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for I'll need some help with an idea (REVISED)

2/26/2020 c1 1paijitsean
To be clear this crossover reaction will not take place in either the Fairy Tail or the Matoran universe, but it will be set in a sub realm if you will, they're going to be in a large theater. The characters I'll be using are fan favorites, and other characters from other guilds will be there as well, maybe some of the characters who died in the series can join them as well, but that has yet to be discussed. The main idea is to have them all react to the Bionicle story first, then some time in the future, they will meet the Toa and other Bionicle characters, as for the start they're all gonna wake up in a large theater, myself and whoever cares to join me to make this crossover will be there in Kanohis and basically looking like Bionicles, we'll be there to simply present the movies, toys, etc. the main idea for now is to show them the legend of Bionicle, and get their reactions.
2/23/2020 c1 catspats31
Just a heads up that the following part of the Content Guidelines is broken:

Entries not allowed:
1. Non-stories: lists, bloopers, polls, previews, challenges, author notes, and etc.

You should put the announcement at your profile or in your most recently uploaded chapter in any of your stories as an author's note. Do not disturb the story section with a story that has nothing but non-story related material. You can also post your request to a general chat thread within a forum for a fandom of your choice at this site.

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