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for PACIFIC RIM - Titans in Sadera

7/8 c9 Guest
hopeing for another chaptor
6/25 c3 62Agent-G
Well I gave this story a shot and while interesting I think it falls short so I had to stop at this chapter. The writing is decent but the pacing is horrible. You do nothing but rush through the story at at a breakneck speed like you have a limit to how much you can write. The first chapter alone should have ended with say them voting on to go to the gate, chapter 2-4 should have focused on them building the base, the first battle and then chapter 5 could have been the Imperieal responce.

You give no time to explore the worlds or the people. I know nothing about the main character other than he can pilot a Jager and yet for some reason he was with a regular military unit. So which is it? Is he a Jager pilot or not because he can't be both as those are seperate units of the military. It's like someone whose an amored tank driver is now a paratropper.

I also don't like how you made them be out in space. I mean all the way to Jupiter, really? It took 6 years for a probe to get there with only rockets it would still take us years to get there. You should have just focused on them being on Earth only.

It's like in some ways you over did things and in most others you put in too little work. Nothing about the characters are explained or go into detail. There is no indepth character moments and the battles are basically just glossed over. I take it writing action scenes is something you have trouble with given how you avoid them in this story which is okay but you should have tried to put in something.

I'm not saying this is a bad story...it's just a very flawed story that could use a lot of polish and some more effort put into it. Since all the chapters and scenes are super short they just end up hurting the quality of the overall story.
6/20 c1 1synncrytech
YESS I have been looking for this crossover , glad I found it!
6/18 c9 44Wacko12
wait, when did Star Wars get in this?
6/18 c7 thetyrant67
Matias Cox.



...Must resist making dick jokes.

On a more serious note, I think you made the Pacific Rim!Verse a bit too powerful. Focus will eventually shift from Falmart to galactic matters and the wonderful fantasy stuff will be forgotten.

I think it would have been better if it were a much more apocalyptic version of Pacific Rim!Earth with Kaiju everywhere and humanity fighting a desperate battle.

Salvation appears in the form of the Gate which lets humanity escape to a better world and then they do what they can to survive.

Though, I like the idea of the fantasy world in Gate having giant monsters. I mean, as a world of magic it wouldn't be complete without giant monsters.
6/18 c3 thetyrant67
Okay, I love the pacing but I wish you could drag out the Jaeger fight scenes a little more.
5/18 c8 Marcelo Muniz
Great history, pls continue
4/30 c8 Guest
Good Luck, and. Are you alright?
4/20 c8 Guest
You ok it's been a minute
4/20 c8 5NRF
If anyone's wondering, coronavirus is not doing me any favors.
3/22 c8 tigerbomb1996
3/6 c8 4Major Simi
well nice chapter
3/3 c7 Guest
I hope you include the Strongest god the Christian God our creator and his Angels
3/3 c7 Major Simi
well nice chapter
3/3 c7 2Valerious Lake
They do realize that there's no such thing as gods in earth right? No magic what so ever. Just pure power of science.

One thing i of love the quote from bioshock is " No Gods or Kings, only Man."

Now if you are a religious on any religion and wanting to add gods from earth in it then you do you. Let's see how it will go.
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