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for The Perfect Sketch

10/5/2020 c1 Guest
That was actually quite good
8/8/2020 c1 15Mortuis1
What an absolutely awesome work. Not only so insightful and descriptive a profile of Ben Cartwright, but also presenting this beautiful scripture with an illustration that makes it clear. So often we see such verses as expressing the unattainable. But here they are applied to a character so many of us know and love, as being nearly a member of our family. Well done.
2/12/2020 c1 Liz Longobardi
A lovely story in honor of Papa Ben's birthday!
2/13/2020 c1 66AC1830
What a beautiful tribute to both the actor and the character he's so well known for. Thank you for writing this.
2/13/2020 c1 Cait4321
Wow! Thanks so much for the short story :) a wonderful read

2/12/2020 c1 2Elise Deschat
It is interesting the difference one word makes... I learned this as "faith, hope and charity, the greatest of these being charity", such that charity is given with love, not fame nor to buy favor, I guess that is why it was changed in the later interpretations...

Beautiful story...
2/12/2020 c1 Rosemoor
Very nicely done.
2/12/2020 c1 prislynn
You got Ben Cartwight just right.

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