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for In Pursuit Of Magic: A Self-Insert

9/26 c6 Armiture
Well, after this butterfly, it remains to be seen if the Troll wanders into the library instead of the girl's lavatory on the second floor.
9/26 c4 Armiture
It's a shame that Boot is remaining a pureblood agenda sympathizer and a bigger shame that Adam has no real friends in Ravenclaw.
9/26 c58 Terror of Death Skieth
Just found and caught up to this story, good work on it so far.
9/26 c56 kageknuser2710
I did not really care much for the story in the beginning. I even stopped at chapter 19 for months. Now I've read through everything in one sitting. It's a really interesting story. Thanks a lot!
9/26 c58 PSYCongroo
Thanks for the chapter.
9/25 c21 xXWynterWolfXx
21 Chapters in and I can only keep one thought in my mind- this character sucks. I understand that he's probably never going to be completely mentally stable but God damn why did he think any of what he did was a good idea, the best idea, or even he's only option? I'll say you did a good job making me hate his guts.
9/25 c58 gemini shawty
good god this was a good fucking action scene. very well done
9/25 c58 Changeling501
Man you're really dragging this out huh.
9/25 c58 CreepySnake
For some reason the story has really gone downhill these recent chapters. The climax of the first book has become too large, too impactful. What should have been solved with relative ease was thrown out of control with a skilled Quirrel, a much stronger Voldemort and children who are really not acting like children.

I'm hoping for a resurgence in the quality and interest. Looking forward to the updates.
9/25 c58 amk41196
Can't wait for the next update...
9/25 c58 7In caverns dark
Bit sad to see Adam made a tertiary character in his own story.
9/25 c58 Abused Condom
Apart from the typical cringe people complaining about a defeated protagonist, there has been insubstantial mention or foreboding of Adam's weakness in missing his old life, especially his family. These chapters make in look more like a plot driven storyline necessity.
9/25 c58 i-love-cats-and-fics
Ah, oh boy. Adam needs to wake up soon. And by soon I mean now, Please.
9/24 c58 2winterwolf23543
Adam being a uselss meatbag lol, Voldemort skills have really shown here than the books, now I fully on side with Voldemort.

Adam have taken a massive L
9/24 c58 Tony McNucklz
Meh. I was hoping there would be more out of Adam than just causing a single pause. Like I'm supposed to believe the perfectly timed resistance thing that conveniently handed the chosen one victory. Cringey hackism. Blatant Canon neon signed plot protection for Harry just like canon. When I thought it would be flitwiick or Snape that would've been fine, but just doing the same thing as Canon where Harry gets such unmitigated fate gods favor saving the day for him? yeagh.
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