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for In Pursuit Of Magic: A Self-Insert

4h c14 2Valkorion510
Don't go for impossible stupid dreams like going back to your old world.
10h c14 2kazekami1620
Great Chapter, love the asoiaf reference!
11h c14 Aim for the universe
This chapter was excellent, as always. I really love your writing style
20h c14 Lord Mortensen
Great Chapter! Please update it soon!
9/27 c14 adam110902
great chapter
9/27 c14 kabs9000
Wow. So he has new purpose now. I wonder if the reason he resented kids so much was that he missed his nephew.
9/27 c14 Uday Sra
9/27 c9 The Lord Bread
How old was your character? He is a bit of a pussy
9/26 c14 amk41196
Adam is gonna try and get back home... Hoped he could be happy here... Can't wait for the next update... Tc
9/26 c14 Xcced
Can we get him learning darker spells like fiendfry and the like and also learning stuff like dueling and what are going to be his third year electives i dont expect all this stuff its just a question

Oh and like something like him using occlumacy to control the fiendfry if you do use it
9/26 c14 1Joe Lawyer
Encountering the mirror was quite an opportunity for some deep thought. Clarke isn't a child. He has a lot of experience to draw upon to put this experience into perspective and a better appreciation for the masterwork of magic it is, even if it's also a horror.

I saw a very, very brief glimpse of deep thought in Clarke's reaction and words, but I feel like it wasn't enough.
9/26 c14 PasiveNox
great chapter
9/26 c14 ikusatsunagi
Thx for the chapter
9/26 c12 yochan123
Huh dumbledore is dumbass #1 and Snape is #2 for believing in him and all his secrets
9/26 c11 yochan123
Weasley once again proves to be a complete stupid shit

Really wonders why Harry is friends with such a crappy person.

I mean he literally could have just asked if they know anything about Nicholas flamel - one simple question, heard the name someone but didn’t know - and done
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