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for A Hedonist at Soubu High

16h c21 Fullmetal11791
For the record, i think a story about Hachiman being an mma fighter would be very cool.

But. If its something he's doing because he has to, instead of because he wants to, it seems like it would be hella angsty. And not highschool problems angsty, but real world angsty, which i dont love reading about.

Also, there'd have to be a realistic reason he was forced into it, right? But from what we've seen, Haruno seems to like him, and she also mentioned that he was being protected by that shady business mogul. And even ignoring that, if he was having money issues he could prob just work with Yuigahama at her families business. So i dont really know how you'd realistically force him into the octogon.

Still, id be interested in seeing it happen, if the angst was kept mild.
16h c20 Fullmetal11791
Excellent story. I dont know how this fandom does it, but it consistently produces a higher quality of fanfic than any other fandom ive ever seen. And even then, this is better than most Snafu stories.

I loved how while you kind of flirted with it, you didnt actually write this in a style mimicing a light novel. The dialogue could be a little cheesy at times, and it definitely had that Hachiman feel to it, but the whole "i have every sarcastic quip under the sun lined up and ready to go at the perfect moment" thing that plagues light novels wasnt really present and i appreciated that. Because while the idea and original story were definitely good, the actual writing is what really pushed this over the top in my opinion. Everything was very, very well done. Maybe a little too much *dramatic spoken moment in italics*(trademarked), but a very enjoyable read nontheless.

Its funny, its been months since i found anything decent to read on this site, and within a week this is the second outstanding story ive stumbled across.

Anyway, thanks for writing!
17h c18 Fullmetal11791
I may be misremembering, but didnt Orimoto only tell like one or two of her friends, and not even in a mean spirited rumor spreading way, and her friends were the ones to tell everyone? Been a while, might be wrong. Or maybe its Hachi being an unreliable narrator. Guess it doesn't really matter.
17h c17 Fullmetal11791
Well, the arm wrestling thing may have been taken straight from GTO, and its still a little corney, but it does make a fun impact.
21h c13 Fullmetal11791
Hell of a chapter.

Think you could have ended the story here honestly. Glad you didnt, as id like to see where this new mindset takes Hachi, but this definitely had that ending inpact.
1/22 c10 Fullmetal11791
Really love this story
1/22 c9 Fullmetal11791
Love this story
1/21 c4 Fullmetal11791
This story is legit. Some of the best, and most accurate, introspection ive seen. Anywhere. Fanfiction or otherwise.
1/21 c2 Fullmetal11791
Not the Hachiman i was expecting to read about tonight, but im digging it.
1/21 c21 Etroxic
I wish I could have found this fic earlier, But I'm glad I got to read it completely. Glad to here ur planning a sequel. Best ending low-key.
1/20 c21 6straightlycurved
this bit certainly seems fun :)
1/19 c21 Art
1/18 c21 Afan
MMA fighter/Boxer hachiman incoming ? I love this already.
1/19 c6 Lifelessman
Good Work...! 6
1/19 c5 Lifelessman
Good Work...! 5
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