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6/18 c14 GF
Good. Cute. Fun. But... No zombies?
6/18 c11 G Fawkes
Hehe. My experience with "Pride and Prejudice" is limited to the adapted movie, which I only initially watched because Lily James was in it, is "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies".
So...No, not really keeping up with the Percy as Wickham thing, or any other characters. Obviously, Neville is the rich dude who marries the Bennett sister, but beyond that, clueless.
6/17 c2 G Fawkes
Being the young Pureblood heir, Neville would have grown up attending functions with the two Green grass girls
5/20 c11 Astrus-Invincible
What the fuck happened to your vocabulary and grammar?
5/15 c14 Hedwig68
Great Story, Thank You.
5/8 c14 15Saissa
I am curious - did Daphne ever explain to Harry about that comment she overheard at that long-ago party - the one where Harry was actually quoting that Weasel moROn? About her being a slimy snake and that all slytherins are evil?

Otherwise this was a great story!
5/8 c12 Saissa
Perhaps those complaining about the story moving too slowly need to go and actually READ P&P for themselves!

They should NOT be watching a 2 hour movie which tends to make the story seem to happen in a much faster timeline. "But the movie was faster..." Thats probably why they are complaining...

You are doing a great job in following the original storyline!
3/12 c14 iChaos
I am impressed. That was very well done. Anybody who complained about it either doesn't understand what they were reading, or doesn't realize how difficult it is to write something like that. Great job, thanks for sharing.
3/7 c14 odonnellzoo99
I think you did a very good job with the adaptation, but the pacing is a reminder of why the original isn’t my favorite. And this obviously wasn’t nearly as long or didn’t seem as long as I remember.
Thank you for sharing your creativity.
1/25 c1 16senawario
nice but who did Hermione end up with...?
1/21 c1 6not wrong just misguided
I loved this one . Are there any others where Harry is a successful businessman
12/6/2020 c14 M1stymix
I'm kinda disappointed with the story there barely was any romance it was more like showing daphne being prejudice against harry and a lot of misunderstandings sure it showed why harry liked daphne but you didn't show much of their growing relationship with one another. Most of the positive things that daphne learned about harry was thru harry's friend or former friend like ron, and hermione. Then when she finally stop being prejudice harry just what proposes and didn't even really get to know each other like hobbies, their childhood, school adventures and many others
11/19/2020 c4 Dzerx
Gotta admit... I do not like how bitchy Daphne is.
8/18/2020 c14 FateBurn
Good story
8/15/2020 c14 Gok105
Great story, well written.

Would have loved if you could have woven in the letter Mr Darcy writes to Elizabeth after the first proposal, with Harry writing to Daphne about his true history and upbringing and not what Percy had suggested.

Also thought that Augusta Longbottom would take on Lady Catherine’s role but in a more genial fashion.

Really well done, and keep writing.
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