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8/3 c30 CyberAkumaTv
Oh man, at this rate Umi will need to change her identity to hide from the bird's wrath.
8/3 c30 13Hiei's Curry
Rin what have you done!? Jealous Kotori is scary, Umi's going to be effectively dead tomorrow. Chapter was very sweet loved it.

Also in response to your review on my story, first I'm glad you like it and yes fluff kotoumi is best kotoumi.
Second, I would love to make a full story about these two with Umi as a samurai and i'm trying, but sadly I have a few problems with making it and I am making a full story for something else sadly (And i struggle devideding my attention), so no promises it will be out soon. However if you wish to make one based on the story then feel free. Just one condition if you do please make Umi have blue and white armour.
8/2 c1 6MakAndChiz
lol cant wait for the nozoeli wedding

also, jealous koto is the best
7/30 c11 Kree rules
In a previous LL pregnancy fic I’ve read the SG trio also had to assemble the nursery. I’m loving this trend
7/18 c29 KotoUmiFtw
A bit late but is Umiko, Kohaku? Or she will be another character in this fic? I wonder if it's still Ayase Takara and Nishikino Ren. I am really curious about the children of Muses. :) Hopefully, there will be more info.
7/15 c24 10SockyCake
that was sweet as heck. Thank you for writing such a wonderful, heart-warming fanfic.
Can I add a crack "behind-the-scenes" part while Kotori was giving birth to Umiko:
"push kotori"
"i I can't"
"push push"
"I'm beat"
kotori hyperventilates
"damn ur speeeeerm"
*umiko existence detected*
Umi peeking at the scene passed out instantly

sorry haha I really do enjoy this story.
7/10 c29 9FallenVengeance
Pretty sad that this story's coming to an end. I really enjoyed it though. Thanks for writing this.
7/5 c29 Prince Ushio
Scared Umiko lol
7/5 c29 33blinkkittylove
This chapter was so much fun : )
7/4 c29 13Hiei's Curry
The only sober person in a room full of drunks, oh Umi i feel your pain, that me everytime (I don't drink alcohol at all because i can't stand the taste so guess who has try and keep things in line, this why i have grey hair now.) Though i think Umi is greatful for Hanayo the quiet drunk.
7/4 c29 6MakAndChiz
lol i dont know if rin really doesn't know what 'pussy' meant or is just teasing maki
6/24 c28 K.Yahiro
that is a good idea. maybe a short story will become a side story later but I'll wait for it. and can't wait to see their children interact with each other later UwU
The dominant umi are the best umi. eli get ready in the next chapter ... maybe umi will get revenge and mess up your moment(nozoeli). don't forget to turn off your cellphone okay ! xD
6/23 c28 13Hiei's Curry
Haha oh boy i think Umi is very out numbered.
Also i hope Eli realises Umi is going to get her back when Nozomi and her are haveing their own baby seagul and would that be fortunebear
6/23 c28 IamGayandaSinner
Umi: pet names and feeding each other is shameless

Also Umi: i'll have my gay friends baby sit my kid for birthday sexxxxxxxx! Lol
6/9 c27 1Prince Ushio
Hohoho... Bold Umi-chan is on the move hahaha
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