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for In Pursuit Of Magic: A Self-Insert

10/18 c12 Ghost Claw 001
what does that even mean, are we gonna turn into a slasher now?
10/18 c11 Ghost Claw 001
Yep, I was thinking the same thing, now he needs to babysit 4 kids
10/18 c10 Ghost Claw 001
Kinda thought he would be able to see them
10/18 c9 Ghost Claw 001
I see, it makes sense that the act itself is was scared him
10/18 c15 AshuraNoKami
Great chapter I can wait for more. But in all honesty Adam's existencional crisis is annoying to me.
10/17 c8 Ghost Claw 001
out of all the things that could happen, this was the least I expected
10/17 c7 Ghost Claw 001
recruit him, or worse, use him as a body, dang
10/17 c6 Ghost Claw 001
at the end of the day, they are still kids, and can be pretty hurtful
10/17 c5 Ghost Claw 001
That was more tame than I thought, which is better, they are kids after all
10/17 c4 Ghost Claw 001
Draco seems much more violent here
10/17 c3 Ghost Claw 001
Getting singled out from the get go uh
10/17 c15 1Jamius
Thanks for the update, it is always interesting to see the interactions between our protagonist and Quirrell. I look forward to more.
10/17 c6 3Valkorion510
10/17 c5 Valkorion510
D dnd
10/17 c4 Valkorion510
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