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for Zootopia: A Different Beginning

11/20 c40 1PsiBreaker
You have a resounding yes from me for the side stories. But I don't want you putting too much stress on yourself. An overly stressed author tends to lead to mistakes and stuff that add more stress. So, if you do start the side stories work at your own pace.
10/17 c40 28Cimar of Turalis WildeHopps
Looks like Judy's got stronger support now. Great chapter and I enjoyed it!
10/3 c41 Guest
Judy is so proud after how she performed on stage!
10/5 c39 2Midgards Ormen
Because I’m a huge nerd, and because the whole “Nick was lying and is actually dirt poor” thing is so common in Fanfiction, I actually watched the movie and paused to do the math. From the looks of things, Finn and Nick have laid out ten columns of pawpsicles, with approximately 20 pawpsicles in each column. That’s a total of 200 pawpsicles, assuming that each pawpsicle sells for at least 2 (and let’s be honest, that’s lowballing) that’s a total of 400 in profit, factor in say 20 for selling the sticks as lumber (again lowballing) that’d be 420 (funny number) of profit per day. But what about expenses? We hear from the movie that Finn gets a 40 cut so that takes the profit down to 380 per day. Let’s lowball again by assuming that Nick doesn’t normally manage to hustle someone else into paying for the Jumbopop, then that’s another 10 off, leaving us with a very conservative estimate of 370 of profit per-day just from the Pawpsicle hustle. If we further assume that Nick does literally nothing else that generates income and spends 170 per day on Hawaiian shirts, rent, and other necessities (that’s almost 1200 a week) he still easily meets the famous 200 a day mark. So if anything, rather than lying and exaggerating his earnings, Nick was probably understating things. Over 18 years he would’ve made 1.314 million just from his pawpsicle hustle and that’s after deducting another 1.116 million for maintaining his lifestyle. While I understand that having Nick be stupidly rich wouldn’t really serve the story too well, I do think it’s an interesting bit of trivia and contrast to the fanon that has Nick almost exclusively being dirt poor.
10/4 c41 dracotwo
with everything happening in the world right now and with your attention on family, as it should be, we are lucky enough to be able to read any new chapters you will grace us with. thank you for all your efforts, and looking forward to the next.
10/3 c41 Daniel6
Take your time. You tend to your son's needs. Speaking of children. Nick & Judy are one step closer to becoming parents.
10/3 c41 MagnificentArsehole
Take the time you need to, it's just nice to see one of your stories update again. I greatly enjoy them.
10/3 c41 14Fanficteller
Man, I could imagine Judy singing that "The Colors of the Wind". It definitely fits to Judy's attempt to make her family see a new colors of Nick. Besides, It's also one of my favorite Disney songs.
10/3 c41 Robert Escher
Take your time... it's nice to see you back, even if not as frequently. :)
10/3 c41 Savannah246810
It’s okay that you can’t give a definite date. I will be waiting patiently. I know life can be busy. Glad your back, such a great chapter! Thank you for the update!
10/3 c41 1Willow x Oz
Cant wait for more, this has been such a good story so far. I always look forward to the next chapter
10/3 c41 Wolfx1120
This was so great... And its ok if you can't post as fast as before... We will still be here for wen you can ;3
10/3 c41 trebor1982
So nice to have you back Katt
The last few weeks have been quite boring without your chapters
As long as you bring us some good chapters (Which means your usual work)
We will be happy

Once again
Nice to have you back Katt
10/3 c41 FurryFuzzyWuzzy
Thank you for another wonderful chapter. We are just glad for the new update.
10/3 c41 3Blkdragon7
This was an awesome Chapter, as always. I suspect that Nick won over a lot of hearts tonight. Even Stu it seems. Looking eagerly forward to the next chapter.

As for when. Don't push too hard, especially with everything else on your plate. Getting in that writing 'head space' can be a struggle with the rest of life bearing down on you. We will be hear with rapt anticipation for when you next grace us with a chapter.
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