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for Sorry, Not Sorry

5/26 c2 lkdv
wow, short but you catch my interest.
thanks for this good beginning.
5/24 c2 slytherinxbadxgirl
5/16 c2 1Babaksmiles
Very sexy smouldering hotness. Love these two. Can’t wait to see what happens next!
5/16 c2 18Nanyin
Hermione would realize her equilibrium has evaporated with the ether and she has to lay claim on a certain blond. and it's not 'bad faith' french poodle.
5/15 c2 breakingheart93
Haha! Thorfinn Rowle - heart & panty thief can creep into mine any day.
5/9 c2 MaraudersLily7
the story I didn't know I wanted
5/4 c2 convalla91
well now colour me intrigued
5/4 c2 3Terrence Rogue
I’m ridiculously in love with this pairing.
5/2 c2 1Invisible Sarah
Ugh I love you. Yet another rabbit hole you dragged me down.
4/29 c2 Whitewolfy7
Daaaaamn I’m craving Thormione now. I always love how you write their dynamic. It’s very true to their characters. Great job!
4/30 c2 Adonisx
OMG Thorfinn what are you doing! You can't confuse poor Hermione like that!
4/30 c2 Shawnjoell
Well well well. Damn. I can’t wait for more of this.
4/30 c1 Shawnjoell
This is quite funny.
I sort of like these two. The tension… omg.
4/27 c2 2BlackRoseargh
4/26 c2 kristafield518
Oh my god! I cant wait to see what her move is ) you are such an amazing author.
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