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6/17/2020 c13 Almanaro Alcarafinwe
Very nice
6/17/2020 c13 10Averlovi
6/17/2020 c13 Haphne Emeraldplains
I was actually expecting a bit more...like when(I forgot the name) Percy would come back for Neville's wedding to try to persuade Daphne into dumping Harry just like in pride and prejudice. Other wise it was a good story but it feels a bit 2 short.
6/17/2020 c13 CCBottle
This has been so good
6/17/2020 c13 2mwinter1
Awaiting more.
6/17/2020 c13 flight.of.the.phoenix.86
oh well done for not dragging it... thank you honestly
6/17/2020 c13 bdwilliams3
Very well done!
6/17/2020 c13 welcome007
what epilpgue
.please do 5 chapters then epilogue
6/17/2020 c12 vgamit2103
Good work
Looking forward to next update
6/16/2020 c12 flight.of.the.phoenix.86
if i remember the original story...first Elizabeth Bennett ignores Mr. Darcy then when she realizes that she's was wrong about him Mr. Darcy starts to ignore her!...lol
6/16/2020 c11 Ares Peverell
I think you are showing the Wizarding world as very underpowered. Even by canon standards, Grindelwald had enough strength to destroy the whole of Paris with one spell and not even be winded by it. (Feindfyre could be very destructive
Secondly, you are not considering the array of creatures that wizards have at their disposal such as acromantaculas, dragon, dementors, nundus, giants, trolls, etc. which could decimate whole cities.
Thirdly, with 2003 tech, muggles will not be able to protect their top leadership and it will be very easy for wizards to sow chaos in the muggle world.
6/16/2020 c12 mwinter1
Awaiting more.
6/16/2020 c12 3Crazydreamer33
This is a nice story. I enjoyed it a lot. I like the way you have drawn parallels between canon timeline and this one. But, Daphne seems quite obtuse at times, like when she had conversion with Percy, her taking his word about Harry's relatives was stupid when she knew from her conversion with Dudley, and from conversion between minister of magic, Hermione, Harry and herself that his childhood wasn't easiest one.
I know she's supposed to be prejudiced, but even when someone is prejudiced, they don't become stupid. Lizzy is intelligent women and managed to keep her decorum and manners well even when she was in difficult situations. Only the extreme, which was Darcy's proposal in Kent managed to throw her off the balance.
Lizzy was also polite even if they argued a lot, which was why Darcy thought she was expecting his proposal. Another thing is, Darcy insulted her and her family a lot during his proposal, which was why Elizabeth rejected him the was she did. Harry did no such thing, his proposal, although awkward, wasn't insulting so I fail to see why Daphne insulted him from the start? Also, Daphne was the one who was acting like she was above his company in earlier chapters, with her rude behavior and all, although she might've thought she was right. It just didn't seem logical to me.

Besides all these things, it was a good read! Best of luck.
6/16/2020 c12 bdwilliams3
Agree with Daphne delay, would love to hear her justifications slide from where they began to denial to accommodating the facts and experiences while holding to her belief and slowly slide into acceptance that Harry is not who she thought. Still an idiot, obviously, given the proposal, but maybe not a ponce. Can’t wait to read more!
6/16/2020 c12 2sbz93
i'm not sure why people thi k its taking a long time for Daphne to change her mind, in the real world its a slow hard process to change perception of someone. I think the story so far is well written... please dont rush it.
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