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for In Pursuit Of Magic: A Self-Insert

7h c24 1Thyrokio
Interesting spell, accidentally unhealable!
8h c20 Thyrokio
Hopefully the blood he left at the scene isn't useful for the aurors...
9/21 c108 Guest
I find the story will be more interesting if the author give the MC a special ability, such as the ability to grow in power by absorbing the souls of other wizards for example.
9/22 c109 Jack1nTheBox
ah, classic Black Family. remember grandma's broach of decapitation?
9/22 c109 2OmniIBIBUltraInstinctGodzilla
A good retreat.
9/18 c54 bruteds
And he doesn't use his super OP void spell that could end this fight instantly? Like doesn't even think of using it all?
9/19 c62 deanbadasss
I had no problem with the MC having a brain-fart and going stupid, i had no problem with him getting rekt by Quirrell, I had no problem with glorifying Harry, and I had no problem with Snap switching up from killing Adam for the greater good to making sure he doesn't touch Harry, hell I was fine with the possession if it only lasted 3 chapters max, but this... there is milking and drying and then there is going at it until the skin peel off and this is where we are.
9/18 c108 River-Mel.O.D
Wow, what a story.
I normaly don‘t like storys written in first person, but your story is great. It is really well written and thought out.
9/16 c108 Numbet1ebaystoregmail
love that newt and Tina are in the story
9/16 c108 4Thefallenjedi66
9/16 c108 KEZZ 1
Brilliant chapter Thankyou
9/15 c108 random reader768
Tina seems to be thinking that all the wizards who sided with Grindelwald are evil. Wonder if she will ever get corrected on that. Also Grindelwald is looking more and more like he's planning on taking out the ICW, and there aren't very many motives for that. If he is planning what I think he's planning, it's good that he's starting now, before it's too late in about 10 years or so. If he did start too late, then the wizarding would could be in some serious trouble.
9/15 c108 2OmniIBIBUltraInstinctGodzilla
Newt and Tina being in the story will have ramifications, given their history with Grindelwald.
9/15 c108 Jack1nTheBox
it's nice to see a fic where the world doesn't seem to revolve around the protagonist. they mentioned him but he wasn't the focus, it's nice.
9/13 c103 This is a stupid system
Yet again, alef can help Clarke review memories without a Pensieve (sorry for dad English)
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