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for Bella's Secret

8/25 c9 Guest
Best wishes.
8/24 c9 TheFlamingo29
So sorry to hear about your eyes, I really hope you get better soon! xx
8/24 c9 1aaksupertrooper
Blue light glasses could help
8/14 c8 Trtriz1307
Ansiosa por mais
8/2 c6 1Allexiela
what the heck?! the potters are on the dark side? oh then I'm sorry.
8/2 c4 Allexiela
Aww, I don't like the fact that Harry and Tom Riddle are soul mates. Aren't they enemies? smh
I think Harry and ginny is a good ship, but it wouldn't work for this story. I thought you would put Harry with Hermione...
8/2 c3 Allexiela
Oooh, you don't really respect Dumbledore, do you? The fact that you made Dumbledore an antagonist is really cool and unique. I don't know if I personally like it or not, but don't let what I said dampen your spirits! Thank you for writing, I can't wait to read the next chapter!
7/31 c8 James Birdsong
Good five chapters
8/1 c8 A10riddick
Great chapter! Can't wait for the next one!

Don't forget as to who sabotaged Bella's potion also! or is that not going to be revealed quite yet?
7/31 c8 fresh-BLOOD-was-drawn-2night
I like hearing the changed flashbacks as this story is non canon. I find that it makes the story more real as it’s not just repeating other stories as this story is a crossover.

Hope Bella is okay.
7/31 c8 5BeachGirl114
I wonder who messed with her potion. I know when she is healed. She won't be happy
6/29 c6 44Andy55TwilightOverTheMoon
girl! I just found out this story... as is my ultimate favorite one! please... if you could update this story every single day and had a thousand chapters...I'll be going crazy of happiness hahaha anyway... I really love this chapter... and I want to read about the twins reunion!
thank you for this... I'm waiting for the Next chapter!
kisses from mexico!
6/29 c5 Andy55TwilightOverTheMoon
just tell me it's not cedric! or may be that woody? wooden? boy... idk... I love this story!
6/29 c2 Andy55TwilightOverTheMoon
OMG this is something! thank you
6/29 c1 Andy55TwilightOverTheMoon
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