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for In Pursuit Of Magic: A Self-Insert

9/13 c13 Lord Mortensen
Awesome! Please update it soon!
9/13 c12 2Captain JN
Also my cat got on my keyboard for a part of that last review and didn't see it, sorry.
9/13 c13 Captain JN
I truly believe this is one of if not the best fanfics I have ever read? There's just so much to unpack here. So much to talk about, most notably Adam Clark's character. This fanfic is absolutely amazing, don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. This is fanfiction, we all have our little gripes and preferences, we all have to make clear to the author, but there's no getting around the fact that there is a great degree of skill and talent behind the writing of this fic.

If there's one thing I appreciate is the degree of tension and character/world building written here. You genuinely do not know if Clark's choices can result in something horribly unfixable, his actions with the Room of Requirement might prove disatrous when the DA is created five years down the line. I like that extremely about this fic, most SI fanfics or fanfics in general just have the MCs do nothing or get bogged down too much in one element.

You just really understand JK Rowling's world and characters so well.

Perhaps my favorite element in this whole story (which is saying a lot because this story is so good there's so much here), is Adam Clark. He's very complex, and somewhat morally grey. He is very unique as SIs go, he genuinely does want to "master magic" instead of make friends with the main cast or get glory as most other SIs do, but Quirell tutoring him might be one of the most interesting plot points I've read in fanfiction?

Again, you don't know what he's doing exactly. It's clear Voldemort is involved but we might be seeing the actual character of Quirinus Quirell shine through. Also people claiming he's fine with Quirell tutoring him making him evil in the comments 012.i3
is ridiculous, this is the most powerful Dark Wizard in history disguised as a teacher in Hogwarts who isn't giving an eleven year old first year a choice, running to Dumbledore or a teacher is probably a bad idea considering the evidence Clark has is "I read a book or saw a movie in a different universe where he was evil."

All this does is raise needless suspicion that Clark is just really strange to Dumbledore, pointlessly messing with the identity of Clark as an SI.

You're going to see people suggest a lot of crap here. Who to pair Clark with, if there should be a pairing at all, and most interesting at all if Clark should become a Dark Wizard or not, as well as a gigantic list of stuff they'd prefer to see. Unless the quality of writing in this fic plummets for some reason, I'll be happy to see whatever it is you have in mind.

Whatever the case, this is your story, and I look forward to more!
9/13 c13 1hiareportsyou
Death is just the next great adventure... That sounds suspiciously close to someone who has EXPERIENCED death. A reincarnator, perhaps someone on a Jump Chain or a system. Afterall... Dumbledore never lost, and only died when it was convenient,so one can make Dumbledore as strong as you want.
9/13 c13 Ultimate Pervy Sage
Damn, declaring war upon a creature who can probably shape and mound the entire universe to their whim is a bold statement. I like it a lot.
9/13 c13 ShunGod
oooooooooooooooh boiiiiiiii
9/13 c10 JKingSniper
Agree no Hermione and Ron pair, every harry paired with her is better
9/13 c9 JKingSniper
I would be happy with such a wonderful spell
9/13 c13 Glas Blaidd
Great chapter. Though, the reasoning used trying to link Dumbledore to the void, was a little thin. Over 100 years in the magical world and he hasn't come into contact with a vast number of magic artefacts ? Just saying.
9/13 c13 3MAJORMATT1234
Very nice chapter, loved how you mixed canon with your own bits. Lots of interesting lore being dropped and interested to see what Clarke does next
9/13 c13 adam110902
great chapter
9/13 c13 3freeraynman
Dumbledore has the death stick which he fought Grindelwald and won it from him.
9/13 c13 untoldpleasure
Thanks for the update! With the mention of Path to Victory, any chance of you writing a Worm fic? I like your style, and I can't help but think that it would marry well with the dark backdrop if that universe. Thanks for your works though.
9/13 c13 4Verdauga
The Thing seems to have done him a favor, to be honest, so get there and say "Hello, thanks for that."
9/13 c13 Uday Sra
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