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for Halo: Turbulent Times

10/22/2021 c8 4Monster King
Shame you stopped writing the story I enjoyed it a lot
7/17/2021 c4 Guest
How are clones aliens I can understand if it was just republic personnel as not all were human but at least try this to make sense
5/17/2021 c8 SaymyName
I hope you rewrite the story because it's really good.
2/11/2021 c1 Dasgun

2/6/2021 c8 Guest
Bit of a major dick move not to include that the story was cancelled in the description, mate. Wouldn't have commited several hours to reading it otherwise.
2/2/2021 c8 enji-benjy
Disappointed this ends here, I will be keeping my eye out for the rewrite. Hope you get well soon.

Some things to bare in mind for next time:
1) when the person talking changes you need to start a new paragraph. It doesn't matter how much or how little is said but it makes it much easier to read and follow what is going on.
2) the " doesn't replace a .
3) include some means of denoting a change of scene or point of view, such as a line with ****** to break the sections apart.

-Why are there so many Mass Effect people and places and organisations in this? Could you just not think of other names or is this going to be a crossover with more than 1 universe?
-You told us of a new class of ship, but gave us no details about it, is it a frigate, destroyer, cruiser, assault carrier, ...? Even just giving us a length would have helped us know what kind of ship it was and where in a fleet it would be.
-I do wonder how the Force could warm Palpatine about the attack when the Reclaimers are invisible in the Force.
2/2/2021 c2 enji-benjy
When the person talking changes you need to start a new paragraph.

Also, sentences end in a period, even if that sentence is speech.
2/2/2021 c1 enji-benjy
There seams to be a lot of Mass Effect in this Halo/Star Wars crossover...
1/30/2021 c8 Guest
Well... a truly MASSIVE disappointment
1/11/2021 c8 RandomReviewer
I wish you didn't cancel the story because it was great and intresting.
12/15/2020 c7 Luke
found this story and I gotta say I like it, very interesting. oh and will the mech from halo wars be in this and the mech from halo legends or no?.
11/17/2020 c8 1Blue-Jay1009
That is fine.
11/7/2020 c8 DomR1997
I can respect this 100%. I myself have ripped out many a page from my notes book and started over. I hope you're happier with the next one you start.
11/6/2020 c8 2Eclipse Metastar
It sucks that you are stopping this story. But if you ever need any help with your future ones I am willing to help
10/13/2020 c7 4PoofyOhio
Not a big fan of the mass effect elements.
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