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7/23 c1 18exaigon
Omg This is so cute! It seems a little rushed at the end there but I loved it! Alistair is such a good boy!

... Actually would you mind if I used this idea? Theres some attributes of your fic that I want to explore! You can say no, of course :)
7/5 c1 GhostBeethoven
You come into my house and make me remember that Grey Wardens don’t live that long? Fhhgffvbb just kidding. Alistair is such a good, awkward puppy. I love that you just didn’t put the journey on hold because Alistair met his soulmate. Harry is the best person to understand that. This was adorable.
2/27 c1 1Shadow Wolf 15846
interesting. im curious, will you write some more?
2/18 c1 16magicanimegurl
I like it for the most part. Seems a bit rushed. But generally a good story. And a bit sweet for the main ship. Write on!

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