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9/6 c1 Guest
9/7 c1 Dcraus
My Hero Academia and Rising of the Shield Hero
8/21 c2 Hi
You wasted the first three chaps on bullshit just thought you might want to know.
8/13 c14 Ask3led
man u gotta work on your grammar cause it really sucks real bad.
8/6 c2 Jose19
It is good not to have any Female dxd pairing because involves losing his humanity permanently since Humans are considered inferior life forms, and short lifespans.
8/2 c4 4TeraBaapBSDK
it's getting weird and weird as the story progresses. 50% of chapter is OST and 40% actual fic and 10% random shit. Dude.
8/2 c2 TeraBaapBSDK
there was a lot of confusion between he/she in this chapter. asia was reffered as he (2-3 times) and same goes for koneko.
8/1 c1 TeraBaapBSDK
i didn't wanted to point it out. but man, pink skin. really nigga. which pig human on earth posses pink skin. are you okay up there, dude. do you need me to call for an ambulance.
7/20 c14 1Lucifer's assasin
will this be ichigoxsennaxravel? or is it just ravel? or just senna? i honestly don't mind either.
anyway i think adding kaito is a tad bit pushing your luck with the oc's hopefully you can make it work
7/17 c2 Guest
Fucking trash! Freak! Fanfic stupid! TRASH!
7/17 c1 Guest
7/15 c14 priyanshujuneja140
Another great chapter man.
So is ravel would be in Ichigo's harem if he have one?
6/24 c13 Lucifer's assasin
...*sighs deeply* i still can't believe people told you to kill yourself i mean what the hell man?! i honestly cant believe the level of douche baggery required to do some thing...
6/24 c2 1murder leo
kakakaka con el nivel actual de rias y su nobleza, no creo que puedan darle una evil piece, o sea, as visto su forma vasto lord? es casi como si utilizara la forma dangai (la forma antes de mugetsu) y eso que estaba modo berserker, si estuviera consiente, puede que llegue al nivel de la forma mugetsu
6/24 c1 murder leo
no es por criticar ni nada... pero dejaras a el viejo como zangetsu y a shirosaki/white ichigo/ogichi/shiro como el hollow interno de ichigo o utilizaras el canon y revelaras que el viejo es la representacion quincy y white ichigo es en realidad Zangetsu (tambien conocido como White zangetsu) ya que en el canon antes de la batalla de aizen e incluso la invasion de hueco mundo, white ichigo le dijo a ichigo "Yo soy zangetsu" asi que antes de los quincy ichigo sabia que white era su zanpakuto (aunque lo negaba)
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