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for A Hedonist at Soubu High

5/20 c13 yonatanl26
No cry , no cry , no cry *Cry like Baby*
5/20 c9 yonatanl26
Man, no one talked about that Baki cameo.
5/11 c15 grav54
gamers rise up
5/11 c13 grav54
Couldn't even get past a quarter of this chapter without tearing up
started full-on crying near the end and ended up taking almost half an hour to finish reading it since the tears were making everything blurry
10/10 masterpiece
5/11 c7 Sasumuk
Yo dude why are you deleted the 2. Season chapters i think it could be a good storyl with hikigaya left from his manga job and started being a teacher
5/10 c1 1Tobitwo
did the name change?
5/8 c20 Majin Othinus
The heck is this? Does deleting the four chapters mean that you no longer wish to expand on this fic?

Will you finally update your College Oregairu horror fic?

What about Heroes Are Made?
5/8 c2 JauneArcwitch
Wait what happened? One minute i was reading Great Teacher Hikigaya then pressed next chapter it turned into hedonist at sobu high.
4/28 c2 PSYCongroo
Hasta ahora me encanta esto, especialmente las referencias de Hachiman.
4/8 c24 GraysonWolfe68
I need more man. I read this in a few hours and I need MORE.

It’s a great story dude and I’m so happy I found it. First story I read of yours was “Heroes Are Made,” and then I found “The Godfist of Remnant” and man I cannot get enough of your stuff.

Keep up the great work man!
4/2 c24 TroxX101
Keep going….Become a bad ass
3/31 c24 evilalejoplus
3/22 c24 Lechuzape
need more pls!
2/7 c24 Sasumuk
I hope you update or make a sequal to the end this fanfic is good
2/6 c16 YuukiAsuna-Chan
Really, what the fuck was this chapter. Haruno has a group of armed men with her? This turned to trash fast. I will just pretend this chapter doesnt exist and hope no more utter BS like this happens again.
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