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7/19 c8 it's simply me n you
What a nice story. Thanks for sharing with us at
7/19 c7 it's simply me n you
They have been enjoying life. So nice to see
7/19 c6 it's simply me n you
Sounds like a wonderful trip. Thank you Alice

It’s sad that Charlie is being so biased. He’s loosing time with his daughter
7/19 c5 it's simply me n you
I like the way Embry explained everything. He was honest and she could tell that.
5/11 c8 Raven's twimom
What beautiful little story! I wish it was longer but you did a great job sharing their life together!
I would love to read an epilogue about life in La Push while they lived Abroad.
Thanks for sharing!
5/9 c8 Royan Granger-Nott
Aw, sweet and a bit sad too. I actually cried here and there… beautiful
3/21 c8 Patriciadiane
Perfect ending. Loved it
3/21 c7 Patriciadiane
Love. the way they decided to get married and then travel.
His proposal was just right for them. Alice's fine hand once again orchestrated a lovely wedding.
A baby!
3/21 c6 Patriciadiane
Alice did an amazing gift of vacation
Wonder where they go next
3/21 c5 Patriciadiane
Bella finally gets Charlie and to me, it is not pretty.
3/21 c4 Patriciadiane
I really love this Embry. Bella is mourning but he is giving her time. The disappearing beef stew is a crack up.
3/21 c3 Patriciadiane
I can't believe he died. So unexpected but I was curious how the imprint would work.

side note...Charlie is a jerk.
3/21 c2 Patriciadiane
So we get more details. Interesting take
3/21 c1 Patriciadiane
Charlie is distant I wonder why. She is engaged and Charlie doesn't like him and doesn't know she is engaged. Did he just imprint on her? Does she not know about the wolves?
12/8/2021 c8 4Hanikka
Lovely story. Money seems to be very important thing in your stories. They all end up having loads of money coming from every direction. Would they’ve been as happy being poor?
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