen-soldiers defending their crops, and the Greek Ares was a god of the horrors of war. Ares always supported his children and tried to protect them (namely the Amazons) Yes, he goes on bloodthirsty killing sprees during wartime (he's basically a stupid thug even if he does know everything about armed and unarmed combat Ares personifies war as bloodshed, violence and destruction, and Athena is the goddess of generals, battle tactics and strategies) but he is quite devoted to his mother He loved Hera, as he saved her from getting raped by two giants at the cost of being imprisoned in a jar, and various children unlike a lot of the other gods except Hermes Athenians explained the name of the Areopagus by saying the first trial there was when Poseidon prosecuted Ares for murder, over the death of his son Alirrothios. Ares was acquitted on the defense that he was protecting his daughter Alkippe from being raped by Alirrothios

Orion at least tries to be god of JUST war violence only when necessary

Kidnapping seducing your future wife was just something done it those times or at least if the gods did it it's okay (they were very much do as we say not as we do types like everyone capable of good and bad deeds were good bad and somewhere in between) their relationship was remarkably functional

Asclepius stole his subjects and he asked Zeus to put an end to it not his fault Zeus decided to set him on fire

Not his fault Orpheus did the one thing he told him NOT to do

Theseus and Pirithous narcissistic as only Greek heroes can be decided they both deserve to marry a daughter of Zeus Theseus chose Helen of Troy twelve at the time and keep her until she's old enough and Pirithous chose Persephone and Hades had snakes fuse them to chairs and sick the Furies on them

Hades loves his wife does his job keeps his word and named his giant three headed hell hound Spot

"I am Bast, Cat God of Egypt, Panther God of Wakanda. Lie to me, Doom, and I WILL DEVOUR YOU!"

Doom: "I know who you are. And I know that when I stepped through that arch, my life was forfeit."

"But know this: I give to you what I have given to no one else. I open my mind and heart and soul to you."

Bast: "Is that bravery or arrogance that puts such steel in your voice?"

Doom: " Neither. It is faith. I know who and what I am. Look into my soul, cat god. Look and see the truth that is DOOM."

Bast: "You would slaughter millions to save billions. You would rewrite history, wreck nations, let yourself be called a tyrant and a murderer. All to satisfy your dream of one world under Doom."

Bast: "And yet."

Bast: "You believe that this is the only path to salvation for all mankind. You believe that with your whole heart. Everything you have ever done-your plots and twisted excesses-all serve this one goal."

Bast: "I, too, have looked into the million pathways of the future. I, too, have seen the one path that leads to a world without evil, without hurt, without want (where mankind unites, thrives, survives). And though my own soul cries out in denial, I must act according to the truth."

Bast: "Though your methods are abhorrent and vile, your intent is pure. You have passed the test. The vibranium is yours to take...do with it as you will."

3/11 c1 Guest
Emma wants good things, safety for her students and mutantkind, she has learned not being a villain is more effective but she still won't put principle over pragmatism, this is WHY she is such an awesome ethics teacher

I'm supporting Cyclops he may not be doing it in the best of ways, and he could benefit from trying to have a sit down with Cap and Logan and trying to get some peace between the three of them, but he's still the only one trying to help the situation. All Logan's lot are doing are telling him he's in the wrong, going on about how bad he is, and how, if they confront him it'll cause a war. They're literally sitting back and letting the world tear apart the new mutants and judging him for trying to stop it.

The thing that bugs me whenever Scott says he gave up/moved on from that, in that he clearly hasn't. He spent a considerable amount of time while in San Fran building bridges between humans and mutants (during the time when he was most criticized for putting peace to the back burner), and even today, Scott's motivations for everything is to stop humans picking on mutants. That's petty much one of the main things Xavier taught him to do. He's not actively trying to antagonize humans or start a war or preaching mutant supremacy, if anything, is actions could lead to his team preventing it.

He knew that letting the Avengers take Hope away would cause the world to become a nuclear wasteland in the future from future Cable (who Marvel has treated as Jesus for decades)

"His public persona is almost at t-shirt level. He’s like a Che Guevara kind of image for college students. And they go, “Scott Summers is trying to feed the poor and clean the water and do all this cool stuff as Phoenix,” and they don’t know what happened. They just know that “The Man” kind of shut him down. So they look at him and he’s on the cover of "Rolling Stone," so there’s this image of Scott Summers that he’s trying to live up to while he’s dealing with all his demons and all the misunderstanding and hatred that he has from the other mutants."

It was Stark on Captain America's order who got the Phoenix in them in the first place

Scott wasn't trying to hurt anyone at that point. He was honestly trying to help, and he did do some things that were noble, such as stabilizing climates and providing food for starving countries. The two seem more bothered that its Scott's got all this power, rather than what he's doing with it.

Scott did, however, turn crazy evil, but not until after the Avengers did some pretty dickheadish things to piss him off. Its hard to blame someone for losing control or turning into the Dark Phoenix when the 'heroes' are so obsessed with the fact he might turn evil or go mad with power that they do everything they can to make him angry

the Avengers are adults too who are capable of voicing their concerns and such by means other than 'attack-attack-assemble', and are more than capable of trying peaceful solutions.

However, what should be stressed is that, none of the Phoenix Five were mentally sane, before or after it bonded to them. The Phoenix is a power that requires the host be completely in control of themselves. Magik is crazy, Namor is bipolar, Emma is prone to bouts of self loathing and guilt, Piotr was currently demonically possessed, and Cyclops is, well, he requires a list:
He's completely incapable of expressing emotion in a healthy, adult manner, he's also prone to self loathing, he blames himself for all the tragedies in his life (from Thunderbird's death to the Schism with Logan), he was possessed by Apocalypse and died, came back, was separated, and spent a while afterwards dealing with intense PTSD to which he never actually got proper treatment or counselling for, he's currently got the Void, the entity responsible for Sentry's mental issues, locked up inside his head, he's still obsessed with his first girlfriend, he was abused as a child, he spent his teen years being trained to be a child soldier, and following the death of his wife he's basically left with nothing but being the leader to his team. Scott is literally the last person who should've been given the Phoenix.
The point is, they may be adults, but they're not mentally sane adults, and the Phoenix force does not help that matter. The P5 had the excuse of the Phoenix making them more prone to acting out in a manner that they shouldn't do so. Cap and the Avengers didn't have that excuse, they acted just as childish, idiotic, and antagonistic as they did, and did so without the same mental issues or cosmic fuel to the fire

Scott like Black Panther and Captain America are supposed to be like Marvel’s Batmen, but he doesn’t have the charisma they do or even Magneto and Xavier

There are reasons Sinister is obsessed with Cyclops family genes

Beast killed millions on Cap’s order also

I know Xavier was a loved one and his death hurts more, but it still seems hypocritical to me

Not to mention what happens when the Celestials come back the Mutants aren't there I think they'd effortlessly destroy the world after effortlessly defeating every superhero and every single god in every single pantheon

Balance it with the countless more lives the Phoenix has saved, it is a fundamental force of the universe, life incarnate, sometimes you need a forest fire so new life, future generations (which is all that really matters) to thrive, sometimes nature must be ruthless and brutal

Rachel Summers... the last human host of the Phoenix Force, who wielded the power for years as a hero and never once went as out of control as The Avengers have talked about. You'd think someone, like say Wolverine, who is an Avenger and knew both Rachel and Jean Grey, would mention this. Nope. You'd think the X-Men — many of whom, like Logan, were teammates with both Phoenixes — would mention this or the fact that Jean didn't really go crazy until her mind was mucked with by Mastermind? Again, nope. Rachel herself? Again. No

Mutatis mutandis roughly having changed the things that needed to be changed
3/11 c1 Guest
If the Phoenix didn't get Hope why wouldn't it just burn the Earth to ashes, it's been doing that across the universe

Hope spent her entire life being hunted and told she must survive to save mutantkind

Did they ever say if Hope was influencing people on purpose or if she was it was for the survival of mutantkind

Scott's apparent current goal is actually fairly simple: Protect the new emerging mutants and make up for killing Xavier. Uncanny X-Men, basically, comes down to him and his team finding new mutants who's powers are emerging, bursting in big-damn-heroes style, defend them from any violent trigger-happy police officers, then get the kid out of there. For some reason though they keep calling it a 'revolution', which seems to be why everyone's so scared he's going to mess things up for everyone, but he's not actually done anything 'revolutionary'. Hell, last issue of Consequences had him outright say what they're doing is nothing new.

It was Wolverine who kept X-Force going when Scott felt it was no longer necessary

what really, really bugs me about Jason Aaron's writing is that he always does the whole 'Cyclops vs Wolverine' argument thing, and when he does, he actually gives Cyclops a lot of good arguments and generally makes him the most agreeable character in the situation, but then it’s clear from how he writes it is that we're not supposed to agree with him. Especially since we're supposed to agree with Wolverine, and all his arguments are utter BS. I mean...
-"It sure looked like you." And it sure looked like YOU, Logan, all the times you've killed innocent people or tried to kill innocents while possessed. Hell, in a recent comic he cut off a guy's arm because he got pissed at him, not to mention all the times he tried to kill innocent or mostly innocent people 'for the greater good' or whatever, as noted before.

-"You killed one and teamed up with the other." 'The other' who surrendered and asked to join their side, before saving Kitty from her space bullet. Magneto has done terrible, terrible things. So have you Logan. He wants to make up for those terrible things. Just like you Logan. Stop judging him, and judging Cyke for giving him the chance to. You didn't have much problem with him doing that when you were on his side. It still bugs me how everyone keeps judging Cyke because he gave Magneto another chance to do good.

-"Jean knew who she was and what she'd done." After the original Dark Phoenix saga, the first time they saw Jean after that mess they accepted her with open arms. When she was going crazy, they tried to calm her down. Wolverine's first response to seeing Cyclops start going Dark Phoenix was to just kill him, and the Avengers and other X-Men let him. Jean also felt bad for what she did, as does Cyclops here, but Jean (or the Phoenix copy of her) killed billions of innocent sentient beings while Cyke killed one fairly douchey man with a lot of douchey secrets, and while they still all love Xavier, that doesn't change the fact that they're holding Cyke to a very unfair double standard. Sure, he's not the 'sweet innocent soul' Jean was, and he's done a lot of bad things himself, but that still doesn't mean he deserves to be held accountable for every last bad thing he did while possessed by a cosmic entity he was not supposed to control.

-"you put your people on a path to war." ...No, no he didn't. The world around him did. Mutants were reduced to less than a hundred in their numbers, they had genocidal mad-men gunning for them at every side, every day they faced extinction, to the point that when he only lost ONE teammate, he could call that day a good one since he didn't lose more. They were in the $#!tter, and like it or not, they had to take off the kiddy gloves and strike back or die horribly. Despite all these things coming at them though, Cyke held the group together and took down what was coming at them; his actions weren't pretty, but he kept them alive. Be grateful, you self-righteous sack of $#!t.

-"I know I made my own mistakes, but I'm trying to do good." So, it’s OK for you to seek redemption, but while Cyke tries to make up for his mistakes by saving mutants from people who'd hurt them, no, he's gone too far and he needs to pay? Seriously Logan, do you not see why that's so hypocritical? It’s nice you're trying to do good, but instead of being a baby, let Cyke do good with you.
-"When I go down, I go down alone, but when you go down you'll take us all with you." Who, exactly, is currently teaching a school? A proper school, with tons of students? Who is currently the one in charge of the big team of X-Men? Logan, if you 'go down', there's a good chance it'd result in all those kids going down too. Cyke, if he goes down, really, all it'd do is turn him into a martyr since all these in-universe liberal kids love him.

Logan seems to be continently forgetting the bus loads of students that got torched back in the New 'Mutants: Childhood's. No mutant school's an island.

"You don't hate yourself nearly enough." Uh, yes he does. It’s pretty much a character trait that he doesn't think very highly of himself, and since Xavier's death he's pretty much suicidal. Hell, does he not remember that Cyclops wanted him to kill him? You should know more than anyone how much Cyclops hates himself, and frankly, it’s disgusting to tell someone they should hate themselves, especially when you know they have mental issues.

-"These days you're too much like me." How? When Logan did bad things, especially when he killed people, it was usually because he had serious issues controlling his behavior. He sometimes took lives because he felt it was needed, but that's actually fairly rare, and more often than not, it was just because he was feeling fairly violent at the moment. In short, he's an animal. Cyclops, on the other hand, when he did bad things or took lives, it was because he believed that if he didn't, people would die. Given that he ended up being right most of those times, he has a point. Not to mention, this 'Don't be like me, I'm a bad person' BS is, again, incredibly hypocritical thinking. If you're such a bad person to be like, Logan, then why are you head mastering a school? If being 'like you' makes him such a bad fit for leader of the X-Men, why are YOU, of all people, the one currently doing that?

I know, it’s kind of pathetic to basically argue with a fictional character, but it really bugs me that we're supposed to agree with Logan here.

the one thing he would change if he could do it over again would be him dying in Xavier's place.

As for giving up the Phoenix, considering what his teammates did with the power that wouldn't have been a good idea. At the very least Emma and Namor would have done much worse

I'll never buy that Scott wanted to kill Xavier. He has been very angry at him at times. Doesn't mean he'd want him dead.

Colossus put crabs legs on whales. I somehow doubt that was a manifestation of his deepest desires

Asteroid M(s) made of Krakoa- Savageland(s), Danger/Cerebra, (Zero-Techno-organic-Technoarchy, Phalanx like Barbuda Builders

Initially Wolverine was a rebel who often got himself into trouble and had to learn to respect Cyclops' leadership, but as fans of his got promoted into being his writers, and his problems with Cyke grew to the point he's shunned him and taken leadership of the 'real' X-Men team. We're supposed to take Wolverine's side in their arguments, given he usually gets the last word in and he is seen as 'the good guy', despite him instigating most of their arguments, and that had they gone with his idea everything would have been screwed. In Schism, when Cyclops argues they stand and fight while he wants to run away to protect the younger students, he starts a physical fight that wastes time until the Sentinel is there, and he continues the fight while also fighting off the Sentinel, before eventually going with Cyclops' plan, which ends up being the right call. He splits the X-Men, and again we're supposed to agree with him. In Avengers vs. X-Men, the spiritual follow-up, the entire incident could have been avoided had he not bad-mouthed Cyclops to Captain America, and later he suggests the idea of killing Hope (you know, the girl who can repopulate his race?!) to end the Phoenix threat, which later turns out to have been a terrible idea that nobody else supported. Despite that, he ends up on the side of angels while Cyclops is arrested for terrorism.

This hit its peak when, during the Battle of the Atom crossover, Wolverine calls out Cyke for killing Charles Xavier. Never mind that Cyke was possessed by a cosmic force and killed Xavier in self defense, Wolverine kills all the time! Cyclops calls him out on the hypocrisy, pointing out that Cyclops has killed one person, while Wolverine has killed many. How does Wolverine respond? "Nobody I've killed matters." That is a direct quote. Note that at the time, Northstar was on his team, a character who, a few years ago, Wolverine had killed while brainwashed, essentially the same circumstances that Cyclops was under when he killed Xavier. No one points this out.

Jean essentially mind raped Cyke into foaming a relationship with Emma so he would move on after her death. Keep in mind, Emma herself originally mind raped Cyclops into having an affair with her before Jean's death and he never intended on leaving Madelyn he just wanted to meet with Jean not his fault S'ym tricked her and led Cyke to believe she was dead

And the Revolution was a bluff
3/1 c1 Guest
I bet she has a stuff rabbit give to her as a gift by professor Xavier
2/24 c1 Guest
I hope everything ok
2/23 c1 Guest
imagine her being voice by Ashley Johnson
the same voice for terra, jin may
that would be cute
2/16 c1 Guest
Can you please continue stories about tmnt and srmthfg
2/15 c1 4Dragoncat
Off to a nice start. Keep on writing!
2/12 c1 Guest
please keep going
2/10 c1 12EmpressLoveSiren23
I need to talk to you I'm sad

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